what it means to dream about being rich

You want to know what it means to dream of being rich. Perhaps at some point in our lives we have dreamed of being rich, immensely millionaires because we have won the lottery or because of some inheritance. Just thinking that we have plenty of money, and that we do not have to worry about anything other than enjoying it and spending it is wonderful, so it is normal that we are interested in knowing what it means to dream of being rich.

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How we would live if we were rich we all think about continuously, because it would be a life full of new emotions, and since they say that money does not give eternal happiness but if it approaches a different state of mind, it would surely be difficult to let go and that we all envy.

  • What does it mean to dream of money

The realization of a dream would be within our reach. The first thing I would probably do if I were rich would be a cruise, not just any cruise, but a cruise on the most luxurious ship in the world and enjoy the good life in each port, and above all the tranquility that it gives each of us .

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Well, before going on a cruise, I would start by leaving the money in a bank in a safe place, and then I would think about what type of business I would invest in to maintain my new life as calmly as possible. In the end, money does not bring happiness because we always want more and more, but it does give security and attracts tranquility in our day to day life.

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Surely I would do the cruise sailing the waters of the Mediterranean, France, Italy, Greece or perhaps through the northern countries Norway, Finland, Sweden if it is spring.


What does it mean to dream of being rich? Another little thing, for example, would be to buy a car, a Ferrari or a Porsche Panamera to see how those engines respond when climbing a mountain.

The waste of money for a while would be constant, not depriving myself of anything , parties, trips and getting to know some exotic place so that this year would be complete. Perhaps an American-style party, with all your friends at your house and not missing anything, drink, women, and of course music.

Dreaming of being rich… What would I do if I won the lottery? You should be aware that if you stop working even if you are rich, you would have to invest or create some kind of business at least to pay some expenses of the excesses committed by the ordeal of being rich.

It would not be the first case of a nouveau riche going bankrupt in a short time from winning the lottery to being left with nothing.

Another thing I would do would be to buy a house or build a chalet in a privileged area and live like a Marquis. I would hire a cook and internal staff, all kinds of comforts that being middle or lower class I could not afford.

I would look for a good beauty treatment, to rejuvenate myself, and perhaps I would study at a private university .

I would also buy cars to have a good collection of sports cars, play golf, and make a worthwhile donation to a Foundation or NGO.


So far we have talked about what we would do if we were rich, but now we are going to analyze what it means to dream about it. These types of fantasies have a main meaning, and it is nothing more than the response to a situation of stress or need. We dream that we are swimming in abundance, that we are rich and that we do not lack money, because we want peace and quiet, we want and need to get out of a situation that makes us continually under pressure and therefore our subconscious invites us to escape and imagine that we no longer need anything and that we are happy. Our mind looks for moments of relaxation asa way of escape from the reality in which we live.

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