What does it mean to dream about being transgender?

In the dream world, all dreams are referential , it is a way of the subconscious projecting the hidden emotions , the deepest fears and anxieties. What we see at the moment of dreaming is not always literal to the internal desire, most of the time they are symbolic images , according to the present context.


If we start from having dreamed of a transgender person , perhaps we are projecting certain insecurities that we long to solve. Referring to the fact that gender identity in an individual goes beyond appearance, it is related to their identification with themselves. It is the reflection of the acceptance of each person, with what he represents to others.

If we discuss the term transgender we are referring to the fact with the gender identity of some people. 

Some people feel that their affections and emotions do not correspond to the gender of their body in which they were born. When dreaming of symbolic elements that refer to this condition, it goes beyond a dream, it is related to internal concerns.


These dreams can present concerns that belong to the opposite sex and with this it is likely that they often feel distressed and out of context. They are trapped in ways, feelings and circumstances that are not close to the reality they want to live, perhaps projecting this through dreams.

For this reason, when in dreams you observe the presence of a transgender individual or some condition that refers to it, you should consider the elements present. These could enclose the projection of circumstances , desires or goals that you want to achieve in life.  

Seeing you linked as transgender

Dream that you are transgender

If in dreams you have appreciated that you are transgender , it is a clear reflection of your subconscious, warning that you are going through a moment of personality conflict. It is possible that there is something in the environment that does not allow you to feel comfortable and fights with your harmony , which you should try to overcome.

When this feeling is projected repeatedly in dreams, it is a call to attention from your subconscious that you should be honest with your loved ones. Possibly a significant fact should be discussed with your loved ones to find a solution or for everyone to take it into consideration and give you peace of mind  

Dream that you are classified as transgender

It is very possible that in your environment there are people who want to annoy you and this is one way to do it. It will depend on your attitude in the dream , it will be the meaning of it. 

If these people who in your daily life threaten your peace and tranquility, you must show total strength and poise so as not to show them that they achieve their goal. 

Dream that they offend you by calling you transgender

If you really feel offended in the dream, you should rethink about your self-esteem. Nothing you should stagger even in dreams. This attitude denotes that you are fragile in your daily life and that any event could destabilize you . 

On the other hand, if the person who appears in the dream tries to offend you, but does not achieve his goal, it means that you are a self-confident person. This is ideal. You must always strengthen your character so that nothing makes you doubt yourself. 

Dream that you are thinking about being transgender

This dream symbolizes that you are trying to make radical or drastic changes in your life. The dream has nothing to do with your sexuality, but with your plans and projects in progress. 

Something in your life needs to be changed . There are routines that overwhelm you and you want to move forward in other directions. This dream tells you that it is a good time to make concrete plans for change and transformation. 

Dream that you have surgery to be transgender

This dream is related to the previous meaning, but the variant of being in an operating room to make changes adds nuances to the interpretation. You should check your health at this very moment. 

The dream tells you that there may be a radical change in this regard. We don’t know if for better or for worse. For this reason, we recommend that you go for a routine check-up. 

See some people as transgender

Dream of seeing a transgender in your environment

When in your dreams you appreciate the presence of a transgender although it is not directly related to you, it is only shown in your environment, it is a sign of attention It is associated with a personality conflict that may be affecting a being close to you at that moment and you are perceiving it.

The dream may indicate that someone very close to you does not feel comfortable with you, wants you to guide him or accept him as he really is. You could be being unfair in judging someone’s behavior and in your dreams it is presented in this way so that you review your appreciation of him.

Dream about someone you know as transgender

It is a projection of your subconscious when someone you know reveals transgender in dreams, it indicates that you feel dissatisfied with what is happening in your environment. A situation that is related to your behavior and your way of thinking, you may feel that it is poorly judged by others.

It is a reflection of your appreciation of the attitude or expression of others towards you. Perhaps, it is the way to indicate that you should value with greater confidence your way of thinking and proceeding. It is not good to feel bad about what others think or say, each one must defend his point of view without harming anyone.

Dream that a woman is a transgender

It is a frequent dream when we think that a woman has exceeded the limits of our confidence, our subconscious can project as an unusual circumstance . By visualizing that the condition of femininity is not as it is used to, you can then perceive this type of dream images.

In this dream they can point out to you that previous judgments may prevail. You should not fall into injustices or prejudices without studying all the aspects that may incur in something that surrounds you. You must be careful not to harm people around you by judging ahead of time .

Dream that a transgender is a policeman

Dreaming of a transgender police officer may be an unconventional reaction of your subconscious to face or seek an explanation for an unusual situation in your environment. 

The police officer represents the protection of citizens and projecting it in dreams in this way, is indicating that you feel insecurity when binding imposed rules.

The policeman is known as a representative of the laws, when visualizing him in dreams as transgender, it is a reaction of your subconscious that does not accept authority . Perhaps it is because you feel that they are not recognized or respected as they should be, or because you feel that they have not particularly earned your respect.

Dream that your neighbor is transgender

It is a particular dream, depending on your attitude of respect towards the other people around you. If you have appreciated through the dream images that your neighbor is always transgender at the moment, it announces a circumstance that must be sincere . 

If in dreams you appreciate a neighbor who recently arrived in your environment, you do not know her completely, when visualizing her as transgender , you are on alert. Perhaps she indicates that you have not seen her comfortable in the community and you feel the need to reach out and welcome her. It’s a good start, if you want her to feel welcome in the locality.

Dream that a family member is transgender

It is a dream that today can be common, in some people for fear of facing something unknown or leading to intolerance . The subconscious is projected as an opening , it really indicates that you should be a more tolerant person and accept people in harmony as they are. 

In dreams you can appreciate the people who relate to you in a symbolic way or in a more affectionate and heartfelt way as a family. Appreciating them as transgender indicates that you want to communicate more openly with whom you have seen with greater communication problems, take the first step, giving them support to express themselves.

costumes and accessories

Dream that you touch transgender clothes

If you associate with clothes of the other sex, but not because they belong to your girlfriend or boyfriend, mom or dad, etc. but because there is a certain taste for these suits , to use them, this is linked to your hidden desires that you do not want anyone to know. 

It doesn’t necessarily have to do with whether you want to be transgender. It could be that, but it could also be that you want to be an artist, dedicate yourself to acting activities, or any other profession that is not the one you currently carry out. 

You have a hidden dream and you are cherishing it in your mind. If you focus you could achieve it. Suits, fabrics, accessories are symbols of beauty, delicacy and good taste that will serve you for your new project.

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