Dream about big dogs

When dreaming of large dogs, it is very important that we remember their color, age, length of fur and behavior, since every detail of the dream is of the utmost importance for its interpretation.

A big dog in the dream symbolizes friends, new adventures, business, health, family, danger and betrayal.

dream of big dogs

If the big dog we see is a puppy, it indicates that we will make new friends. Seeing a large stray dog ​​symbolizes a friend of ours who is in trouble and is embarrassed to ask us for help. A large dog that barks shows that everything will work out in our favor and it is the right time to start our projects. Big dogs in dreams predict that we will meet new people, who will become great friends over time. If a large dog walks past us and has no interest in us, it portends good luck to come.

See large white dogs

It predicts that we will do great business, which will bring us huge profits. If the big white dog that we see has several heads, it indicates that we are very cautious people and we invent a thousand excuses not to do new ventures, for fear of failing. If we walk among several large dogs and they are all white, it portends many good opportunities that will be presented to us.

What does it mean to dream of big black dogs?

It points out that someone we thought was a great friend of ours will disappoint us. We will end that friendship forever.

Dream about a big reddish dog

It points out that a well-known person will use us to benefit from something, regardless of how much damage it causes us. In this dream we have to pay attention to the size of the dog, because the bigger the dog, the bigger the betrayal.

dead big dog

If we find a large dog dead or injured, it is a bad omen dream. He warns us to be very careful with our enemies, who will try to harm us in some way. Also a large dead dog alerts us to health problems. Another meaning of this dream predicts bad news within the family. If we kill a big dog, it predicts the end of a friendship.

What does it mean if we see it attacking?

When a big dog attacks us in the dream, it means that we will be involved in trouble and a friend will help us out of it. But if the big dog attacks another dog, it portends that we will have a fight with someone who is very dear to us.

If in the dream a big dog bites

It indicates that a friend will do something that will leave us very offended. After that event our friendship will not be the same as before. If he bites us and blood comes out, then it predicts fights within the family.

Meaning of dreaming of big rabid dogs

It alerts us not to enter new projects, since luck will not be on our side. If we undertake new projects we could go straight to failure. When the look of the big dog terrifies us, it indicates that a relative of ours will be in danger.

play with a big dog

It means that we are not behaving well with our friends. We have to rethink our behavior. If we play with a big dog inside our house, it predicts prosperity and economic gains. If he is sleeping and we wake him up to play, it shows that problems will soon come into our life.

Feel fear in the dream

If when we see the big dog we feel fear, it means that we will face the people around us. We will be fighting with several people at the same time.

Dream about big long-haired dogs

Indicates prosperity and much happiness. If the big long-haired dog barks at us, it is a warning not to trust the people around us. Someone could betray us.

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