Dream about big stones

Dreaming of large stones is usually a reflection of our daily life, so this type of dream usually has great meaning for the dreamer. A large stone is associated with our stability and firmness of character.

When in the dream we see that there are large stones, it indicates different emotions such as coldness, indifference and insensitivity of people. If we have a dream with large stones, it is best to start working on our emotional state. They also often represent very large obstacles that we will have to face.

dream of big stones

Seeing large stones means that we will be able to find tranquility within the work. If the large stones are ours, it indicates that we have loyal friends that we can trust. Seeing large stones in front of us shows that we should not expect great changes in our lives. We will spend a long time on a quiet course where things will not happen as fast as we wish.

A large stone on the beach predicts that we will have calm in our lives, but at the same time indicates indifference towards people who try to harm us. When the big stones are ours, it reflects the shell that we have created because of painful situations we have been through, and we have become cold and insensitive people.

Carving on a large stone portends difficult times to come. To be polishing a stone, shows great joys to come. A sculpture built with large stones shows that the tasks that we have to do are not easy, but the result will be very solid, successful and firm.

See we jump big stones

Jumping over large stones portends difficulties caused by mistakes that we will make. We should not blame fate for our bad decisions. Trying to jump over big stones and not being able to, indicates that we will be overcome by problems. We’ll have to ask someone we trust for help. Throwing small stones against big stones shows that we will have to warn someone about their behavior and bad decisions.

What does it mean to walk among large stones?

Walking between large stones alerts us that the path will begin to be difficult and bumpy, but with patience we will be able to overcome them. Don’t despair, good things take time.

Dream of large stones that we extract

When we are extracting large stones from an ore, it is a good omen, since it indicates that after so many failures, we will finally achieve a good result in business or at work.

If we see that we throw them at someone

Throwing large stones at a person who is attacking us indicates that we will be able to overcome all the bad things that disturb us. This dream also shows that in the past we have hurt someone who is now planning his revenge. Throwing large stones at someone who stole from us indicates that we are trying to teach someone who betrayed us a lesson.

Omen of dreaming of large stones in a river

Seeing large stones in a river of calm waters represents our inner peace. If the stones of the river are broken, it warns us about problems that we are about to face. Seeing how the river water passes between the large stones is a sign of our patience and tolerance.

If the stones are precious

When we see that large stones are precious stones, it indicates that we will be harmed because of betrayal. Breaking a large gemstone signals that we will be condemned for false gossip.

Dream of large stones that crush us

When in the dream we are crushed by large stones, it shows that we will get a big scare. If we are crushed by large stones and get hurt, it indicates that we will have a big confrontation with an enemy. It is time to act cautiously and take the necessary precautionary measures.

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