Dream About Big Tree

When dreaming of a big tree, you are referring to the path we have decided to take. Also the big trees in the dream, represent our determination and perseverance, which will help to fulfill our goals.

On the other hand, this dream indicates that we should not stop in the middle of the road, we must continue working as we have done so far, to achieve our goal.

Dream About Big Tree

A big tree is a dream of good omen, since it shows that we will succeed in getting out of problems, conflicts or losses, thanks to the fact that we will devise a good plan that will lead us directly to success. This dream also means that we will be very successful in business, which will lead us to be self-sufficient. Seeing that the crown of the large tree is very leafy, promises success in the near future.

Falling from a large tree in the dream signals that someone will make us look foolish in front of many people and then we will feel very ashamed. A big tree means a turn in our life, where we will have many opportunities and we will begin to achieve our goals. If we plant the tree, it augurs a lot of wealth and well-being in our lives.

Meaning of dreaming of giant trees

If in the dream we see that we are climbing a giant tree, it is a very good omen. It shows that we will have a lot of prosperity and happiness. Also this type of dream can indicate that if we work in a responsible and orderly way, we will obtain the long-awaited result in the workplace. Another meaning shows that we will be able to fulfill a longing that we have had for a long time.

See in the dream a big dry tree

Seeing it dry, with its yellow leaves, indicates that soon we will have a lot of sadness and unexpected losses. Seeing its leaves fall to the ground indicates that we will not be able to carry out our plans.

Dreaming of a big tree that we cut down

Cutting down a tree shows that we are wasting our energy and money on things that have little value. If we do not act seriously, then we will regret it.

Forest full of big trees

When the forest has the big green trees, it refers to important changes within our businesses. Seeing that the forest trees have very large green leaves, they promise a lot of luck and prosperity.

Harbinger of dreaming of large trees full of flowers

This dream promises us a lot of happiness and peace within the family. To knock down the big tree that has flowers shows that our hopes are lost. Seeing it covered in flowers predicts success and joy to come. The peace that we longed for will return.

Very old tree

If the big tree that we see in the dream is very old, it means that we will feel very alone and forgotten by the people we appreciate. Seeing that its branches are broken predicts a lonely old age with many financial needs.Dream About Big Fallen Tree

This alerts us to misfortunes or illnesses. If the tree is down due to a strong wind that has passed, it predicts a bad streak that is coming, accompanied by bad news.

If it’s full of fruits

When the tree we see is full of fruits, we are in front of a dream that promises prosperity, abundance, joy and many economic gains. It also means that our plans will be very successful. Seeing that the fruits are fully ripe, portends that we will meet a person who will be an incredible friend, to whom we can entrust everything.

Meaning of dreaming of a big tree on fire

This dream advises that we must be very responsible when spending our money. We could have significant losses. If the large tree is totally consumed by fire, it indicates that a very difficult stage is coming for us.

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