What does it mean to dream about big trees

What does it mean to dream of big trees

This dream that is associated with the earth is different from Dreaming of trees , because it also means progress in the face of adversity and triumph in the face of difficulties. Although generally we look more at its protection, growth and prosperity characteristics.

It also symbolizes the growth of a family or a town, it can be the consolidation of a group with family or friendship ties. A big tree needs good roots to stand up, just like a family.

Big trees predict happiness, your feelings will reflect joy, love and you will have many rewards. You will have many possibilities to be someone bigger and you should take advantage of this period.

It is a dream that symbolizes life because they fulfill a cycle, it is a natural process and they have a destiny. Just like us, they need to put down good roots in order to become great, so it shows that you will be more inspired to bring balance to your life.

It predicts that the opportunities that will be presented to you will be abundant, so it would be good to take advantage of them and put down good roots. You must charge batteries and mentalize yourself, because the work will be hard, but the reward will be great.

On the love plane, the opportunities will also be fortunate, the existing relationships deepen. You will have many joys and satisfactions, the family is reunited and you will live very pleasant moments.

Likewise, it is also different from dreaming of fruit trees , because they represent the greatness and the roots that we are achieving. As well as the family and groups of friends that you form throughout life, which will be both financial and emotional support.

It may also be that lately you have been working a lot, give yourself some time to escape in nature. A break wouldn’t hurt.

dream of tall trees

It means that you are going to occupy the foreground of the stage at work and you will not have any problem getting them to collaborate with your projects. Remember that you have laid very good foundations with your effort at work, it is time for a good harvest.

It also portends that sentimentally you will perhaps consolidate a relationship, which had been flowing for a long time. If you are in a stable relationship, it may be that you reaffirm your love, you will have a lot of passion and happiness.

Dream of large and leafy trees

If you have this dream it is because you will have family satisfaction, or someone in your family also manages to consolidate a great project. It means great celebrations for marriage or birth of a new member.

It may be that you augur active participation in a social support group, or with an altruistic goal. It will give you a lot of satisfaction because you are a very supportive person, with a huge heart and a great sense of commitment.

Dream of big flowering trees

This dream is very good because it not only augurs abundance and prosperity for you, but also symbolizes a period of good luck. Soon you will have a great moment where everything will come out to order, start enjoying.

But if you see the big, flowering trees receding, it’s best to avoid loud arguments that will drain your energy. You are in a good moment, do not waste time as you could be letting fortune and happiness pass you by.

Dream of large dry trees

If you see in your dream that the big trees are dry, it does not mean that you will have bad or austere days because nothing will disturb your calm. You are going to lay lasting foundations, you must dedicate more time to your goals, so you will reach your goals sooner.

It also indicates that you should be realistic and dedicate yourself more seriously to work, even if it means greater sacrifices. Do not let your good streak pass, you must be strong, imperturbable and imposing, that will be your challenge.

Dream of felled trees

It symbolizes that times will come that will demand a lot from you emotionally, do not try to project that demand to others in an abrupt way. Lower the tone of your voice, do not get angry so quickly, and you will see that the results will be much better.

It may also be that you have a stage where you prefer to be alone to solve your problems. You must distract your mind and surround yourself with good friends because loneliness will only increase your stress, and can cause episodes of sadness and anxiety.

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