What does it mean to dream about birds

Dreaming of birds is directly related to freedom and peace . The key is to see the type of dream, if it is free birds or captive birds, as well as if they are beautiful birds (regardless of the species) or battered-looking birds.

Dreaming of birds connects you with messages related to those qualities of them ; It is important to notice in your dream what actions were associated with the dream bird, if it was a singer or not, if it flew or not, it was its plumage, etc.

Every detail will be very important for you to interpret this dream. It is important that you know that the interpretation is not always positive, everything will depend on the details that we have mentioned, and even more so on what you were doing in the dream.

In this article we are dedicated to the interpretation of dreams related to birds and in other pages we will give you the interpretation of dreams with birds in general.  

Dream of chasing a bird

You have many wishes and ambitions. You want to be prosperous because you no longer want to see yourself between so many limitations. You are not satisfied with what you currently have and you aspire to more. It will be possible to achieve it but you will have to fight very hard for it.

Dream that you kill a bird

This dream tells you that you are very poorly focused on your issues and therefore things are not going well. Nothing is going the right way in these times, you need to be a little more restrained with your actions.

The announcement is of disaster , that is to say, by the way you take things there is no certainty that something will turn out well. So act immediately to mitigate the effects of this moment where everything will be tense.

Dream of a dead bird in your hands

This dream indicates failures in the projects that you have considered. It’s a really disappointing time for you. You want to quickly transcend the effects of this very difficult moment and for this you will have to make great efforts in your emotional world.

You are fragile due to failures and you do not see a way out at this time. Try to get over it and rationalize that this is just a sobering moment that will leave you with a great learning.

Dream that you feed some birds 

You are a very lucky person, you surround yourself with very positive and beautiful people . You like to share pleasant things with everyone and you establish good lasting and sincere relationships.

Take advantage of this gift you have to project things that are to grow in a group. You have wood for it. You are a giver and therefore you receive many benefits from the universe.

Dream that you release a songbird

There are some opportunities that you are passing up without realizing that sometimes opportunities come only once, or sporadically. It is the moment in which you must reflect and act immediately in order to get back on track.

If due to carelessness or laziness you missed an opportunity in any of the areas in which you work, perhaps you are still in time to resolve this and get back on track.

An opportunity is always for your own good, it is important that you see why you let things go, it is a behavior that does not benefit you at all. You must change this root.

Dream that a songbird enters your room

It is an important moment because something is going to happen in your life that will make you knock on the doors of success . You may have even remotely thought of triumph, but you don’t think this is feasible. It turns out that suddenly something is going to happen and you are going to feel very good about achieving something that leads you to better scenarios.

It is advisable to be careful of listening to promises that are not well supported. Do not make false expectations regarding some promises without foundation. You must be very perceptive so as not to fall into a bad moment.

Dream that you hunt birds

This dream portends that you can possess riches for profits that come to you. It is possible that you like games of chance, if you are a player, something interesting may come to you that way. Do not disproportionate or go wild with what you earn by this means. If you bet it again, you can be left at zero.

The dream tells you that if a profit comes to you, keep it, take care of it and treasure it. Use this for a noble and positive cause. Do not lose focus, remember that good streaks happen once and then it can take a long time for it to happen again. This is the moment for you, don’t waste it.

Dream that you shoot birds with a firearm

With this dream you see yourself facing possible economic losses . You are not doing something correctly and it is bringing you serious consequences. It is a good time to review how your financial procedures are and correct flaws.

Dream about qualities of birds 

Dreaming of a bird with beautiful plumage

What a good omen this dream brings you. In these times you will have many reasons to laugh and be happy . You will receive good news. at the present time you enjoy a life without deficiencies. You must take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to project what you want to achieve.

Dream of plucked birds

It is a dream that announces a delicate time for you. You must be prepared and walk very carefully and firmly because what is expected is that in the environments where you are linked, you will witness very unpleasant scenes that affect you directly.

Your social level will be in danger . It may be that the gossip makes you tarnish your reputation and you fall into a very unpleasant situation. In this context, it may be that someone verbally abuses you and this affects your emotions. It is not something that you propitiated but it happens in an untimely way.

Dream about event with birds 

Dream of an injured bird

Tense days are coming and you have to prepare for them. Do not let the situation ruin the plans you had. For this you must draw a lot of strength from within. Lean on good friends so that you are not alone at this time.

It also has to do with some sadness caused by some action carried out by a close relative. This situation with them makes the environment tense and weakens you a lot. You should speak with these people to correct this issue as soon as possible.

Dream of birds approaching

It is related to something that will come to you and that will cause you great satisfaction. It is a very interesting moment that you should treasure in your heart. What arrives is something that in one way or another you were longing for.

Dream of birds locked in cages

You’ve been working for something that doesn’t really make much sense. You must learn to say NO, because you end up very worn out doing things that do not generate you, not only any economic benefit, but also personal well-being of any kind. These activities weaken you and take away time to do things that are really fruitful.

Dream about a bird trying to escape from the cage

You are looking for your freedom , be it economic, freedom in opinions. You feel a bit tied down and this dream tells you that you will be able to free yourself soon. You will get a lot of satisfaction from it.

Dream of birds hatching

This dream reflects a lot of security, a safe haven . You have protection and that is a great benefit for you that you should value. They are opportunities to open yourself to new things that are yet to be born.

Dream of birds in flight

Dream of birds flying

This dream is very encouraging. Prosperity is at your doorstep . See how high the birds flew in the dream, it will depend on the size of the benefits you will get.

You will feel very free these days, you will be able to channel some responsibilities correctly and this will give you a margin of rest and relief. If you face any inconvenience, you will surely be able to solve it without major setbacks.

Dream of flocks of birds in flight

You have been going through very hard times. A bad streak is about to end to make way for moments of tranquility and rest. Well deserved for this to happen, it really has not been easy for you to overcome the avalanche of adverse circumstances.

Dream of a flock of birds flying free

You are very comfortable and excited about the changes that you are going to start in your routines. You like the idea of ​​turning around and changing the pace of your daily activities.

Some people are shocked to have to change course, in your case it is different because you are eager to turn around and do new things, so you are very excited and expectant of what is going to happen.

Meeting new people gives you a different view of many previous issues. It is not about denigrating what you had or did, but it is about challenging you to know how to be and be in new contexts and do it very well. Drawing up new projects will make you grow and personal satisfaction will surprise you.

Dreaming of bird attitudes 

Dream of a bird singing

You will receive some good news . Be attentive to what is happening around you in your work or family environment, something very interesting is about to happen and you will feel very satisfied.

When you receive such news, receive it with gratitude and value what this news brings. It will be for your good, many paths open from this dream. A series of possibilities that you had not contemplated as possible. Excellent what is happening in your life right now.

Dream of silent birds

There is a great sorrow in your immediate environment and this has affected you a lot. Some people you love are going through a bad time and you want to help them. You are observing and analyzing the matter to act accordingly.

dream of talking birds

You must review your ways of proceeding because you are showing little ability to resolve your personal issues. It shows a lot of clumsiness in your procedures and that is why everything is going very slowly.

The procedures you do for things are wrong. It is a time to make an evaluation of the achievements you have had and how you have had them, how much effort they have cost you, so that you can correct them. You’re still on time.

Dream of aggressive birds

You are not very comfortable with the changes you are seeing that you must make out of necessity in your routines. The daily dynamics have changed and this makes you very uncomfortable. You resist change. You like to be in what you already know even if it makes you bored and tired.

Dream of birds fighting

Your self-confidence is not strengthened. You doubt a lot about yourself and your ways of being. If you have a partner, you are doubting whether you can maintain the relationship. Other people with whom he relates make you jealous and you are afraid that he will leave you for another person.

First of all, regardless of whether your partner is faithful or not, you must strengthen your self-confidence and not live with those insecurities. Check what your strengths are, that’s really the most important thing.

Dream that an animal attacks the eggs of a bird

You must take care of yourself more because you have hidden enemies. A person is taking actions against you, it is possible that you are the victim of a betrayal that brings you serious consequences.

His lies and comments about you are very sharp. Surely you told some intimacy to an inappropriate person, and now this is the consequence

Dream that birds migrate to another place

Something about yourself bothers you and you wish you had the will to change it. You could live the experience of a change of home or job. Perhaps this does not please you but it is the most expeditious way to change internally. Starting in new places and new relationships would benefit you a lot.

Dream about the color of birds 

Dream of dark colored birds

You must prepare for any unpleasant event. The news will not be good . You will suddenly find out about news that will impact you and will surely bring you sadness. Your economic situation is not going well in these times and the efforts you make are very strong to get ahead

Dream About Green Bird

This dream means hope and good fortune . If you have a project right now, you should know that it will be successfully consolidated. Everything will come to a good end. If you had doubts about the result, do not have it anymore because this dream tells you that you must be confident and have faith.

Begin to project yourself in your work environment or in your studies, everything is given for you to be successful. It is a very opportune moment to shine with your own light.

Dream of white birds

You are in a good moment enjoying peace and tranquility . It is a good omen and you should take advantage of considering a project that you want because everything will turn out very well for you.

This dream inspires you to be very confident in what you are currently doing. You are a peaceful person and this benefits you a lot in everything you consider. There is no obstacle that you cannot overcome with your serenity.

Dreaming of baby birds

It is a symbol of peace, well-being and much love in your environment . This dream is beautiful, it means that your world is full of pleasant things and promises of happiness. It is time to reflect and to see everything around you, check how your life is and appreciate the good you currently have and what is to come.


Dream of birds in the sea

There is imminent danger near you. You must be alert and take care of yourself more than usual. You can’t be distracted these days. If you go outside, always be careful. Things are flowing but sometimes the “tides” are high, so be careful.

Dream of birds in a lagoon

It is a dream where it is noted that there is a peaceful environment . You should still be cautious because some surprise could happen that surprises you. Everything flows but you must know that it is a changing time.

Dream that you hear the birds chirping

You are detailed and meticulous . You have excellent skills to do work and have it come out perfect, really impeccable. You must take advantage of this ability and virtue that you have. You can develop yourself in manual or technical precision work and you will surely obtain many benefits from it.

Dream of birds in their nest

These days you will be very discouraged because you are looking for a job and you cannot find one that meets your expectations or your needs.

If in your dream you saw eggs, it is a good sign, because you are going to achieve what you are looking for. You will succeed in what you set out to do if you saw baby birds hatching in that nest. Something new is about to happen that will take away that sorrow you have.

If the nest is empty, you should worry because it’s sorrows and worries that surround you.

Dream of a single bird

You are waiting for news . A medical result, someone who must bring you an answer on an important matter. The news is not negative and you are close to her reaching you.

This dream tells you that you must be attentive because when the news arrives you must act “flying” before it. What you need to know will require concrete action from you.

Dream of a flock of birds

You are in an interesting moment of your life, there will be many changes around you and this moves you towards other routines. You must be very open to this new direction that you are going to undertake.

Changes are not easy to accept. In this case, the turn is very important to you and therefore you must be very connected with it so that everything flows to your benefit.

Dream of night birds

The turn your life has taken has been very drastic and unexpected but you have no options, you must adapt to them. When things come up like this, you shouldn’t resist because that emotional exhaustion doesn’t help you take on the new challenge.

Dream of small birds

You feel a lot of love for nature. You are a person with good energy . The people around you really like your way of being, so you are always in good company.

What does it biblically mean if you suffer an attack regarding birds in a dream? biblical meaning of birds in dreams

To do this, I’m going to turn to Ishtar, a sexy goddess from Babylon. She was connected to a dove and was associated with being pure and innocent. This goddess is associated with passion, sex, and war. I’m not going to get into the story here, but basically, in this she broke a bird’s wing. This for me made the interpretation of the attacking birds connect to how we function in relationships.

Different cultures and religions had various interpretations and meanings of birds, especially evil birds.

Evil birds in dreams biblical meaning of birds in dreams

However, who can say if a bird is bad or not? How can you tell that a bird is bad just because of its dark color? Or because it doesn’t sing a happy song like other birds? Various birds are associated with different positive and negative things in the Bible. Some birds were even used as symbols of Christianity. And dreaming of one of those birds means that God is trying to connect with a person through the dream of him. But according to the biblical scriptures (which I will look at shortly) a dream about evil birds means that Satan wants to visit your dreams. Let’s take a look at some of the good and bad birds in the Bible.

White dove biblical meaning of birds in dreams

biblical meaning of birds in dreams

According to the Bible, this bird represents the Holy Spirit. A white dove usually appears when positive storehouses are described in the Holy Bible. His presence is often followed by blessings from the Lord and positive associations.

Robin bird

According to an old tale, this bird turned red on its chest while protecting the Son of God, Jesus Christ, from a fire. Which means that it is one of the most important bird symbols in Christianity.


biblical meaning of birds in dreams

The peacock represents immortality and eternity due to an ancient belief that the body of this bird does not even rot. It is also one of the few positive symbols of birds.

Black bird

biblical meaning of birds in dreams

As you might guess from the blackbird’s name, it represents a symbol of temptation, sin, evil, and darkness. According to the Bible, the blackbird was sent by the Devil.



Amazingly, this beautiful bird represents a symbol of resurrection and renewal due to an ancient belief that you can regain your youth by flying high into the sun and quickly falling into the water. Which means this one also belongs on the list of good bird symbols in the Bible.



Unlike other birds in the Bible, the Falcon has two meanings. It is represented as a sign of evil and bad thoughts in one representation, while in another, it means gentile converted to Catholicism. It means that it is some kind of evil bird, but not quite. It is both bad and good.

Goldfinch bird

In the Bible, this bird is often presented as the symbol of the Passion of God and is often illustrated in photos of Jesus Christ. Which means it is also a Christian positive bird symbol.


The goose is a representation of providence and vigilance in the Bible, while the lark means humility. The owl symbolizes the Prince of Darkness or Satan, while the Partridge remains a symbol of truth and the Church. However, it has a dual nature. That is, it was also a symbol of Satan and deception. I don’t have to mention that the raven was a symbol of evil, wickedness and the devil, right? Sparrows remained a symbol of the incarnation.


This bird represented a symbol of heresy, the destruction of humanity and the Devil himself, while Stork means piety, chastity and vigilance. However, it was also seen as a bird that heralds the arrival of God and spring. As you can see, the Bible had its own meaning for each bird in the world. Some of them represented both good and evil. However, let’s see what is the biblical meaning of these birds in dreams.

What is the biblical meaning of the different birds in a dream?

  • If you could see a white dove in your dream, it represents your innocence and purity but it also symbolizes a spiritual presence. It could also represent a warning sign about something you want to do. You don’t want to do it the right way. Revenge poisoned your heart with hate and you are on the wrong path of life. It’s time for a big change. Let God and Karma do their thing and keep your hands clean. The white dove in your dream is also a representation of clean energy and love.
  • If you saw baby birds in your dream, it can suggest that you are about to experience release and transcendence from something that has been bothering you for far too long. Perhaps you will finally realize your ideas and plans that will change the course of your future. You will finally experience great success and make your loved ones proud.
  • If you saw dead birds in your dream, it predicts failure or disappointment. It may mean working hard. Or at home. Your dream is sending a warning. Open your eyes to prevent something bad from happening. Or prepare to overcome a challenge. Maybe you are running away from personal problems or trying to ruin someone’s life. Your dream and the Lord are strongly advising you against it.
  • If you were feeding the birds in your dream, you are probably focused on building your career or working on a project that is of great importance to you. Maybe you’re trying to make a small idea come true and then make a bigger one.
  • If you saw bird eggs in the dream, it represents a symbol of hope, innocence, and goal achievement. Maybe you are so focused on your future that you miss the present moment. If the eggs broke, expect failure.
  • If you saw a flying bird in a dream, this reveals your current state of mind. You probably feel free as a bird. What has been bothering you for a long time is finally gone. Enjoy life.
  • If you saw a bird in a cage in a dream, it reveals how you feel about your own freedom. Is there someone who makes you feel trapped or manipulated? You may think that your past follows you wherever you go, however, the opposite is true. Your past has no power over you unless you give it to it. It’s time to let it go and enjoy the present moment. Don’t let your past mistakes define you. Everyone deserves a second chance. Give it to yourself.
  • Seeing a blue bird in a dream represents a symbol of calm and release from negativity. Maybe you finally worked up the courage to say “goodbye” to those who acted like they were in charge of your life. Maybe you realized that the only one in charge of your life is yourself. If not, today is the day you do it.
  • Seeing a red bird in a dream represents a symbol of passion, freedom but also danger. Which means that your dream is probably a warning. Maybe you are getting into a dangerous relationship with a person who is not right for you. Something seems off, however, you choose to listen to your passion, instead of your intuition. Now is not a good time for another heartbreak. Go before it’s too late again.
  • Seeing a blackbird in a dream suggests that you should find a way to fill that void you feel inside. The “black” of this bird can represent the feeling of depression. It’s time for you to take destiny in your hands and shape it however you want.
  • If you were clipping the wings of a bird in your dream, then this can be a worrying dream, to say the least! It means that you feel trapped in life. What do you need to meditate to “spread your wings again”

Common bird dreams and their interpretation

Dreams of people being attacked by birds are frequent. However, have you ever wondered what is the hidden message behind these types of dreams? As you might guess, being attacked by a bird or many birds in your dream represents a warning regarding your waking life. Being attacked by a bird or a few birds in your dream is an unpleasant situation. However, birds, in general, are carriers of bad negative feelings.

That is, they usually reflect how you really feel at the moment. Therefore, if you are being attacked by a bird or many birds in your dream, you probably feel attacked, betrayed or hurt by some people in your life. Perhaps a person you trusted failed your trust and betrayed you. If you feel attacked in your waking life by someone you know or not, you will probably dream of the same awkward situation.

Hawks and parrots in dreams have a specific meaning in dreams. As you know, parrots are known for talking and seeing one in your dream can represent a voice trying to reveal hidden things that you don’t want to accept about yourself. And if you see a falcon in your dream, it can symbolize the practice of witchcraft. Eagles also have special symbolism in dreams. If you see one, it means that you must experience an attack from an enemy. Or pay attention to a person or a situation that seems suspicious to you.

Being attacked by “birds” in a dream does not always have to have a negative meaning, because it is also possible that they are warning you about something dangerous that you should pay attention to. In addition to “evil bird” meanings, you can also interpret a bird attack or seeing a blackbird in your dream as a warning sign of potential danger.

I sincerely hope that this article on the biblical meaning of birds in dreams will be useful to you and that it will help you interpret your bird dream. I have discussed the Biblical meaning of evil birds in a dream and have mentioned the symbolism of each bird in the Bible. And, as always, I had a lot of fun writing it.

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