What does it mean to dream about black chickens

What does it mean to dream of black chickens

These dreams, although it is true, are announcements of some complications to come, many times they are messages from the subconscious, which reflect our fear of facing problems. Perhaps we do not trust ourselves, it may be time to empower yourself and overcome the difficulties in your life.

Chickens are very calm domestic animals, symbolizing wealth and potential, whose uniqueness is the tendency to avoid danger. When you see them in black in your dream, it can cause you fear or anxiety, because you relate it to negative aspects that could occur in your life.

However, the black color in a hen also symbolizes strength, decision and dedication, in the face of life. Don’t overwhelm yourself with negative thoughts. The difficulties should serve to realize your true capabilities and perhaps change your future plans in the right direction.

This type of dream announces that you will possibly face difficulties that will require a lot of effort to solve and although they will not be so complicated, it will mean you are tired. Try to find the balance to avoid committing harmful excesses that affect your health.

Strengthen family ties, distract your mind and recharge your batteries, this will stabilize your positive character allowing you to emerge victorious from the problems that arise. You will be able to say after all there is no evil that for good does not come. Since you will have taken advantage of the difficulties to improve your life.

Seeing black chickens in your dream can be disturbing. Do not forget that it will depend on the specific context of your dream to interpret it correctly. Remember that dreaming of chickens is not the same as dreaming that they are black. Although it will always bring positive things to your life, because problems should be seen as opportunities. Let’s see some variants of this dream.

Dream about a dead black hen

If in your dream you see a dead black hen, it can symbolize an economic loss or a financial setback. But if you see many dead black hens you should be careful because a bad streak or difficult times will come. Failure and shortages could have minor consequences if you take precautions and save money.

Dream of many black chickens

If you see many black hens in a coop, do not worry about so many problems together that may arise. This dream may be telling you that a decision of yours will solve many problems. But if the black chickens are loose and surrounding you, it may be time to ask for help to solve the complications. 

Dream about black and white chickens

This type of dream can represent your inner confrontation before a difficult decision since the white color symbolizes the purity of feelings, while the black the negative. In the same way it symbolizes strength, you are a person of good feelings who is always aware of your family, so do not doubt that you will make the best decision.

It can also presage many problems to come, but many of them will ultimately be blessings rather than problems. Your intuition will be your weapon, just as your intelligence will be your shield.

Dream about big black chickens

This dream is often related to respect and admiration for the strength of someone who emerged victorious from a problem. That is why if you dream of quietly observing the walk of a large black hen, perhaps it is the subconscious recognition of someone around you for that victory.

But if the black hen challenges or intimidates you, it may mean that you are the one who has to face some problem, do not forget that you will also be victorious.

Dreaming of a black hen that bites me

If you have this dream in which you are stung or attacked by a black hen, you should be warned as it is a sign that you will have a problem in which you will require your skill. You will have to defend yourself with great skill, your empowerment will be tested.

Pay attention and you will avoid getting hurt. It is in your hands to reverse the situation, remember big problems great opportunities.

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