Dream About Black Coffin

If we wake up worried or anxious after dreaming of a black coffin, we must not lose our cool, as it is not always a negative dream. Sometimes it can be a very positive dream, full of good signs.

We must bear in mind that when in the dream we see a black coffin, it symbolizes new beginnings, changes, fears, dreams, feelings and business, among others.

Dream About Black Coffin

Seeing a black coffin means that our expectations are very high and we will not be able to fulfill them, when we realize that, we will feel anger and resentment. If there is a deceased in the black coffin, then it alerts us that this is not the best time to start new businesses. We must concentrate on what we have already started and not burden ourselves with more responsibilities. Seeing that it is broken is very positive for our life, because it shows a range of new opportunities and growth in all areas.

When we observe that the black coffin has dirt on it, it indicates that a very bad stage in our life is coming, which we will have to overcome with great patience. If in the dream we open the black coffin to see what is inside, it portends happy events that are coming.

See that the black coffin is closed

If the black coffin that we see is closed, it represents the end of a stage and the beginning of a new one, which will help us achieve our goals. Also this dream indicates that we feel overwhelmed and urgently need peace and tranquility away from problems. Seeing that the black coffin is clean and shiny, bodes well, as it promises economic gains that will give us a comfortable life.

Meaning of dreaming about an empty black coffin

Seeing that the black coffin is empty is a very positive dream, because it predicts a long and very healthy life.

That there is a person alive inside

If we see a person who is living inside a black coffin, it is a negative dream, as it portends financial problems, bad business or stagnation in our profession. At times we will not see the way out of the problems, but we must remain calm. If the person inside the coffin is young, it means that there are bad memories that we have very fresh in our memory and they do not allow us to advance in our projects and dreams.

To be inside a black coffin

When we are the ones who are inside a black coffin, it indicates that good times are coming, where we will fulfill our goals and inspire us for new projects. If we are sitting inside the black coffin, then it signals that we will have fights and regrets for the way we act.

See funeral procession that carries a black coffin

This dream is very important, because it alerts us to urgently make changes in our life. Especially regarding bad habits, since they could lead us to failure in business, family and emotionally or sentimentally.

Dreaming of a black coffin that we carry

It points out that we will do something wrong that will bring ugly consequences to our family, and they will be disappointed in us.

Coffin full of flowers

It means that our relationship will fail. Also this dream promises economic losses, sadness and failures.

Put nails in coffin

This dream shows us that we will begin to concentrate in order to end the bad habits that are pushing us to failure.

Dreaming of a black coffin on which we cry

This dream means that there are difficult memories, or old feelings, that are still hurting us a lot, and we cannot get over it. This dream encourages us, once and for all, to turn the page, and begin to accept our past, being able to live the present with happiness.

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