Dream about black earth

Dreaming of black earth is a reflection of the concerns we have in our lives. It also symbolizes the habits we have, which cause us anxiety, problems and distance from the family.

When we dream of black earth, it represents fights, our feelings, failures, conflicts, worries, humiliations and difficult situations in general, which have us very worried.

dream of black earth

Seeing black earth portends failures in business, leaving us unable to achieve our dreams. This type of dream calls us to attention so that we do not let things that are happening to us escape. If we learn to have the situation under control, we will obtain positive things in our life. Observing black land far from us is a good omen dream, since it predicts many opportunities that open up in front of us. If we see it in our garden, it indicates that difficult times are coming. Walking on black earth shows the appearance of new concerns.

See the black earth is wet

When the wet black earth is freshly plowed, it signals that stormy times are coming in the family. There will be many arguments and fights that will be generated by daily stress.

Meaning of dreaming of fresh black earth

Seeing fresh black earth is not a good omen, as it shows that our efforts will not bear the fruits we desire. It will be more work than reward. Finding fresh black earth in our kitchen predicts family fights.

If the black earth is full of stones

Finding many stones on the ground alerts us to bad decisions. These can be personal or business. For now is not the time to start making any important decisions, because it will end in failure.

Dream of black earth in which plant grows

This dream is very special, as it shows that despite all the difficulties we will achieve the economic gains that we expected. Also this dream means a lot of happiness and harmony in the family.

Dig hole with shovel and dig out black earth

Digging a hole with a shovel, and taking out black earth, means that we must be prepared for a stage full of stress. Difficult times are approaching and we have to take it easy. Make a hole with a shovel in our garden and see that black earth comes out, alerts us to times of many difficulties that are approaching.

get dirty with the earth

Staining our clothes or any part of our body with black soil shows that we are going to get away from a situation. It may be that we move away from family, work or good customs for a while.

See we water it

When we water black earth it means that even though things are difficult, we always put desire and hope in life, even knowing that the results will not be as we dream.

Omen of dreaming of black earth in a bucket

Placing black earth in a bucket indicates that we will receive bad news and this will generate a lot of anxiety. We must control anxiety so that our health is not affected.

Lying on black ground

It tells us that we will have minor problems in life, and we should not worry too much because we will overcome them faster than we think.

put fertilizer

The fact that we are putting fertilizer on the black earth shows that new problems will soon come to our lives. If we add fertilizer to the black earth and weeds grow, it predicts setbacks that will complicate us in the very near future.

To dream of black earth in which we fall

If we are walking and fall on black ground, it shows that a person will humiliate us in front of everyone, and we will feel very ashamed. You will realize who really appreciates you for who you are.

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