Dream about black gorilla

Dreaming of a black gorilla can be terrifying for some people, but really, what does this dream mean? Here we will put an end to the doubts and we will tell you the interpretation.

Gorillas in dreams represent enemies, evil, betrayals and gossip, but they can also refer to our rigid and aggressive personality.

Dream about black gorilla

Seeing a black gorilla, very large and hairy, predicts that we have a great enemy, and we have not noticed it. If the person who dreams is a woman, this dream means that there is a person that we have just met who seems very attractive to us. When we dream that we feed a black gorilla, she predicts that they will cruelly betray us. After that we will feel humiliated and very sad.

If we see that the black gorilla is happy, it augurs many blessings to come into our lives, where luck will be on our side. Killing a black gorilla and eating its meat represents health problems that we will have to face. Looking at a black gorilla in a zoo shows that we will not be lucky in business.

See many black gorillas in the dream

It indicates that someone is making up gossip about us and these will create many fights. When we are seeing many black gorillas and that makes us happy, it predicts that we will be able to enjoy success for a long time.

Meaning of dreaming of a black gorilla that we caress

It shows that we are going to try to rush our relationship to get married as soon as possible. If we caress the black gorilla and he hugs us, it shows that we will meet a person who will steal our hearts, but then we will realize that he is a jerk.

that attacks us

If a big black gorilla attacks us, it shows that we will meet a very kind person, who will then end up betraying us, or through his lies will swindle us. This dream can also indicate that we will have health problems, which we should not let go, we must go to the doctor so that our health does not get worse.

When the black gorilla attacks us, but does not harm us, it predicts that we will overcome the disease very quickly. If the dream of the black gorilla turns into a nightmare, because we see ourselves fighting against it and we are losing the battle, it indicates health problems. Fighting against a black gorilla alerts us to enemies close to us.

Ward off a black gorilla

If we try to drive away a black gorilla because we are terrified by its presence, and the gorilla does not want to leave, it indicates that we will get sick and we will have to spend a lot of time to recover.

Dream about black gorilla in the jungle

He points out that we will begin to live new adventures, where we will have the opportunity to meet very interesting people. Until we will manage to find a new love, the days that await us will be wonderful. Dreaming that the black gorilla is up the tree, alerts us to someone we will trust, and will end up scamming us.

If seeing the black gorilla in the jungle makes us afraid, it indicates that our success will last a short time and it is better that we enjoy it while it lasts. Seeing that the black gorilla runs through the jungle, predicts good news that will come from someone in the family.

Play with a black gorilla

If by doing so we feel happy, it is a very positive dream, since it predicts that good times are approaching. He also points out that we will have a lot of confidence in ourselves and that will help us to succeed. Playing with a black gorilla can also indicate that we will buy the house we dream of so much.

Dream About Aggressive Black Gorilla

Whether we see the aggressive or angry black gorilla, it means that we are about to enter a bad stage, where luck will not be in our favor. You will have to have a lot of patience and analyze well the things you are going to do.

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