Dream about black mice

If you have ever wondered what it means to dream of black mice, then we will tell you that these usually alert you to problems that are yet to come. You must be careful to avoid greater evils.

Black mice in the dream symbolize problems, obstacles, business, enemies, envy, betrayal, fights, family and difficulties.

Dream about black mice

Seeing black mice portends that our businesses will begin to have problems caused by people who only want to harm us. This will make business worse every day, to the point of asking ourselves if we should continue or retire and start new projects from scratch. If there is only one mouse, it indicates that even if the problem is small, we will have to spend a lot of time to solve it.

Have black mice in the house

It means that you will start to see small arguments within the family. Our children will rebel against us and that will generate many family conflicts. It can also indicate that we will not make changes in our life and everything will be the same for a while. If the black mice entered our house from the patio, then it predicts that if we do not know how to handle problems, despair will make us fall into deep sadness.

Meaning of dreaming of black mice running

Seeing them running around us indicates that we have to be more patient and manage to stay calm in difficult times. This difficult time we are going through should be an opportunity for us. An opportunity to learn new things.

If in the dream the black mice are small

This shows that we are exaggerating our problems. In reality they are not as big or difficult to solve as we think. We have to calm down and really see what the real circumstances are like.

Kill black mice in sleep

This is very positive, because it announces the end of problems and the beginning of a time of abundance. But it also indicates that we will be able to find a way to defeat our enemies and we will be victorious over them.

Explanation of dreaming of black mice that climb our feet

It portends that a secret will come to light and we will be involved in a scandal where everyone will target us. As a result of this our family will be very ashamed and humiliated.

Dead black mice in sleep

It predicts economic losses that will lead us to have needs within the home. The expenses and debts will be enormous.

See that a black mouse bites us

We have to be very alert, because someone will take revenge on us. Also, this dream indicates betrayal that will leave us emotionally devastated.

Dream about big black mice

They represent great enemies, of whom we are afraid and we do not know how to defeat them. But we will find a way and that will take a great weight off our shoulders.

Dream where we caught them

It shows that we will have events that will make us happy in the near future. In addition, it portends that we will find the ideal partner and it will be a love for life.

Observe a cat with a black mouse in its mouth

This is a dream that represents the support that our friends will give us. If the black mouse slips out of the cat’s mouth and runs away, it foretells that a discovered secret will cause a big ruckus within the family. Many people will be very disappointed.

What does it mean to dream of black mice in the street?

It predicts that problems with friends are approaching due to lack of sincerity. We will discover that they have lied to us on a couple of occasions and we will no longer trust them. The economic part can also take an unexpected turn.

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