Dream about black smoke

Dreaming of black smoke represents all our dreams that we want to fulfill. Although black smoke in the dream can also show problems, anguish and concerns about something we are experiencing.

To get rid of doubts about what this dream means, here we bring you the detailed interpretation of the different types of dreams where black smoke usually appears.

dream of black smoke

Being surrounded by black smoke shows that we are repressing our emotions and if we don’t get them out, they will end up affecting our health. If the black smoke leaves us smudged in some part of our body, it indicates that we are demanding too much of ourselves. We must take things slowly, otherwise we could get sick.

Approaching the black smoke to see where it is coming from, indicates that we must be more intelligent when using our money. Otherwise all our efforts will be useless. When there is black smoke, but no fire, it predicts pleasant surprise. Seeing a large fire from which black smoke emanates indicates that if we do not control our explosive character, we will lose great friendships and the family will begin to move away from us.

Walking through black smoke shows that we will suffer the consequences of actions done in the past. Not being able to see anything because black smoke prevents it, predicts poverty and an uncertain future. A chimney that emits black smoke predicts that the problems will be solved little by little. If the black smoke we see smells very strongly of burning, it alerts us to people nearby who will betray us.

When the black smoke leaves our house

If our house is full of black smoke, but it does not bother us, it portends unexpected profits. It may be that we find a new job, that we receive an inheritance, a salary increase or that the business begins to be more profitable.

Dream about black smoke in the sky

If we see black smoke in the sky, it means that we will receive a visit from someone we have not seen for a long time. When the entire sky is covered with black smoke, it shows that we are very worried about something important that we are experiencing, and we do not know how to solve it.

If we see what comes out of a cigarette

A cigarette that shoots black smoke symbolizes that we have bad habits that we must change little by little. Smoking a cigarette from which black smoke comes out announces health problems. When a person gives us a cigarette that shoots black smoke, it indicates that we will be wrapped in fears and doubts about new opportunities.

end up intoxicated

Intoxicating ourselves with black smoke means that they will fill us with flattery to try to defraud or deceive us. We must be attentive to the person who approaches us giving us many compliments.

Dream about black smoke coming out of a fire

Black smoke rising from a fire predicts difficult times. If the fire comes from something that is our property, then it portends fights and problems to come. Seeing a fire in the distance that shoots black smoke shows that we are having feelings for a person, but we are afraid that they do not feel the same way about us.

Trying to get out of the black smoke and not being able to, indicates that it will be very difficult for us to get out of the problems we have without someone’s help. Being happy or calm in the midst of black smoke means that we will begin a streak of peace and harmony in our lives. Bursting into tears because we see black smoke, indicates that we are very stressed with the problems of our life.

Feeling that we cannot breathe because of the black smoke, shows us that our fears and doubts make our life really unbearable. We must work on our emotions to be emotionally stronger.

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