What does it mean to dream about blindness

What does it mean to dream of blindness

Generally dreaming of blindness is associated with the absence or presence of light, which can be deciphered as a need to explore existence and its dramatic derivatives, with situations and characters involved in matters related to the world of knowledge, spirit and physical state. . The position, occupation and social concern of the person oscillating in these three vital categories.

physical blindness

Dream that a blow blinded you

Misadventure cuts your life in half. You must be very careful, be vigilant and be aware of your psychomotor system . Watch out for a person with high alcohol and drug consumption who frequently harasses you, stalks you stealthily waiting for the moment to execute a revenge for pending debts.

dream that everyone is blind

You have a very high self-esteem, well located and with a high level of acceptance for how you look physically. It’s time to start that business project that you have stored in the drawers of your desk. Good fortune offers you the ideal conditions and the energies in your favor are found in the atmosphere.

Dream that you suddenly went blind

Pending with your work situation and your personal situation. You have diminished the ability to separate one thing from another. The emotional imbalances collected within your home that create conflicts expressed with anger and the bad mood that is imposed, must stay where they are generated and not disturb or affect work harmony. 

To dream that you were blind and suddenly you see 

Joy came to you and filled you completely in a miraculous way . That person anxiously awaited for years will appear giving the cupid-style crush and offering love at first sight. Flex your character and get in tune with the emotion you feel and mature that feeling that is blossoming with a good beginning.

Dream that you are blind and lost

You don’t have enough clarity to make the right decision. It is time to listen to diverse opinions and according to your interest and convenience, make a conscientious analysis, carefully and based on what they tell you, put together or establish some ideas that can guide you towards finding an objective solution to the problem.   

Dream that a sudden light blinded you

There are many ways to get money. Today luck smiles at you so you take the actions that lead you to clearly determine which is the path to follow, the course to take to reach the monetary wealth you expect. Inheritance, business and even chance are aspects to consider when making your search.

To dream that you are in a dark hole and you do not see 

You are looking for what has not been lost, you want to be in a gloomy uncertainty full of mysteries . Remember that the lion’s den is not reliable to bring about an approach. So you must be especially careful if you want to penetrate into those dark and dark depths. Sometimes ignorance is preferable .

Dream that you met a blind person 

Study your abilities very well and associate them with the talents of that important character you just met. They are the perfect alliance , the team that will move them to achievement and immediate success. Look no further because the die is cast and it will depend largely on the decision-making considered by both of you.

Dream that you are blind and can see 

The world, its internal elements and its surroundings show you everything very clearly. Also to people in their situations as they are. It is your responsibility to deceive yourself and insist on seeing only what you want to see and adjust the experience to your convenience. Then show no regret for creating your fictional world.  

To dream that the moon darkened and you do not see

Your inner world is moving. Constant mischief and proposal are insinuated inviting sensuality, sexuality and daring. It is your opportunity to take advantage of that relationship with interest that you have been manipulating for a long time. The table is served just need to eat.

Dream that you gouged out your eyes 

You have a strong moral affectation . It is time to do a thorough review of your actions to specify what is the situation that is dragging you to hell and what are the causes that are originating them.blindness and knowledge

To dream that I am blind and a light illuminates my space

The presence of a representative figure of authority in the social is urgent. A priest or perhaps the biological father has enough tools to give you the correct instruction, regarding the necessary and specific wisdom that you lack, to start that study project that you want to complete and obtain your degree.

To dream that you did not see your loved one and suddenly you see him

Do not make an effort to learn from the experience of the other, that does not fit in love. Knowing the genuineness of the existence of love touches you and living all the setbacks, joys and disappointments typical of these inexplicable encounters. Who teaches you in love is also learning, simply give credit to the experience that lies ahead. 

Dream with the motto “Blind Justice” 

It is the right time to learn. Your perennial immaturity must already disappear, even when you trip over the same stone. It is time for you to assume life with the adulthood that you have, even if it is not the one that characterizes you. Experience serves to have a wealth of knowledge that gives you wisdom to face unpleasant situations.

Dream that someone dazzled your vision

No matter the medium used for this dazzling process, what is really interesting is that the light illuminates your thoughts . Naivety to think is a difficult state to achieve, but if you do a little yoga and relaxation, the answer will surely come by itself and in a surprising way.

Dream that the light goes out and you see nothing 

You must be very aware of what kind of experiences you are living. Going contrary to the dictates of the law is risky and of course has dire consequences. Withdraw from a person or group that constantly invites you perversely and with a sense that contradicts morals and good customs.

Dream that sunlight burned your eyes

You have to be careful with what you look at. You are becoming an accomplice in stories that do not belong to you but that have a direct impact on your behavior. The insidious curiosity for matters that are not of your personal interest, to assume it sportingly or for simple fun can be a dangerous game.

Dream that someone is the light of your eyes

You have a high responsibility and commitment to a family member by blood or by strongly intertwined affections. Just as it can go well for you because you are going to receive compensation in material and spiritual goods, you must also assume the burden of having a person dependent on you in every way.

Dream that you were blindfolded

A direct and close family member is about to be imprisoned by the justice system for an easily verified innocent cause. This event requires a lot of dedication and effort to be able to provide him with the required collaboration, so that he comes out graceful and free from this unjust situation that is being attributed to him.

Dream that you are walking down a blind street

You are not oriented in the right direction with that new proposal that you have invented to overcome the possession of economic resources. It is never too late to establish changes in life as long as they indicate the realization of something good. The trial and error proposal is not the most appropriate. 

Dream that you saw a blind man crying

You have sensitivity on the surface and you spend it frustrated because of mixed feelings. You don’t know if in love you should take new directions, meet other experiences full of fun adventures or simply give continuity to the boring life in which you have invented to tie love and now it is difficult to get rid of.  

you are blind with love 

You are sick of the soul because you are suffering the push and pull of what it means to have a love relationship. You must pay special attention because you are close to transforming the beauty of love into a pathology . Be careful with your partner because he will begin to feel the harassment and confinement to where you want to drive him out of jealousy.

you are blind with jealousy

It is urgent to request and move quickly in search of professional help as soon as possible, before taking dangerous actions that put your partner’s health at risk. There have been small experiences of aggression and it is necessary to put a stop to this before your impulsiveness prevails with worse evils.

Dream that your eyes fall out 

Your hard drive has been erased. It’s just one more concern because your ideas were blocked and you can’t find that clear thought with which you built your project. You are very pressured and overwhelmed by too much intellectual work. Lose care with a little rest and sleep everything will return to normal.

Other dreams with blindness

To dream that you did not see someone who passed by your side

Walking through life with a lost look, ignoring what is happening around you. The safest thing is that an element is disturbing your thinking and causes reason to be lost or distorted at times. Love has you enthralled and the contradictions with the couple in terms of coming to an agreement blind you. 

Dream that the gods illuminate your sight 

Go and recognize all the wealth, the vital energy that recharges you with the most beautiful feeling. Love wraps you in the mantle of happiness, endowing you with states of joy to enjoy immediately. While they last, feel the joy and fury of living in those paradisiacal spaces that are inevitable to the fullest.

Dream that you were blinded by a spell 

They bewitched you It’s your turn to live the madness of blind love . You go out of your way to compensate the couple being an act of total inconsideration. It is useless to spend money, energy and efforts to not deserve what they give you. The main interest of that person is related to the acquisition of purely commercial assets.

Dream that you were blinded with evil eyes

It is urgent to go to a healing ritual. A negative energy or fluid influence of an envious person invaded you. The spoils, prayers and incantations with branches are the main elements that are required for this type of spiritual act. In children it is very dangerous.

Dream that a miracle gave you sight

Take advantage of all possible opportunities for success that arise, fate is in your favor and divine providence takes you into account and gives you approval with its sacred mantle. Celestial assistance opens the paths for you and places you in the right one so that you can finally concretize or project your brilliant ideas on the physical plane.  

Dream that you are blind on a journey

After you felt so clearly to follow that course, so sure to take the helm of the ship of life, suddenly you fall into insecurities . You are at a crossroads disoriented without knowing what course you should follow. What remains for you, for now, is to follow your intuition and from there explore and continue.

Dream that you are blind in a church

You must be very aware of what happens in your house, undesirable people and highly toxic and negative energies are frequently meeting there. Cleverly get out of them so you can start cleaning. The house is a sacred temple and should be treated as such.

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