What does it mean to dream about blood and knives

What does it mean to dream of blood and knives

Having a dream where you see blood and knives is not very favorable for the dreamer or for his environment. Because it means that fights and conflicts will come to resolve, and that these will leave a lot of pain on the way.

It is a dream that speaks to you of defending yourself from some enemies that lie in wait for you, of fighting in a confrontation. You must be prepared to be able to continue with your plans, as well as to start again.

It also tells you about new beginnings on a sentimental level, after fighting great battles that can be with yourself. Thoughts or customs that you must liquidate, to make way for what you really want.

It means that if you want to achieve what will really make you happy, you will have to fight hard to defend your project. Your priorities will become clear and nothing will make you divert them, your effort will give you success.

The confrontation will be present at this stage of your life, either to defend yourself or to defeat your enemies. Take care not to hurt your loved ones, the price is often very high for success.

This dream is also a warning dream, so you must be very attentive to the details that appear in your dream. Remember that it is favorable to have a positive predisposition, when interpreting it.

Being warned through this dream gives you the advantage of being prepared, and not going into battle unarmed. It is better to be forewarned and know the opponent, as well as to be aware and take precautions with your own weaknesses.

You are the only one who can decide what will happen in your life, do not be distressed by the bad forecasts that are presented to you. You will be able to reverse the bad times and take advantage of all the opportunities in your favor.

Dream of many knives and blood

If you see many knives in your dream and they are bloody, beware of family clashes. Do not abuse your power within your family environment, avoid hurting your loved ones with your words.

It is also the announcement of fights with friends or people around you, which may end with a friendship breakup. You must have the necessary audacity to convince with arguments, and put aside the offenses.

Dream about a big knife and blood

This dream alerts you to be aware and to be very careful, because you could be the victim of a robbery where you could get hurt. Take the necessary precautions not to take dangerous streets, especially when alone.

It often shows an imminent danger or a betrayal, which will cause you financial losses or delays in your projects. Keep everything under control and take precautions to minimize risks.

Dreaming of stranger’s blood and a knife

Seeing in your dream the blood of a stranger on a knife means that you will experience a lot of pain or experience a lot of danger. Unfortunately this damage will come from a loved one, disappointment will also be present.

But if you have the knife in your hands it means remorse or guilt, for some action that has meant someone else’s pain. Be careful and analyze the consequences of your actions, victory is not always won.

Dream of own blood and knife

This dream indicates the internal struggle between your ideals and what you can really be forced to do for those ideals. You must first know what you really want and what makes you happy, you will see later that the path is clear.

Take more care of your health if you have this dream, because you may be contaminating your body with your bad eating habits. The disease is stalking your door, it will be up to you to take the necessary corrective measures to ward it off.

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