Ships come in all sorts of styles, shapes and sizes, and as a result there can be a number of possible dream interpretations for ships.

What does it mean to dream of boats?

See also: Interpretation and meaning of dreams of water  and meaning of dreams of vehicles . Dreams about ships can suggest that it is time to explore our true thoughts and feelings.

Types of ships and their meaning in dreams


Dreaming of a canoe can symbolize that you are not afraid of hard work. It can also symbolize tranquility and a simple way of thinking.


A cruise ship is a large ship, primarily for fun and enjoyment. Dreaming of being on a cruise ship is often a wish fulfillment dream.


A ferry is typically for short trips across a bay, and can be a sign that you’re afraid of commitment or taking on too much at once.

Fishing boat:

If you dream of a fishing boat, you may be “fishing” for something in your waking life.

House boat :

A houseboat often represents yourself and your personal beliefs. Think about the details of the houseboat, do any of these features match the way you describe yourself?

Kayaking :

A kayak is for the adventurous type, and could symbolize your need for adventure or experience.


Ocean liners are huge cargo ships. You may feel like you have important business to take care of.

pontoon boat :

A pontoon boat symbolizes your need to take it at a slower speed. It can also symbolize family for some people, especially if you remember taking family trips on a pontoon boat.

Power Boat :

A motor boat can be a symbol of an ego out of control. It can also mean that there is a need for more power and control in your life.

sailboat :

A sailboat can be a symbol of beauty and grace in your life. “Navigating smoothly” means going through something easily, which is a symbolism that you are at peace with your life. Sailing ships, which depend on the wind, can also symbolize your need to adapt to situations.

Sinking of the ship :

To dream that you are on a sinking ship symbolizes that you feel hopeless or out of control about a situation in your waking life.


Dreaming of a tugboat could symbolize that you feel “pulled” or that you may be “pulling” something behind you. You may be carrying emotional baggage or harboring resentment.

I already:

A yacht in your dreams symbolizes that you are free from worries and that you are enjoying life.

  • Tips for interpreting a dream about ships
  • Think about your personal experience with ships: If you like ships, dreaming of a ship can be exciting and a lot of fun.
  • If you are afraid of boats, the dream can symbolize other fears and anxieties that you have.
  • Your personal experiences with ships will also influence their meaning for ships.
  • Describe the ship in 5 words: Use 5 words to describe the ship. These 5 words will help you to better identify the feelings and emotions of the dream and will help you understand the context of the ship in the dream.
  • Look for other symbols: Water is another symbol often associated with boats, and the type of water can help to better understand the meaning of the dream.

Just as there is a difference between an ocean liner and a canoe, there is a difference between dreaming of a pond and an ocean. If the ship is not in the water, it could symbolize a lack of emotion or flow in your endeavors.

Your dream

  • You see a ship.
  • You are on a ship.
  • You say goodbye.
  • Someone says goodbye to you.
  • Sailing on a ship.
  • Sailing in a motor boat.
  • A ship in calm waters.
  • One yeit.
  • A ship in the sea.
  • A ship in a rough sea.
  • A ship in rough water or in a storm
  • You see a ship on land
  • You ride waves that are high and low on a boat

The detailed interpretation of dreams of a ship

If you are on a ship and you come across stormy waters, it shows that things are going to be rough and tough in the future. If you have a big ship with a crew in your dream, it shows that you have to be tough in something related to work. The dream of a ship means that it is in your power to make a long journey. The dream is a premonition that you will really go on a long journey. Whatever the ship or vessel in your dream is, it usually suggests that you are able to solve problems that seemed intractable.

Sailing on a ship suggests that you are an open, sociable person with many initiatives. If you are sailing on a motor boat, it means that your mind is sharp, and that you have a great capacity for understanding. The same dream may suggest that a letter will arrive soon, determining that you go on a trip abroad. Dreaming of a canoe in calm waters is the harbinger of happiness, as well as good business. A yacht means that you are confident in your future and in your talents. If in your dream you are on a ship in the sea, this indicates that you will have more initiative. Being on a ship or boat in rough seas predicts dangerous business ahead. Navigation or navigational tools of a ship in your dream portends that you might need help and understanding after a mistake you have recently made at work.

Ships can be associated with focusing on a journey in life. Dreams may include small boats, on rivers and lakes. Seeing such a ship in a dream can indicate that you will carry emotional feelings. A big ship in a dream can imply that you will focus on how you can develop in life. Now there are all kinds of boats, of different shapes and sizes: fishing boats, pleasure boats, house boats, lifeboats, cargo boats, big ships, sailboats and so on. Here, I cover all ship meanings. We have to look at the purpose of the ship.

The meaning of the boat dream

If we go back to ancient times, the “ship” is considered an important item to increase the survival of people. The ancient Egyptians believed that the dead must cross water and this was described in ancient books as “winter waterway”. There were many different accounts of boat travel from spiritual texts and how the boat can help us achieve spiritual enlightenment. The ship is connected to the gates of heaven. The gates of heaven were basically an association with our own spirit soul. Ownership of a ship in ancient times was connected to survival and the means to advance in life. Egypt also created a very miniature ship in order to create items.

What does the dream of a ship mean?

When you dream of ships, symbolically you are dreaming of transportation. In dreams, a ship speaks of our intuition, especially navigation. When you see a ship floating in your consciousness when doing a tarot reading, you will have to ask yourself the following questions: Where is your ship going? How are you navigating through life? How are you maneuvering through the adverse conditions you find yourself in? What do you consider your north that is your final guide? Are you ready for your boat trip?

Ships and water are like yin and yang, which means that each depends on the other. The ship symbolizes your responsibility to navigate through the emotional tides. They are the vehicles in your energetic seas of existence. I think it is important to check the attention of the symbolism of water in dreams. Why is the ship sailing in your intuitive mind? I have also researched what the ship means in tarot readings and the water is symbolic: Psychic Perception. The emotions. Deeper insight. dreams. Flexibility. Intuition. Fluency.

When the ships become a ship in your dream, you will have to think beyond the meaning of the journey and have the implication that you will need to seek guidance from your inner vision and the symbols that surround you in the dreams. Remember that the ship is your vehicle to go from one point to another, therefore, it is a representation of your will. How you sail it will be the storm in your seas or the wind in your sail. In spiritual terms, ships are important because you can’t progress anywhere while on an island. You will have to move figuratively along the spiritual paths that the 24-hour stage represents. You can’t be a hero or a mystic staying at home, you need to travel and have adventures.

What does a small boat mean spiritually?

Seeing a ship in your dream is a positive symbol spiritually. It can be a sign that you are going to enter a new relationship that can be romantic and intimate. It could imply an appointment that in this case, will evolve progressively and slowly. Seeing a small boat moving on the waves indicates a more rapid progression and the beginning of sexual intercourse. Alternatively, it could imply that you are having valuable, happy, balanced, and stable time with someone close to you, such as a friend or partner.

What does a boat trip mean in a dream?

A dream in which you see yourself traveling on a ship could be a revelation of your carefree nature. There is a possibility that you have a tendency to be what I would call: disinterested and bored with the person with whom you have a romantic attachment. This leads to thinking about cheating in the relationship! Even develop feelings for another person. This is the meaning in the dream lore. The feelings may be temporary, but at the same time, they will jeopardize your relationship. As time goes by, you will find it difficult or difficult to maintain any long-term relationships with people.

What does it mean to see a large ship in a dream?

When you find yourself sailing on a large ship in your dream, according to old dream lore it is a sign that could be a representation of the absence of assistance. You could be going through some difficulties, dilemmas or problems. When you’re going through the above problems, your friends may need a shoulder to lean on, leaving you feeling the pressure on your own.

What does it mean to dream of yachts?

Being on a yacht in your dream is symbolic of your nature, bringing financial rewards into your life that are going to affect a current project or plan you are working on. A yacht in the ancient dream lore is connected to profit, but with great risk. Sailing a yacht on the water can indicate a sensitive and critical decision process that you will need to address. One of the decisions you are about to make could result in financial disaster.

What does it mean to dream of a boat full of water?

To dream that you are in a boat and that it begins to fill with water is a positive sign that denotes financial improvement in the near future. You are going to make some profitable decisions that will make you richer. Alternatively, it can be a sign that you are going to become a more influential and powerful person that people will look to to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

What does it mean to see yourself disembarking from a ship in your dream?

A dream in which you see yourself disembarking from a ship you were sailing on could denote happiness. Most likely, you are working on a project, activity or task that is very important to you and that you are going to be successful in whatever it is. The result of the project will make you experience greater satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment.

What does it mean to keep dreaming about boats?

Dreaming of boats on a recurring basis does not predict possible losses and problems, but rather it is a warning and, therefore, if you correct whatever it is that prompts you to dream, then you could prevent it from happening again.

What does it mean to fly on a ship?

When you dream that you are flying on a ship in your dream, it means unexpected, extreme or fast good luck. There is a possibility that you will see your financial or professional situation improve at an unexpected and very fast rate. This dream can mean that you will probably lead a carefree, lavish and luxurious lifestyle. Whatever is going to happen will lead you to earn the admiration and respect of others around you.

What does it mean to be on a boat with someone in your dream?

A dream in which you see yourself on a ship in the company of a stranger is an indication of upcoming changes in your life. You are likely to face unexpected or anticipated circumstances that occur in your life. Because of this, you are going to need to find a new home to live. There is a possibility of relocation in the near future due to the change.

What does the ship mean in the bible?

A ship can symbolize teamwork, direction, adventure, challenges, and other helpful ideas. The symbolism is evidence considering that a boat trip is characterized by great challenges and failures before reaching its destination with certain death for those on board. In the bible, there are several stories where the nautical symbolism of boats and ships is used in various paragraphs. Check out Noah and the Ark, Jesus’ parables and stories with his disciples in Galilee, Jonah’s ship to Tarshish, and Paul’s travels. The first story in the Bible that features Jesus as someone who tells parables is told while he was sitting in a boat.

In Matthew chapter 13 and verse 1, it says that Jesus addressed a crowd of people who had gathered and addressed them while sitting in a boat. Verses 34 and 35 tell all that Jesus spoke, he was sitting in a boat. Everything he spoke was a revelation of the things that had been hidden since the title in the world. This means that even the ship or the boat in which he was sitting was also a symbol of something. The description of Jesus Christ as he sat in the boat emphasizing how he revealed things that had been hidden from the foundation of the world. Some of the dramatic scenes that occurred during Jesus’ life took place while they were in a boat.

What does it mean to dream of a boat in calm waters?

Seeing a ship pass through calm and clean waters is a sign of good luck. It is a dream that denotes that, you are going to have an easy time while looking for prosperity and success. It is even better when you see the sun shining in your dream. On the other hand, sailing a boat in calm waters is a symbol of new, constant and slow beginnings. If you are thinking of establishing a new business project, an activity or even embarking on a new relationship. The dream denotes that your plans are going to be successful and at the same time, a new endeavor is on the way. The dream is an indication that whatever it is is going to be slow and then gradually grow, expand, develop, improve or evolve.

What does it mean to dream of a boat in rough or stormy waters?

I dreamed that I was in a storm on a ship. It was even weirder because the actual ship was kind of a ride that made my stomach go up and down. A dream in which you are on a ship in rough water indicates that you are going to have some difficulties in the near future. Choppy water can indicate that you will experience difficult and challenging times. All the dream does is warn you that a difficult situation will ensue. This dream can involve struggles and situations that can make you feel tired, stressed and exhausted and therefore you should be prepared for it. The feelings will definitely trigger and intensify an already existing problem. Dreaming of getting off a ship because you are in a storm or you do not want to face a storm indicates that you will avoid difficult times.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Feel the happiness while you are on the ship or boat in your dream.
  • You follow a clear path of action in the dream.
  • The sea was not rough.

Feelings you may have encountered during a dream of ships or boats

  • having fun Surprised. Happy. Happy. Afraid. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Fearful. Worried.

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