Ships come in all sorts of styles, shapes and sizes, and as a result there can be a number of possible dream interpretations for ships.

What does it mean to dream of boats?

See also: Interpretation and meaning of dreams of water  and meaning of dreams of vehicles . Dreams about ships can suggest that it is time to explore our true thoughts and feelings.

Types of ships and their meaning in dreams


Dreaming of a canoe can symbolize that you are not afraid of hard work. It can also symbolize tranquility and a simple way of thinking.


A cruise ship is a large ship, primarily for fun and enjoyment. Dreaming of being on a cruise ship is often a wish fulfillment dream.


A ferry is typically for short trips across a bay, and can be a sign that you’re afraid of commitment or taking on too much at once.

Fishing boat:

If you dream of a fishing boat, you may be “fishing” for something in your waking life.

House boat :

A houseboat often represents yourself and your personal beliefs. Think about the details of the houseboat, do any of these features match the way you describe yourself?

Kayaking :

A kayak is for the adventurous type, and could symbolize your need for adventure or experience.


Ocean liners are huge cargo ships. You may feel like you have important business to take care of.

pontoon boat :

A pontoon boat symbolizes your need to take it at a slower speed. It can also symbolize family for some people, especially if you remember taking family trips on a pontoon boat.

PowerBoat :

A motor boat can be a symbol of an ego out of control. It can also mean that there is a need for more power and control in your life.

sailboat :

A sailboat can be a symbol of beauty and grace in your life. “Navigating smoothly” means going through something easily, which is a symbolism that you are at peace with your life. Sailing ships, which depend on the wind, can also symbolize your need to adapt to situations.

Sinking of the ship :

To dream that you are on a sinking ship symbolizes that you feel hopeless or out of control about a situation in your waking life.


Dreaming of a tugboat could symbolize that you feel “pulled” or that you may be “pulling” something behind you. You may be carrying emotional baggage or harboring resentment.

I already:

A yacht in your dreams symbolizes that you are free from worries and that you are enjoying life.

  • Tips for interpreting a dream about ships
  • Think about your personal experience with ships: If you like ships, dreaming of a ship can be exciting and a lot of fun.
  • If you are afraid of boats, the dream can symbolize other fears and anxieties that you have.
  • Your personal experiences with ships will also influence their meaning for ships.
  • Describe the ship in 5 words: Use 5 words to describe the ship. These 5 words will help you to better identify the feelings and emotions of the dream and will help you understand the context of the ship in the dream.
  • Look for other symbols: Water is another symbol often associated with boats, and the type of water can help to better understand the meaning of the dream.

Just as there is a difference between an ocean liner and a canoe, there is a difference between dreaming of a pond and an ocean. If the ship is not in the water, it could symbolize a lack of emotion or flow in your endeavors.

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