In the world of dreams, books represent our life, knowledge, experience, wisdom and also destiny, that is, what is written or predestined in our lives.

  • If you dream of closed books, it means that there is a part of your life that you keep hidden, that you want to forget or with which you do not feel comfortable or comfortable. Also this dream may be reflecting the existence of hidden secrets around you.
  • If you dream of open books, it reflects a transparent life, without secrets, without hidden parts.
  • If you dream of a book with missing pages , it means that soon or at a certain time you will live again, face or learn about a past situation in your life, that is, it is the omen of the return of the past. This return may be necessary to be able to resolve what could not be done at that time, to give a new opportunity or to heal the wounds that are still unhealed.

Dream of old or ancient books

If you dream of old, ancient, dusty or in poor condition books, it means that you have not finished an important project or you have not been able to fulfill a special wish, that is, there is a situation, experience, task or management in your life that you have not been able to finish, which somehow causes you frustration, stagnation or sadness.

Dream of wet books

Dreaming of wet books means that you have received or are going to receive misleading, false or inauthentic information. In this case, the dream is a warning about uncertain or malicious news, information or communications that may come through other people.

Dream of many stacked books

If you dream of many books stacked, one on top of the other, it means that you have many paths open around you, that there are numerous options to follow, to live. However, you do not finish deciding or you do not find the one that is most suitable for you.

If during the dream you take any of the books , it means that you will soon know which is the most interesting path for you.

dream of reading a book

  • If you dream that you read a book , it means that you are focused or focused on some important issue or project, that you are going through your life, doing everything possible to take advantage of time and get what you want.
  • If you dream that you finish a book , it means that you will successfully finish your project or desire.
  • The title of the book can also add additional meaning to your dream, as well as the theme of the book, for example:
  • If you dream that you read medical books, it means that you are trying to overcome or resolve an issue related to health.
  • If you dream that you read witchcraft books, it means that you are living an esoteric stage, that you give a lot of value to spirituality or that you have very strong beliefs.
  • If you dream that you read a book out of boredom or leave it unfinished, it means that this is not your path, that you have to keep looking for what makes you happy or what really makes you feel fulfilled.

dream of burning books

Dreaming of burning books is a bad omen, it announces material, affective, personal losses… Burning a book is ending a part of your life, with a project, with a dream.

Dream of giving books

  • If you dream that you give a book to someone else , it means that you want or that you are going to help someone in your environment, either with your experience, with your contacts, with your strength, with your energy or with your love and support.
  • If you dream that someone gives you a book, it means that you will have very good luck, that you will receive extra help that will allow you to achieve what you want or that will partially or totally facilitate that path.

Dream of very small books

Dreaming of small or very small books symbolizes the importance you give to your life or to a part of it or even to yourself or to yourself, you may be underestimating yourself, that you are not giving yourself the value you deserve or that you are leaving others behind. your luck some important issue in your life.

Dream about very big books

On the contrary, dreaming of large or very large books represents the magnitude or importance of your project, of your desire or the value that you give or give to yourself or to yourself.

The size of the book is also a reflection of the confidence you have in yourself to achieve something.

Dream about colored books

The color of the book, as well as the title or theme, will always nuance its meaning, for example:

  • Dreaming of red books symbolize feelings of love, passion and sexuality.
  • Dreaming of blue books reflects hope, security and well-being.
  • Dreaming of yellow or orange books represents light, strength, and courage.
  • Dreaming of black books represents your knots, your blocks, fears and insecurities.
  • Dreaming of white papers reflects security, hope and perseverance.

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