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What does it mean to dream about bulls

What does it mean to dream of bulls? Dreams with animals and their meanings vary according to countries and cultures; because, for example, the meaning of dreaming about bulls is not the same for a Spaniard (where bullfighting takes place) than it is for an Englishman; as it is not the same to dream of cows for an Indian (where they are highly respected and sacred animals) than for an American.

Depending on which animal we dream of, the interpretation of the dream will have multiple characteristics and all of them very different from each other, for example, dreaming of bulls is associated with masculine ideas such as strength, clearly in opposition to dreaming of a cow which it is associated with motherhood and protection.

We must analyze in detail and specifically the image and function of the bull in our dreams, but relating it to the rest of the elements that appear. And so we can get a positive or negative translation.

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As we mentioned before, the bull symbolizes masculine traits, such as vigor and power, but also stubbornness and stubbornness. Dreaming of a bull can be analyzed as exaggerated male fertility and sexual energy; that is, an exaggeration of masculinity and sexual impulsiveness. Everyone knows the expression “he is strong as a bull” .

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In many other fantasies, the bull is analyzed as a pronounced and strong character; as an impulsive person and perhaps even with an excessive impetus. In this case, the meaning of dreaming of bulls is related to postures close to brutality and rudeness.


Dreams with bulls should be classified in two different ways, we mean according to the sex of the dreamer, qualifying it in both points as power or authority but varying. Thus, if the person who dreams it is a man, it will entail a desire to dominate and win, before a situation that happens to him; but if the dreamer is a woman, the idea of ​​sexuality and a desire for adventures will be remarkable, even implying infidelity to the couple. Perhaps caused by unsatisfied sexual desire or even impotence.

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clear symbol of the dream with bulls are the horns , which also have a sexual content, related to a warning regarding a still existing relationship that may be having a bad time and that entails doubts regarding trust and love affair and that everything This leads to an imminent rupture. It is commonly said that they are cheating on you.


We define this dream as a totally clarifying dream, because the dreamer is going through a stage in life, in which he begins to see clearly what he wants and what he wants. The dreamer is able to say no to many proposals, in order to achieve his goal; and that project is increasingly present and clear in his mind. They are much more sensible people than they seem.


If we dream of an aggressive bull that looks at us defiantly, we are forced to relate it to a warning sign , a warning in the face of a situation that we are experiencing in real life and that we do not perceive with the degree of seriousness that it implies. We are talking about a warning in the face of a danger that we probably cannot overcome and that will force us to flee.


It represents tranquility in life. We are aware that we are facing a phase in which patience, calm and serenity reign , and there are no fears or dangers, at least as long as the bull does not become a brave bull.

It can be a fight in the broad sense of the word, that either we know how to deal with art and audacity, or we run the risk of seeing ourselves “empitonado by the bull” and its consequences.

On a professional level, if we are in a difficult work situation, the dream informs us that we must face it, we must be brave and ” take the bull by the horns “. It may be that the bull is the problem that we refuse to face and whose solution is not to flee forward but to solve it.

The image of the bull has been used in most cultures and each of them has a different meaning. For example , in America the buffalo implies robustness, especially masculine firmness , while in Egypt it was a sacred god or in Greece a symptom of rebellion or disobedience towards superiors.

This last idea of ​​contempt is also transferred to the interpretation of dreams with bulls; which implies rebellion or disobedience to orders or mandates from a superior. This idea can be associated especially if the dreamer is part of an organization chart (either work or social) of which he does not share the ideas and faces them from insubordination.
In turn, the bull is represented in the signs of the zodiac giving sign to Taurus, that is to say to those born between April 20 to May 20 , whom he describes as sensual people and given to material pleasures. That is, they like sex and vices!

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