What does it mean to dream about buttocks

What does it mean to dream of buttocks

There are various meanings about the interpretation of dreaming about buttocks, buttocks, buttocks or asses, as they are popularly called. Everything will depend on the context that surrounds your dream, since they are manifestations of the subconscious when the mind is at rest.

The buttocks are an erotic part of the body that provokes sexual attraction, therefore, it expresses feelings of lust that have been stored in your unconscious memory for a long time, manifesting in your dreams.

Caresses on the buttocks love anyone and if they are spontaneous they could mean the desire to want to be with someone in a passionate and fun relationship for those involved. 

We invite you to remember exactly your dream, a good interpretation will depend on it. Here, you will find the meaning of dreaming about buttocks, buttocks, buttocks or asses , depending on the environment where it occurs and those involved in it.

dream with buttocks

dream with buttocks

This dream is directly related to sex and lust. It is an inner feeling that you have been dragging from time to time. It is recommended that you analyze your sexual life and give free rein to your imagination.

Dream of your own buttocks

You are a person who lets yourself be carried away by your emotions . You must learn to act more with reason, since going only by your instincts could cause you problems in the future. Avoid difficulties and you will feel better about yourself.

Dream that they look at your buttocks

It predicts projects that are fulfilled, perhaps a job that you have wanted so much. Good luck in everything you want to undertake. It’s time to activate you. Review your goals carefully and strive to achieve them. It’s a good time.

Dream that your buttocks are pinched

If you know the person who pinched your buttocks in the dream, it means that they are attracted to you either personally or at work. Pay close attention and you will find out who it is.

Dream that they kiss your buttocks

There is someone in your life who is not being honest with you. He is possibly hiding his true intentions from him to you. If you know who it is, it is best to stay alert. You never know what his performances will be.

Dream about buttocks of the opposite sex

This dream is associated with strong feelings of lust and sexual desires. It is obviously loaded with pure eroticism . Symbol of strength and pretense, which could lead you to bow down to him.

Dream of elderly person’s buttocks

You feel overwhelmed. Perhaps the cause is overwork or everyday problems. Take a break to recover the energy consumed on a daily basis, in this way you will achieve the balance you need.

Dream that you touch buttocks

Dream that you touch someone’s buttocks

This dream means that you are trying to communicate something to someone. You want to share your feelings with that person. You want to have contact with her or him. If you need to talk about it, do it in person. Don’t hide.

Dream that someone touches your buttocks

It symbolizes the close relationship you have with your partner. Also, it can be interpreted as a close dependence on yourself. You feel sensitive and your feelings are on the surface.

Dream that your buttocks are caressed

It is a typical sign that that person wants you with all his heart . If you have any kind of relationship with her, it indicates that you are accomplices, that you trust each other and that together you have a lot of fun. You really love each other.

Dream about types of buttocks

dream of beautiful buttocks

A certain mental confusion haunts your life . You don’t know how to value someone important to you. Don’t behave superficially when making personal relationships, people would notice.

Dream of ugly buttocks

There is an aspect of your personality that you keep blocked. You must find that blockage that does not allow you to be yourself. Remember that being authentic is what people value most when it comes to establishing a loving or friendly relationship.

Dream of sagging buttocks

It is a negative omen that has to do with feeling humiliated or uncomfortable . You could experience public nuisances that will make you feel subservient. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings in front of people. Don’t let anyone judge you. 

dream of big buttocks

You are going through a difficult time in your life . Put away your pride and find the solution to your problems because they could be emotionally affecting the little ones in the house.

dream of thin buttocks

Sign of personal insecurities. You feel exposed or you could be unmasked . Fear that people find out your most intimate secrets. You have to learn to value yourself as you are.

Dream of deformed buttocks

It indicates that you are going through a difficult time , loaded with a lot of stress. You feel blocked, unable to think or act correctly. It’s time to relax and pay attention to what makes you feel stressed.

Dream about unpleasant buttocks

This dream is a harbinger of fights and disappointments . You can find yourself among hostile people with whom you can have dislikes of great magnitude that lead you to feel disappointed with them.

Dream of natural and proportionate buttocks

Something wonderful is about to come into your life. Do not rush. The good things you want are about to appear. You will get a big surprise . Do not despair. Everything comes at the right time.

Dream about huge and artificial buttocks

Some kind of conflict could arise in your job that will make you feel insecure. Do not be afraid of work problems , they always leave a learning that, in the long run, will become a good for you.

Dream of someone missing a buttock

It is a sign that there are deficiencies in your life . However, something prevents you from looking for it. You need to decide to find her. Don’t be afraid of yourself. If you already know what it is, then stop feeling that emptiness that invades you.

Dream that you are kicked or kicked in the buttocks

Dream about getting kicked in the buttocks

It means that someone has won the offense against you. He has dealt a heavy blow to your ego. You feel humiliated and disappointed in yourself. The enemy got the upper hand and now you need to recover from the damage caused.

Dream that you kick a man’s buttocks

It symbolizes that you have won a great battle against a tall enemy. If in addition to kicking him he was naked, it means that you have unmasked him and you already know his intentions.

Dream that you pinch someone’s buttocks

If you dreamed that you pinched someone’s buttocks and that person smiled at you in the dream, it means that they are also attracted to you and that they find you pleasant and, above all, sexy. Take the opportunity to find out who he is.

Dreaming of buttocks according to gender

Dream of male buttocks (if you are a woman)

Dream that you touch a man’s buttocks

It means that you are dying to be with that person. You would love to share his bed. You feel like kissing and touching him, to show him how much you like him.

Dream that a man touches your buttocks

It is a sign that it is marking territory. Seven that you belong to him. He wants to demonstrate the power of him. It is good that you remember who it is, so you will know the intentions that he has towards you. He tries to remember his face or name.

Dream that a man caresses your buttocks

Caresses connote that this man wants to take you to another place. If in the dream he touches you secretly, he wants to be alone with you. If he does it publicly, he wishes to express to you his unconditional and sincere love for him. You can count on that person.

Dream that a man rose your buttocks

If in your dream a man pinks your buttocks with his parts, in a vulgar, rude and abusive way, it represents someone who wants to maliciously take advantage of you. Don’t let people use you or abuse your trust.

Dream of female buttocks (if you are a man)

Dream of a woman’s buttocks

You definitely like that woman. You want to be with her in her bed. You need to stay by her side to show her how much you are attracted to her. You feel like kissing and caressing her in private .

Dream that a woman caresses your buttocks

This dream augurs you much success in love. However, if acts of sexual depravity appear in it, it means that your erotic life is being repressed or you are not comfortable with it.

Dream that a woman touches your buttocks

It indicates that that woman with whom you dreamed is dying to be with you in bed. He wants to kiss you and touch you until he comes to fruition. If you like the person, try moving forward with them, you may be the perfect couple .

Dream that your girlfriend’s buttocks are flat

If you dreamed of your girlfriend‘s flat buttocks, it means that she is not attractive enough for you. But, if you love her, her buttocks will not be the eminent reason to end your relationship.

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