What does it mean to dream about buying fish

What does it mean to dream of buying fish

Dreaming of buying fish has a negative meaning that can affect the most important relationship for you. The most common would be with the family, but it can also be with a friend or friends who started a project and problems arose.

These problems will arise due to economic issues in general. It cannot be defined specifically because each one experiences different situations.

For example, within a family, what can damage the relationship, being something very common, is inheritance. It is common to see families who spend the last stage of their lives fighting for this and forget to value things such as union and memory of good times. There can even be discord when one family member is unwilling to support the other.

Problems arise between friends when they start a business together and they do not clearly agree on the terms of profit, for example. This fact will complicate their relationships when the company goes bankrupt or they are not in good times.

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If you dreamed that you are buying fish, the detail is that you yourself know that these problems can arise and your subconscious reflects it through the dream . So it is definitely a dream to alert you and prevent these situations.

Because of the things we mentioned several are manageable and avoidable. If there are situations where they have not defined the terms correctly, they should do so. For example, talking about the inheritance, defining the distribution of profits between partners or having a good conversation with our relatives about our economic problems.

You may have this dream because you are going to start a business with your friends. If that is your case, it is not for you not to carry out that project. The idea is to talk well so as not to cause problems in the future.

Dream of buying big fish

As mentioned, there are many problems arising from economic issues. What you should consider is that the severity of the problem will depend on the size of the fish in your dream. If you are buying a giant fish, the problem that awaits you is to worry.

But if they are small fish , they will be things that you can fix immediately. And for that same reason you should dedicate yourself to solving it, talking or trying to reach an agreement.

As you realize the solution will be in you. If you dream of this it means that you sincerely want this problem to be solved. If you don’t fix this, the same dream will continue to haunt you.

Dream that you buy fresh fish

This dream shows that you are missing some occasion with your family or closest friends to have fun. Perhaps work has pushed them apart a bit and they haven’t been able to find time to meet.

The dream comes from your fear that the situation could get worse. You miss the times where they got together and shared pleasant moments.

All variants, including the main one, come from your desire to keep your family and friends together. Being highly valued, the only thing you have to do is take the first step so that everyone is encouraged and works for the union that is desired.

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