What does it mean to dream about buying Rice

What does it mean to dream BUYING Rice

Dreaming of buying rice shows that problems with the closest people are approaching. Although it is not a dream that jeopardizes or shows an end to relationships, this dream shows that you will have to go through some awkward moments.

Apparently it is not a good dream like dreaming of rice , where it shows us a lot of happiness and abundance. But that dream also shows you that the problems will be solved and after that very good things await you. And it is there where it coincides with the dream where you are buying rice.

This dream is had by people who cannot be sure of themselves. Over time you have experienced things that have frustrated you and caused you to lose the confidence you had before. And this fact will be what causes the problems with your loved ones.

Above all, you should be very careful with your partner. Depending on the degree of the problem, a breakup can occur that both of you will later regret. The dream, that is, your subconscious takes into account that you are being very insecure and that this will be the cause of problems with your friends, family and especially your partner.

Keep in mind, what this type of dream reflects is the fear you feel. And you yourself are alerting yourself that if you continue with the same attitude, you are going to get into trouble and cause damage to people you love the most. So it all depends on you. In this case, what you should do is be more objective and be careful in every word and action you take.

Now I will leave you with a common dream that may interest you because it is closely related. With this you can effectively interpret the dream you had last night.

In addition, you may also be interested in dreaming of cooking rice , which is a very frequent dream.

Dream that you find rice

This will depend mainly on two contexts. One when the rice is cooked, that is, cooked. And another when it is not. One is a positive dream, but another can be considered negative. Although either of the two warns that in the end you will get good things. All this depends on your perspective that you have towards the things that are presented to you.

If the rice is cooked or cooked and you find it, it shows that you must take the opportunities that come your way before you can regret it. This means that you can miss an opportunity that will never happen again. Be very careful because everything is in your hands.

And if the rice is not cooked or cooked and you find it, it means that very soon life is going to surprise you with things that you had never noticed. He will give you a gift that will change the way you see the world.

As we have said before, in any way, you will be responsible for whether things go the right way or not. So make the decision with a cool head and don’t regret the things you didn’t do.

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