What does it mean to dream about cats

What does it mean to dream of cats

Dreaming of cats is a generally positive dream, and this despite the fact that interpretations can change due to different variants or contexts. We tell you why this is, and how it affects your life. Since you must be careful because in some interpretations it can be an alert.

For a long time, the cat dream has been associated with good luck and fortune. That is, it announces a success that is approaching. Or show that you are about to achieve happiness.

Also, this dream shows us the wisdom we have. This is because for most people the cat is an animal that is cold and calm. This means that you are demonstrating your inner peace and maturity that you are obtaining in life.

Knowing this aspect is very important, since it shows that you are a person who is managing to grow. This can help you in any aspect of your life. Above all, to start a new activity or new project. Since the important thing in starting something new is to have patience and emotional control because the results will not always be positive or happen overnight.

Beware that this is in case you see a cat in a very calm and peaceful state as they are most of the day.

Even so, cats in dreams show us that you are in a good moment in your life. That you can also solve the problems one by one. That you just need a boost to dare to do it. Since you are fully capable of things.

Now we will leave you the most common variants regarding dreams with cats.

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  • dreaming of baby cats
  • Dream about a cat and her kittens
  • Dream of small cats
  • Dream of big cats
  • Dream about an injured cat
  • Dream about a sick cat
  • Dream about bleeding cat
  • Dream of cats fighting
  • Dream of two cats fighting

dreaming of baby cats

If you dream of newborn cats, this means that you will soon start new things in your life or that you will complete a stage. You should not fear these changes, since these will be totally positive.

It is totally natural for a human being to be afraid of change. Since, at first, it can be uncomfortable. But if you dreamed of kittens, you should be very calm. Because these turns in your life will be very positive for you and for the people around you.

Dream about a cat and her kittens

In the case of dreaming of a cat and her young, it symbolizes your desire to have a calm and harmonious life with your family.

If you have not yet married, it means that the right person will soon arrive and you will be able to start a family. Showing maturity to be able to be happy and very well accompanied.

Dream of small cats

Dreaming of a small cat shows you that you have a great desire to do something new, but you do not dare. This is because you never feel capable of achieving it. That is, you make an excuse that you still lack time, money or knowledge.

Being prepared is important for any situation. But not daring is a totally different thing.

You must know that you fear the possible failures that you are inventing. After trying, you will give yourself as much as you were capable of.

Dream of big cats

A big cat shows your desire to feel important. this can be positive, but at the same time not so much. Since it shows your need to have the approval of others.

This will make you a person very dependent on criticism and what they will say about others. Thus being an alert for you to think about yourself again. Do things according to what you like or what you really want to achieve in life.

Dream about an injured cat

Dreaming of an injured cat means that you know what you must do to solve the problems, but you do not dare to take action to do so.

This means that you are a person who postpones complications and thinks that time will provide the solution.

It is true that some things time will fix, however, for most things it will only make it worse.

Dream about a sick cat

If you dream that you see a weak or sick cat, it means that difficulties or changes are approaching in your life and you are fearing that.

You know that soon your day to day will change a little and you will have to leave your comfort zone. This means that you have to start to mature and be more responsible with your life.

Dream about bleeding cat

Dreams with a cat that has blood show that you have struggled to achieve things but have been unsuccessful. This means that you have persevered but the result did not accompany you.

This is totally normal. But you must not give up. There are things that take a while to bear fruit and you just have to be patient.

Dream of cats fighting

If you dream of cats fighting each other, this is a sign that, if you fight with the obstacles or enemies that you have today, you will soon be able to be victorious.

This is because you have enough capacity to achieve it. You may not consider that, but actually you can shut anyone’s mouth.

Dream of two cats fighting

In the case of seeing two cats fighting, this means that there is someone who does not let you be in peace. But in reality you should not listen to him because soon you will be able to win or leave him silent.

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