what does it mean ton dream about chasing you and throw stone

Although it seems like a bad dream, it is not. Dreaming that stones are thrown at you shows that you are a stronger person and that you will soon be able to achieve your goals. Also, it shows that you will be able to achieve anything you set your mind to in the future.

This interpretation is because it shows that throughout your life you have had to face greater difficulties than the people you know. You have not had a common or relatively calm life, but your life has been complicated. But still you have learned to overcome all kinds of obstacles.

If we look at dreaming of stones , which shows that you are a confident person with a firm character. You are capable of making any project that comes into your mind a reality. That is, you are like a stone, hard and resistant.

And when we talk about when they throw or throw something at us or stone us, it means that we are people who have gone through things that have made us suffer a lot. We have received criticism and have even been hurt a lot throughout our lives, but we have overcome it.

Actually, you are aware of this and through the dream you yourself are reflecting that you will be able to overcome any situation that arises.

This is a dream that people have who are very positive and rarely see the negative side of things. This attitude will help you, even to have good friends. Since a positive person attracts reliable and sincere people.

Now we will show you some variants of this dream. Since, being a very common dream, it has some peculiar variants or contexts. This time I will show you all so you can interpret it well. Keep in mind that in some cases they are not totally positive:

Dream that they chase you and throw stones at you

Seeing that they chase you and at the same time stone you is one of the most common variants. Even though it is still a positive dream where it shows that you are a strong person. This has a bad side, it means that there are some things you regret about your past.

You still can’t get over some of those things and it doesn’t let you act as you would like. It even shows a possible grudge that does not let you free.

If some things come to your mind, you should consider forgetting it and leaving it in the past. It is true that it is not easy, but it will not help you to achieve important things and be happy.

They throw stones at you and you dodge them

Unfortunately this is given a negative interpretation. Since it shows that you are a person who has been avoiding the problems that life has put in front of you.

Although you appear to be strong, inside you are very weak and afraid of many things. This personality has made you avoid problems and you cannot give solutions to many things. If you dreamed this, it means that you are aware of this, and you want to change.

Dream that a stone is thrown at your head

This clearly shows that there is someone who wants to hurt you. Surely you suspect someone. It is a time where you should not trust anyone, because any mistake of yours can be used against you.

So try to live honestly, because any bad thing, even if it is something insignificant, bad people and those who envy you will use it to hurt you or damage your image.

They throw small stones at you

If the stone thrown at you is small, this means that there are many things that are no longer problems for you. This is because you have already been through those problems and for others it may be complications, but for you they are no longer. It shows internal growth, that is, you are a mature person.

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