What does it mean to dream about chickens

What does it mean to dream of chickens

This dream has different interpretations because chickens generally represent cowardice, however they give us a very precious food such as their eggs and meat. So they are also seen as symbols of fertility, prosperity and wealth. Also meaning the possibility of receiving a reward or payment.

These precious animals are raised in fenced spaces, so it could also reflect your nonconformity or being overwhelmed by routine. You must remember certain details of your dream so that you interpret it much better and thus be able to positively channel these messages that are sometimes from the subconscious.

It can also reflect some fear of gossip or rumors that may circulate about you, or your environment. It reflects that you are a person concerned about demonstrating your integrity and in a constant search for acceptance. Remember that you are worth a lot, although many times others do not recognize it.

So also the personal circumstances that you are going through at the time of having this dream will influence its interpretation. The actions that these domestic animals are performing, the postures, the colors and sizes that they have in your dreams will determine the meaning and interpretation.

You should also keep in mind that it is an animal that protects its chicks. So dreaming of chickens can refer to the fear of losing certain people important to you or facing complicated situations for which you think you are not prepared.

These animals tend to run away from everything they consider a danger to them, but they do not hesitate to defend themselves if that is the case using their legs or their sharp beak. It could mean that you need to defend yourself or move away from danger. Let’s see some variants of this dream.

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  • Dream of many chickens
  • Dream of chickens and roosters
  • Dream about chickens pecking
  • Dream of chickens that bite me
  • Dream about chickens pecking at a person
  • Dream of fat chickens
  • Dream about chickens eating corn
  • Dream about chickens laying eggs
  • Dream about chickens flying

Dream of many chickens

If in your dream you see many of these walking calmly, that symbolizes family ties that you may be neglecting because of the speed you are experiencing. Try to remember a relative you haven’t heard from in a while and contact them to show your affection. But if you see chickens clucking in a chicken coop, you should beware of gossip behind your back.

Dream of chickens and roosters

This type of dream brings good omens because it indicates that you will live happy moments sharing and enjoying with friends. Also that certain problems involving a group and the return of tranquility will be solved.

But if you see these animals facing each other and attacking each other, it means that you will have certain problems imposing yourself on those around you. You will have some discussions with people close to you.

Dream about chickens pecking

If you dream that the chickens are pecking at everything and even look somewhat wild or wild, you may have certain confrontations. It can be with people around you or even members of your family. If in addition to that they cluck loudly, it is a sign of dislike for gossip and gossip.

That interpretation may vary and will depend on the situation presented in your dream. Since you can see yourself being attacked by chickens or that they are attacking another person. So you have to remember the details.

Dream of chickens that bite me

This is a sign that you may have some problems. You may have to defend yourself against some accusation or you will be involved in gossip. It is better to be attentive and avoid conflicts that may arise.

Dream about chickens pecking at a person

If you see that the hens are excitedly pecking at another person, it may mean that the problems that are to come will involve people from your immediate environment. Perhaps it is better to avoid being part of some comments that harm others.

Clarifying misunderstandings in a timely manner helps to promptly restore cordiality in your environment.

Dream of fat chickens

If in your dream you see big and fat chickens, they are advertisements that portend wealth and good fortune. It is a very good sign since it also symbolizes happy changes for achievements. You can rejoice and end your discontent and pessimism.

Dream about chickens eating corn

If you see in your dream that the chickens eat corn, it may announce that the projects in which you are investing so much time and effort will be rewarded. It also shows us that we feel tired because we are running out of reserves. You have to analyze your situation and perhaps redefine your goals.

Dream about chickens laying eggs

This is an announcement that you will soon receive a reward or the payment of some debt. It also symbolizes that the recognition of some work done will be the impulse you were waiting for to continue.

Dream about chickens flying

This dream is related to goals that we want to achieve or unfinished goals to finish. It also reflects the fear of not being able to keep a loved one like a son who is already forming his own family by our side.

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