What does it mean to dream about chickens? 17 dream interpretations

Chickens are free animals, which generally belong to a field or a farm. Its name is usually used to symbolize cowardice, since this animal in most cases flees when it feels threatened, until the predator corners it and catches it without it doing anything to avoid it. That is why some interpreters affirm that dreaming of chickens indicates a lack of decision and courage on the part of the dreamer.

This is somewhat true, since this animal acts in the opposite way when it comes to protecting its chicks; no matter what happens, they will fight to the death to prevent something bad from happening to them. If you’ve ever tried to pet a baby chicken you should know what I’m talking about. This in view of the fact that she does not know how to identify between predators and those that are not. But really, what does it mean to dream of chickens ?

Dreams where chickens appear are an oneiric image of the environment in which the dreamer operates and often represent a warning that that person feels trapped in a limited space, where their opinions are of little importance and their possibilities of interacting with their around are very few or none.

What does it mean to dream of chickens? 17 dream interpretations

hen with chicks

Chickens are generally domestic animals that do not have much reasoning capacity, they will only act on instinct, and the maternal sense will be deeply rooted, it will be the only thing that will make them change their fearful nature. It is also a bird that can only fly at short heights, which is why dreams with chickens can be related to the fear that many feel to raise their eyes to a big goal.

Dreaming of chickens can be a symbol of cowardice or not, but this depends on the context of the dream, which is why it is necessary to analyze the environment in which the events unfolded, each detail is important to reach the correct meaning. For this reason we have prepared for you a list of more specific interpretations:

1-Dream of black chickens

Dreaming of black chickens is a very bad omen, it announces that ruin will soon come to your business, you have made bad investments and dirty deals to be where you are, and you thought that there would never be any consequences of this. But life is turning the coin around and is determined to charge you for the damage you caused in the past to achieve your goals.

2-Dream of chickens and chicks

Dreaming of chickens and chicks tells you that your protection instinct is at its highest, and you will do whatever it takes to protect the people you love. You have an incredible strength that allows you to be the angel of all those around you, and you also enjoy a tremendous empathy that characterizes you, and makes you a kind person in every sense of the word.

Seeing a hen with her chicks in a dream can also mean that you have been out of maternal contact for a long time and greatly miss that touch, that affection and that advice that only our mother can give us. Perhaps that person is also in need of your company, perhaps she is feeling lonely, so you should try to be closer to her, because later it may be too late.

3-Dream of dead chickens

Dreaming of dead chickens means that your business will be fruitless and you will feel that your life has no meaning, since your income will plummet. This will plunge you into moments of deep sadness and desolation. It will be better to remain calm, everything happens for a reason; through this you will be able to realize who your true allies are and what your true priorities are.

4-Dream of white chickens

Dreaming of white chickens is a good omen; announces the arrival of many moments of happiness and prosperity that will characterize your life from now on and of all those who live in your home. Your home will be surrounded by incredible positive energy that will come to encompass anyone who approaches it sincerely.

Seeing white chickens in a dream also means that you are being more transparent than necessary with people you shouldn’t. Your feelings are very pure and that is a very nice thing, but not everyone deserves to be undressed in front of them, since many may want to use them to harm us.

5-Dream of chickens and eggs

Dreaming of chickens and eggs is an infallible symbol of prosperity, your businesses will soon begin to bear the fruit you have always wanted. But there is a great danger of losing everything you have achieved. There is a lot of envy around you; people who are not very happy with your successes, so you will have to keep your eyes wide open in order to maintain your status.

6-Dream of colored chickens

Dreaming of colored chickens means that sometimes you feel like a swan or an eagle and other times you seem to be on the ground; Not expecting anything. On many occasions you would like to reach very high and take flight, but suddenly you get discouraged and you fall. It’s time to come back from that depression that is blocking all that energy that the universe has saved for you.

Seeing colored chickens in a dream can also mean that you have many mixed feelings inside you, crashing like cars at full speed. You do not know how to define which one truly dwells in you, since they are mixed and make you confuse in a great way. You must sit down to reflect, learn to know yourself; She dominates your mind, don’t let her dominate you!

7- dream of chickens and roosters

Dreaming of chickens and roosters symbolizes the relationship of the couple, if in the dream the rooster is assuming his authority over the chickens but in a peaceful way, it is a good omen, since it indicates that you are going to live moments of great peace and tranquility with the person you love Your courtship or marriage will be characterized by mutual support and understanding in all aspects.

If the opposite happens, that is to say that chickens and roosters appear in your dream fighting , this announces that there will soon be serious conflicts in the relationship, due to disagreements regarding matters that concern both of them. There will be many setbacks that will make passion and love cool.

8-Dream of red hens

Dreaming of red chickens means that you aspire a lot in love, much more than you are capable of achieving. That person you like has feelings towards you! But you have not been able to get closer for fear of rejection. You must learn to trust yourself more and listen to your inner voice to drop the anchor. Sometimes the things we yearn for are presented in our face, announcing themselves, and it is up to us to take the privilege or not.

dream where red chickens appear may also be presenting itself as a warning; there are envious people who have the same interests as you, and talk behind your back to try to destroy your reputation. People know that with your talents you can get the things you want, everyone thinks that except you. It’s time to open your eyes and fight for what is yours, before someone else makes it alien to you.

9-Dreaming of chicken and chicken poop

Dreaming of chicken and chicken poop is a very good omen, life brings you great success that will make you a very prosperous person. You are getting rid of all the things and people that are toxic to your life, and that will help you grow economically, since the reason for your failure was having many parasitic people around you who did not let you advance.

10-Dream of brown chickens

Dreaming of brown chickens means that you are not being able to face your fears. You feel that your defenses are not enough to deal with any problems, so you just hide from them. You must learn to face difficulties, since it will be the only way to get out of them. Running away from problems will only make them stay there much longer.

11-Dreaming of a hen that lays an egg

Dreaming of a hen that lays an egg announces that a project that you have been running for some time is going to bear very good fruit, the effort and sacrifice that you have been making will now reward you with the best profits. The universe has decided to reward you for all that hard work and all that patience that you have been able to maintain during this long period.

12-Dream of a brown hen

Dreaming of a brown hen means that you lack the courage to endure adversity and face the problems that afflict you. You must learn to face things in a calmer and more intelligent way in order to find a solution. Trying to hide reality will not help you at all, it will only make you plunge into sudden destruction.

13-Dream of a big white hen

Dreaming of a large white hen announces that you are going to enter a moment of unbeatable prosperity; you will throw the house out the window and you will have the opportunity to obtain the things you have always wanted without making any effort; since the perseverance that you have had in the past, the honesty and transparency with which you have managed your business since its inception, has made the energies conspire in your favor, to give you this enormous fortune.

14-Dream of a chicken dying

Dreaming of a chicken dying means that you are going to be involved in a big problem, one that will be very difficult for you to get out of. You will feel cornered and without the opportunity to defend yourself, trapped by circumstances; so much so that in an instant you will feel an immense desire to give up. But take heart! You will still have alternatives, there is always a way to destroy the obstacles and continue on the path!

15-dream of chickens dropping their feathers

Dreaming of chickens dropping their feathers is a very bad omen, as it portends the arrival of a very serious illness to a relative of yours or a very appreciated friend; this will cause many ailments among all the members of the nexus, since it will be something unexpected, that will not give a chance to reverse, and that will attack a strong person that everyone thought was invulnerable.

16-Dream of chickens digging

Dreaming of chickens digging in the ground with their beak and/or their legs means that you are constantly looking for something that you cannot find. Perhaps you are aspiring things that you do not yet have the possibilities to achieve. Remember that you must put your mind in the clouds but your feet on the ground; do not expect to reach the top without having touched the ground, because you can get to take a big blow.

17-Dream of chickens clucking

Dreaming of clucking chickens announces the reception of very good news in your family; It could be about the arrival of a new member that will bring enormous happiness and a pleasant fraternal union. You could also be getting the opportunity of a lifetime; the job you were waiting for or the fruits of some very important project.


As we could see , dreaming of chickens has a different symbology depending on the context; They are usually positive or negative meanings depending on the details of the environment that surrounds the dreamer. However, each interpretation gives us the opportunity to find solutions to problems in advance, in order to have the right tools when they arise.

I hope I have been able to help you with this article, I have enjoyed interacting with you through my dream interpretations, and remember; dreams more than hallucinations are alarm signals that our subconscious externalizes through this mysterious world, to prevent us from immersing ourselves in a universe of disappointments.

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