What does it mean to dream about chicks

What does it mean to dream of chicks

Specifically, dreaming of chicks shows our immature and insecure personality. It shows us that we are fearful people and do not have the courage to face things alone.

When you see a chick what do you feel? Surely a tenderness. A tenderness that reaches such a level of wanting to hug him and make him care. …But you may wonder, what does this have to do with insecurity?

Well, the chicks symbolize how defenseless we feel. Perhaps our parents have overprotected us, or perhaps they have mistreated us. This is where dependency is born.

And if you consider that you have not gone through any of these problems. This dream shows the fear of the future . It may be that you have some plans, projects or dreams. But this is showing you that, if you do not remove this fear, completing each goal will be difficult for you because you do not act with confidence and firmness.

This dream is had by people who have lived their entire lives under an ordinance or waiting to be told what to do. Yes, the dream shows that you must change that aspect and seek your independence.

Now, this dream can have its variants depending on the context in which the chick is found. Some may have positive and some negative meanings. See which one is the most similar to the dream you have.

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  • Dreaming of DEAD chicks
  • Dreaming of SICK chicks
  • Dreaming of chicks AND EGGS
  • Dreaming of chicks HAVING OUT OF THE SHELL
  • Dream of chicks of DIFFERENT COLORS
  • The Dream of BLACK Chicks
  • The dream of WHITE chicks
  • Dream of BLUE chicks
  • Dreaming of drowned chicks

Dreaming of DEAD chicks

This dream shows the fear of losing the people who always protect you. The reasons may be different. That person may be sick, if that is the case, the dream shows you that they need your help. Or it could be that you do not have a good relationship as a result of an argument. But either way your fear comes because somehow or other you think you can’t live without that person.

It is important to recover the good relationship or help it to recover. But still, you should not feel insecure. Also, this dream appears in people who are unable to take the next step in their life.

Dreaming of SICK chicks

In case you are in poor health, this dream shows your fear that this may get worse. You feel uncertain about whether or not people will support you with this disease.

But in case you are not sick, the dream is giving another signal. It gives you a sign that you are afraid of deception. Many people who believe that their partner may be cheating on them have this dream. But don’t worry, this dream only shows your insecurity. That is, it does not claim that your partner is cheating on you.

Dreaming of chicks AND EGGS

This shows that a very important change is approaching in your life. This change will give you good things and make you proud of yourself. Proud of what you have fought for and achieved.

But be careful because these changes can be very good, as long as you tolerate them. Since any change in life a priori can be uncomfortable. And this dream gives you a warning that you must let go of your dependency and insecurity, in order to change your life completely.

Dreaming of chicks HAVING OUT OF THE SHELL

If in case you dream of chicks being born. This dream shows that very soon it will give good results in what you fought for a lot. This is in all areas of life. Any goal you have set for yourself will be fulfilled very soon.

Although much will depend on your effort, if you know how to take advantage of the opportunity that is approaching, you will achieve important things. This wants to show you that you are a person capable of achieving important things. So in this case the dream has the reverse meaning of the general interpretation of dreaming of chicks.

Dream of chicks of DIFFERENT COLORS

This dream has a very positive meaning for your personality. Show your energy you feel. Even though you have been or still are a fearful person. You are aware of that and you are determined to change that attitude. This dream shows you that you are on a good path.

The Dream of BLACK Chicks

You must be very careful with these chicks. Since this shows that certain problems are approaching that can make you feel even more insecure about yourself. But the good thing is that these problems are totally unavoidable. So act responsibly and do not commit irresponsibility.

The dream of WHITE chicks

This dream shows your naivety. This attitude can get you into money problems, so be careful and at least while you dream of white chicks, you should doubt everything. Or think twice before acting.

Dream of BLUE chicks

Surely you feel guilty about some bad thing you did in the past. This fact generates insecurity and you do not consider yourself worthy of the good things that life can give you. Keep in mind that we all make mistakes. If it helps you, find a way to solve it or make sure the same thing doesn’t happen with other people.

Dreaming of drowned chicks

This dream shows the love frustration or deception that you have suffered in the past. It is very likely that you still cannot forget, affecting you in having a new relationship. It is not difficult to forget betrayals of the people you loved the most. But you shouldn’t let that rob you of the opportunity to be truly happy either.

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