What does it mean to dream about children

What does it mean to dream of children? In the comments that you can make on the web, we once received a query from a boy who never stopped dreaming about children . Night after night children appeared in his fantasies and he did not know what these kinds of dreams meant and how they could affect him. Logically, the interpretation depends on many aspects and the specific type of dream that has been had, which is why the symbols are very varied.

Children represent a host of feelings and emotions, present in most adults, which we dare not say and often only see the light in children. The little ones are better than the older ones, much better! They  have a sincere look, and act with honesty and joy. Children represent innocence, they do not have evil, and if they do, it is a very basic evil, which even makes us laugh. The only bad thing is that they absolutely lack a sense of responsibility.

We have all been children but we do not remember!! Living with them is fun…. very funny! But it also requires a lot of patience and control because when they are babies , they start to cry or scream , they make us very nervous and when we lack experience we don’t know how to act. It happens, for example, with parenthood, where parents begin a new stage in life for which there is no instruction book.

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Children are the future, they are restless, they always give joy, they transmit activity and  totally attract the attention of those around them; well when crying, shouting, having fun, running, laughing… that is why they play a very important role in our dreams.

The question we ask ourselves is what does it mean to dream of children? Is good or bad? Should I worry if I dream a lot of children?

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  • 1 What does it mean to dream of children
  • 2 Different dreams with children and their meaning
  • 3 Psychological interpretation of dreams with children
  • 4 Spiritual interpretation of dreams with children


The main definition of dreams with children is that of lack of control . We dream of children but we do not know very well what is happening or how these types of dreams are going to end. Therefore, in a generic way, we interpret them as uncomfortable situations experienced by people who are nervous or are experiencing a stage of personal restlessness .

First of all, a child who appears in a dream means something positive: it symbolizes opportunities and possibilities to develop further in life and guides us towards a new stage in life. This does not necessarily mean that we are going to be parents, but that something new is developing . It can be a project, a new stage, a love…. or simply one more step in the person’s life. If the child is happy in the dream, this change is more certain and possible.

Now, if what we dream of is sick or sad children, we are talking about an immature dreamer who depends on other people because his personality has not yet developed. The dreamer is too focused on what others think of him, and shows little self-confidence .


If what you dream of is a group of several children , this symbolizes an inner malaise and bewilderment and amazement at a situation that befalls us. They are usually dreams in patios or groups of children, who are screaming and crying.

When we see ourselves in dreams playing with other children , we are reliving our childhood in which we socialized with others. We interpret the dream as the need to meet and interact in some group that we are meeting. We are going back to the origins and we develop the same concerns but in other ages.

A peculiar dream occurs when we dream that a boy or girl is hitting us. Which manifests a feeling of helplessness in the face of a created situation, either on a personal level or even on a love level. We feel attracted to something or someone and we are not able to attract attention and make them notice us.

If we dream of a child who chases us , its meaning refers to what was mentioned above. It represents a bewilderment in life. We feel out of place and do not see our site in reality. We have to stop to think and face the child who persecutes us to know what place we have to occupy.

Without a doubt, the dream with children par excellence is that of the boy with the cap and shorts.  Although it may seem strange, many people dream of this situation where they see a little boy who, at different times, appears in that outfit. The meaning of this dream is not really clear, and the tendency is (as happens with dreams with celebrities) to assimilate it with the context and analyze its symbology based on it.


Psychologically, if children appear in dreams they represent personal alterations and modifications . When the one who dreams it is a father, it is one of the so-called direct dreams, which has to do directly with the education of the child; therefore, commitment and will towards the child is necessary.

Often, if the dreamer is a woman, it is a manifestation of the desire to become a mother.


This type of interpretation forces us to distinguish between a dream with a boy and a dream with a girl. They are seen as fantasies of wide vision or what comes to be dreams with various representations and with very personal meanings.

In any case, he represents the beginning of a new phase of development and internal advancement of the dreamer .

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