What does it mean to dream about children

Dreaming of other people or children makes sense, although for many dreams are imaginations that are recreated in our minds, without any apparent function, in many cases the sequence of images that are presented are completely meaningless.

But this is not necessarily true, because the components that appear in these mental creations are constituted by part of our life, it is for them that we will talk here about the meaning of dreaming of children.

Have you dreamed of children? find out what it means

Dreams are those incomplete and almost incoherent chapters that our psyche creates while we sleep, dreams are evocations of images and conversations where people we know act, as well as people we swear we have never seen in our lives.

And it is that, although many of these sequences of images or chapters do not adapt to the reality to which we are accustomed, they are capable of making us feel strong emotions.

Well, there are those who can wake up screaming, with their hearts racing from the fear of an object that in their vigil would not cause them the slightest concern.

However, the mystery of dreams has been studied by a variety of disciplines that have tried to explain this phenomenon, without being able to obtain empirical evidence that offers a scientific explanation, but, in the same way, it is worth knowing the meanings that are hidden behind what we dream and the relationship they can have with our life and with our personality.

Dreams can be built by an infinity of components, objects and people, as well as everything we know in the world around us, but here we will analyze what meaning is hidden behind dreams where children appear:

Children are an almost universal symbol of innocence, love and happiness, their joy infects those around them, but, in dreams, this positive meaning is not usually the case at all.

But before generalizing, let’s take into account that the meaning will vary according to the circumstance that surrounds the dream with children , if it is a child who is alone, if it is one, if there are many children, if blond or dark, if he is laughing or sad and even if he is alive or dead.

Meanings of dreaming with children

Dream of a newborn child

It means that there is a new dawn waiting for you (remember the meaning of dreaming with a baby ), a period of changes begins in your life, where these represent personal growth for, however it is presented, these children are synonymous with positive beginnings to your life. lifetime.

dreams of dead children

These symbolize the weakness of a project or a goal (see also the meaning of dreaming of a dead baby ), it is an important matter for you that is being affected by the actions of other people, people around you who make mistakes and these harm you and your affairs.

dream of crying children

It means that you are going through a period of insecurity, where you could be becoming dependent on another person and this harms your development.

Children playing and laughing

It means happiness and fullness, possibly you are happy with your work, carried out at a professional level and complete in your relationship.

dream of yourself as a child

It symbolizes a nostalgia for that stage, the message that you must capture from this dream is to live your life in such a way that you feel good about yourself.

May you begin to take charge of your life and seek the necessary paths to achieve your dreams, just as you fought in your childhood with the same enthusiasm with which you played.


  • Dreaming of newborn or young children is a reflection of our inner being, it symbolizes the fear of parents to transmit their concerns. Newborns are often associated with the idea of ​​a period of transition, while young children are associated with a period of rapid change.
  • Dreaming of twin children indicates that each situation has two sides of the same coin.
  • Dreaming of male children is synonymous with great strength since the male gender in the family structure is the bearer of family traditions.
  • Dreaming of children who do not yet have it indicates that we are prepared to face projects that will bring us future responsibilities; changes that can affect the work and sentimental sphere. But they can also be the representation that you are ready to start a family.
  • Dreaming of children in danger represents that you are very protective and is a strong symptom of worry about a bad parent-child relationship.
  • Dreaming of dead children means that our concerns take precedence over the rational part, making our mood very agitated. Very often the dream indicates that you are not ready to face a detachment.
  • Dreaming of drowning children symbolizes that the anxieties created by the parents affect the children who are oppressed; you don’t want to let your children go because of a strong parental instinct.
  • Dreaming of the birth of a child can mean that new projects and important changes in our lives are coming; a new path is ready to start, but an ongoing project will also end positively.
  • Dreaming of illegitimate children represents that we are experiencing a period of great concern associated with the idea of ​​betrayal.

In general, from a psychological point of view, children in a dream can symbolize:

  • The desire to be parents.
  • Lightness and innocence, from childhood it is seen as the age of happiness and lack of responsibility;
  • The union since it is considered that children are the culmination of a couple;
  • The child’s own infantile desires that have been abandoned in growth to adapt to social expectations, the child represents the true self before education confined to spontaneity in a corner;
  • An event that occurred when you were the age of the child you dreamed of;
  • Something to protect, relationships, ideas, emotions, people that we want to defend from any threat since they are very close to our hearts;
  • Your skills or jobs as a child is a symbol of creativity;
  • The beginning of an unexpected path, a new inner consciousness, a project that has not yet been carried out or a new romantic relationship.

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