What does it mean to dream about chocolate

What does it mean to dream of chocolate? Chocolate is for many people a very sweet temptation. A small portion that slowly melts in the mouth can bring us to a state of well-being. The concentration of substances in chocolate makes us feel happy after enjoying a good piece.

Chocolate is very popular and there are many occasions when we can enjoy it, such as Christmas (chocolate Santa Claus) or Easter (chocolate bunny). In any case, it has many followers and is always delicious.

But what does it mean to dream of chocolate? Does it show a desire that we are not fulfilling? Do we dream of chocolate only when we are on a diet?

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  • 1 Meaning of dreaming about chocolate: general interpretation
  • 2 Meaning of dreaming about chocolate: psychological interpretation
  • 3 Meaning of dreaming about chocolate: spiritual interpretation


According to the general interpretation, dreaming of chocolate refers to some kind of temptation , whether it is related to a person or a thing. In the same way, dreaming of chocolate can indicate health and strength. If when we dream we want to eat chocolate but the high content of sugar or calories prevents us, we understand that until now in our lives we have resisted a temptation and we have not given up. Seeing chocolate during sleep indicates food addictions that may be frowned upon in life.

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When we eat or drink chocolate during sleep it symbolizes happiness and wealth. If the chocolate is tender and tasty for the dreamer, it indicates a positive life, with health and energy. But if the chocolate has a bitter taste , what it shows us is an experience that we have not yet processed. If when we dream a person gives us chocolate, we can consider that person as a good friend. but if we are the ones who give chocolate, what we would like is to be able to convince that person.

What does it mean to dream of chocolate? Sometimes we can also dream of chocolate bonbons; chocolates symbolize the good course of some kind of business. On the contrary, dreaming of dark chocolate is a sign of disappointment. White chocolate indicates a weakened state of health. Milk chocolate in a dream indicates that we will soon receive some gift.

Dreaming of chocolate with truffles hints to us in the dream that we see or feel like a special person in real life, and that we want our abilities to be recognized. In the event that chocolate appears in ice cream in the dream, we must be careful with our actions in life.


The psychological interpretation of dreaming about chocolate interprets the symbol of chocolate as a desire for closeness with a loved one or partner, the desire for a mental or physical fusion with a loved one.

When the dreamer is on a diet and dreams of chocolate, it indicates a desire for enjoyment, a longing to enjoy any type of food.


In the spiritual field, dreaming of chocolate is interpreted as a symbol that you would like to reward yourself for something in real life

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