What does it mean to dream about chocolate? 11 dream interpretations

Dreaming of chocolate is one of the most delicious dreams we can have, we all love that succulent substance, its flavor, its versatility, its aroma; so many things we can do with this one! Starting with the most important thing, conquering someone! I believe that few people can resist his captivating presence; which is why chocolate dreams are usually directly related to love!

Love; that feeling that very few people can close themselves to, exactly the same sensation that this sweet provokes. Dreaming of chocolate, then, is the living image of our deepest sentimental desires or those that we do express but that we wish would never end; so we continue to witness them through this dream.

We must know that chocolate is capable of generating endorphins in the human body; Endorphin is the hormone responsible for making people experience sensations of pleasure and placidity, so dreaming of chocolate can also be related to happiness , complacency in ourselves or in the people around us.

What does it mean to dream of chocolate? 11 dream interpretations


Dreaming of chocolate undoubtedly represents all those sentimental pleasures that we have the joy of living on a daily basis, the key to a love that is filling our lives, that romanticism that we have inside and that we externalize at a given moment and why? no?! The sex that is the ideal companion for a pleasant evening that will end in a night of love. If you dreamed of chocolate, prepare to experience some of the sensations described above.

Chocolate dreams have positive meanings that are related to affection , most of the time; unless you’re eating stolen chocolate. However, these dreams try to tell you very different things, depending on the environment, so pay attention to the more specific interpretations that we have prepared for you below:

1-Dreaming of liquid chocolate

Dreaming of liquid chocolate means that there is someone who produces a huge exaltation just by looking at him, when you see him you feel that your legs are shaking and that your heart cannot control itself. You want to hide it, due to insecurity of yourself, but your look and your gestures always end up giving you away. We have good news for you! You are going to live a romance with that person that will make you tremble and will fulfill all your expectations, but first you must take the risk of taking the initiative but without showing so much vulnerability.

2-Dreaming with white chocolate

Dreaming of white chocolate announces that a very pure and true love is at your door, one of those that will make you see the stars and feel the happiest in the world. You must open your heart to receive this person. Perhaps you have been hurt in the past, but feel renewed! The universe is giving you the opportunity you have always been waiting for, do not miss it.

3-Dreaming of chocolate bar

Dreaming of chocolate bars means that you are in a time of complete happiness both in your social relationship and in your intimate relationship with your partner. You live moments of great passion and complacency that fill your life with happiness, and leave no room for emotional emptiness. You enjoy every moment and make it yours, it’s a very good thing; since it will not leave a free field for depression and nonconformity.

If you dream that you are savoring a tasty chocolate bar , it indicates that you feel fulfillment in all your aspects, your self-esteem has reached the top and that is important because it will help you have the ability to achieve everything you set out to do. On the other hand , if you are buying a chocolate bar, it means that you are doing everything in your power to conquer someone you like very much.

4-Dream of colored chocolates

Dreaming of colored chocolates means that you are having many relationships at the same time; you don’t really know what you want in life and you dedicate yourself to squandering pleasures wherever you go. Your feelings are confused and you use passion and ardor to hide from yourself. But be careful! This can bring you a lot of problems in the long run. You should not play with fire more time than necessary because not every day you will have the same luck.

5-Dreaming of dark chocolate

Dreaming of dark chocolate indicates that you are going to have a relationship that apparently seems pleasant, but as time goes by it will turn cold and dishonest. You will suffer greatly because it will be one of those loves that make you fall in love like crazy and then leave you without contemplation. You must prepare to overcome any sentimental situation that may cause you, with patience and understanding; remember that life is a game of chess ; sometimes some pieces have to be sacrificed in order to move other more important ones.

6-Dreaming of chocolate with almonds

Dreaming of chocolate with almonds means that you are going to live a very versatile relationship; a romance that will be characterized by love, passion and tenderness. A crazy and unbridled love but at the same time delicate and fragile. You must take care of it like a treasure, since the universe has decided to send this blessing to your life, but it is up to you to protect and preserve it.

7-Dream with sour chocolate

Dreaming of bitter chocolate indicates that you no longer feel comfortable in your current relationship, you feel that things are not as you would like, that love and fervor have vanished, and there is nothing left of that enjoyment that you experienced every day with that person with the one you’ve been sharing for a long time. But don’t worry! You can still recover that beautiful romance you had back then, when caresses enveloped the night and made it yours. Give a chance to those hours of affection that used to give you so much warmth; you’re still on time, but hurry up because otherwise the loss will be irremediable.

8-Dreaming of boiling chocolate

Dreaming of boiling chocolate announces the arrival of a passionate love in your life. Get ready to live the most fascinating experiences you have enjoyed in your entire existence. It will be a crazy love of those risky, who do not care about anything. However, you must be careful, remember that everything in excess is harmful and lest you do things that you will later regret. Enjoy all this enjoyment, but measuring your actions so that you are not harmed in the future.

9-Dreaming of drinking chocolate

Dreaming of drinking chocolate means that a person will come into your life with whom you will live a short but passionate romance. Enjoy those adventures that the universe has sent you through that person; but with caution, do not fall in love so that later you do not suffer; remember that your subconscious is warning you that it will be something nice but temporary, so that you keep in mind that it will not last forever, imagine that you are eating a very tasty candy that will soon melt.

10-Dreaming of stolen chocolate

Dreaming of stolen chocolate has different meanings depending on what is happening in the dream; If you are eating a chocolate that you stole, it means that you have in mind intentions of being unfaithful to a person who has a partner, and you are externalizing it through this dream. Watch out! You could pay dearly for your actions, since you can never know what a person is capable of when they see themselves betrayed.

If, on the other handyou dream that a chocolate is being stolen from you or that someone is stealing a chocolate from a store, announce that it is your partner who is experiencing these types of feelings. You are being deceived in the lowest possible way, and you are not even suspecting anything. You must be aware of what your partner will do in the coming days.

11-Dreaming of chocolate to which strawberries are added

Dreaming of strawberries is also an indication of passion and fervor; So if you dream of chocolate to which strawberries are added, it announces the arrival of a waste of pleasures in your life. A mix between all the known and unknown enjoyments will be characterizing your next days. Take advantage of them! It is a gift that the universe is giving you for some good deed you did in the past, but remember not to do it excessively so that you don’t get bored sooner than expected or they can lead to bad consequences.


As we could see, dreaming of chocolate is closely related to what love and passion are , most of the time it has positive meanings, it indicates those pleasures that we enjoy or eagerly await in our lives. We must learn to enjoy all the things that the universe gives us, but cautiously, so as not to have to deal with negative consequences that we find it difficult to get rid of, it is not worth enjoying a pleasure that will later bring misfortune.

I hope I have been able to help you with this article, I really liked interacting with you through my dream interpretations. Remember that dreams are alarm signals that the subconscious gives us so that we are aware of the bad things that lie in wait for us, or as in most cases of chocolate dreams , they are warnings of opportunities that we have at the door.

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