What does it mean to dream about Christmas trees

What does it mean to dream of Christmas trees

Dreaming of Christmas trees is different from dreaming of trees , because these trees can be natural or artificial, but they are adorned with many lights and artificial objects. Symbolizing many times that we try to cover our true beauty.

Many times these dreams are had because Christmas is a celebration, where you get together and enjoy with the family. Maybe you are missing your family and remember moments with them where you were happy.

It also means that you are ready to start with the celebrations, that perhaps you expect positive things to happen in your life. Because it is an announcement of joys that are approaching or strokes of good luck in business or at work.

Christmas is a time where peace, love, family stand out, and the Christmas tree symbolizes all of that. Together they put it together, decorate it and enjoy being around it together, so it also indicates your mood.

It often represents your family relationships, as well as love and social relationships, what you expect from yourself and from others. You are very sensitive and those dates you feel it much more, your family is very important to you.

Sometimes it means anxiety for happy times to come, because you are going through a lot of stress in your family life. Make concessions and rethink the dialogue if there are conflicts, you will see that it will be more favorable and harmony will return.

If you see that the Christmas trees are not in good condition, they can portend some inconvenience. You should not worry, your desire to progress will make you no more a fighter, you will dare despite your fear.

You are persevering in your projects and you are going the right way, just as your morals guide your actions giving you well-being.

Dream About Artificial Christmas Trees

If what you see in your dream is that you are assembling and decorating the artificial Christmas tree, it is because you feel that you are capable of creating. You don’t let things come, you go for them yourself, you are going to show that you have a talent for organizing.

But if you only contemplate the artificial Christmas tree, it is because you will live a moment of magic and illusion in your life. You will receive an unexpected gift from a friend or perhaps a recognition award at work.

Dream about a falling Christmas tree

It can mean that nostalgia invades you, stopping your hopes, try to meet with friends to avoid feeling lonely. It will be a period of anguish and suffering, perhaps some important damage to your honor or image.

It may also be that you have some concerns about unfair competition on a professional level. You will have to fight a lot to make your labor relations more fluid, it will be the only way to make the situation move forward.

Dream about a broken Christmas tree

It’s because you feel sad, maybe you’re going through difficult times, you think you can’t handle everything. You have to persevere and put all your energy at the service of your projects, focus on what is really worthwhile.

It can be the end of a very beneficial employment relationship, or the breakup of a relationship where you were very happy. Life is full of new beginnings, as well as new opportunities, take it as an apprenticeship and move on.

Dream of a Christmas tree without decorations

This dream tells you that you may soon have some unpleasant or unfortunate incident, after a period of well-being and joy. It may be that you need to find support in your family, it is better to unite family ties.

Perhaps the time has come to show yourself as you are, you feel that you are very valuable and you are wasting yourself. You must find the right words to say what you think and perhaps learn to say no to what you don’t like.

Dream about big Christmas tree

It is a dream that symbolizes that soon you will have very good satisfactions, as well as joys and celebrations for you and your surroundings. You will feel a lot of enthusiasm with the changes that are coming, and you will have an easier time convincing of your good faith.

You will be filled with confidence managing to carry out some stalled projects, you will make your points of view respected. You have good reasons to celebrate with your friends, don’t neglect your family, take care of them too.

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