Dreams with a clock or with clocks represent the passing of your life, the period that a certain moment of your life lasts or the advances that you want to occur in any area of ​​your life.

The ticking of the clock is associated with the beating of your heart, therefore, if you hear that ticking of the clock in the dream it is a reflection of how you are currently emotionally, personally or energetically.

Dreaming of clocks is broadly a representation of how certain events in your life are happening, if they are going to be delayed, if they are going to come forward or you have to make a decision or initiative. If you dream of a specific time, visit meaningofhours.com .

Dream with watch in hand

If you dream of a watch, it means that you have in your power the possibility of achieving something concrete, which depends on you, on your decisions or actions, and although time is not in your hand, you have a certain power to speed up that process, delay it or even paralyze it.

If you dream that someone gives you a watch, it means that a person in your environment will intervene positively in the evolution or the end of some matter or situation.

Dream about a gold watch

Dreaming of a gold watch is a very good omen, it is associated with everything related to business, work, luck and the economy. Generally, if you dream of a gold watch, it means that the times in which certain events, resolutions or processes must take place will be optimal for you and the results will be very convenient for you too.

Dream about wall clock

Dreaming of a wall clock represents the impatience that you are experiencing to finish, finish, finish a specific matter. This dream usually appears when you are waiting for news, a result or the decision of other people, in short, it means that you need to end that situation to rest.

If the clock stops or is slow , it means that you will have to be patient since it may take longer than normal.

If the hands of the clock go very fast or the clock ticks faster than normal, it reflects your own anxiety to speed up time, since you want to resolve that issue as soon as possible.

Dream about wristwatch

If you dream of a wristwatch, it means that you will experience important changes soon, that you are about to experience something new in any area of ​​your life. In addition, this dream is a good way to measure the intensity with which you are living, carrying out your routine, your projects… since it represents your own rhythm in life or in a plane of it.

If the clock ticks the time at a normal rate, it means that you are doing well.

If, on the other hand, the clock shows the time slower than normal or is stopped , it means that you are not progressing as you should, something or someone is holding you back.

If the clock marks the passage of time faster than normal, it means that you are possibly suffering from stress, since you live at a higher speed than is advisable, you should stop to savor the moments more.

Dream of an hourglass

Dreaming of an hourglass symbolizes or reflects your family, intimate or more personal life, therefore, in this case, the dream refers to the time in which certain events are taking place with respect to your partner, your family or your closest environment.

If the clock ticks the time at a normal rate, it means that for the moment things are going well, that you should not worry.

If the clock ticks the time faster than normal, it means that events are going to rush in some way regarding couple or family matters.

On the contrary, if the hourglass marks time very slowly or is stopped , it means that you feel stagnant or stagnant in your love or family life, that you need changes or stimuli.

Dream about sundial

If you dream of a sundial it means that you are bearing too much responsibility or stress, that you have an excess workload, personal, family… This dream reflects your own need to put an end to that cycle or stage.

If you dream that the sundial is stopped or ticks the time more slowly than normal, it means that you feel trapped or trapped in your own circumstances and that you do not know how to speed up the process or end it.

If, on the other hand, the sundial marks the time faster than normal, it means that you have partially lost track of reality, that you follow a preconceived pattern but that deep down you do not feel happy.

Dream about old clock

If you dream of an old watch, it means that you will have a good run of luck, whether in business, in games of chance, in a legal or judicial process, or in any other area of ​​your life.

If the watch is in perfect condition and works , it means that the luck that will accompany you comes from your own decisions or actions.

If the watch is broken or in poor condition or does not work , it means that it will be a temporary luck and that even that luck could cause you some trouble later.

Dream with clock ahead

If you dream of a clock that strikes the hour ahead, it means that you are living at a too frenetic pace, that you are possibly not measuring the consequences of certain acts or decisions, that you are letting yourself be carried away by impulses, that you are not reflecting enough. In short, it is a dream that invites you to take life or a part of it more calmly to avoid fatal mistakes.

Dream about a late clock

Dreaming of a late clock means that you have the feeling of going slower than others, that you do not advance as you wish, that there are different impediments that force you to go slower or simply that you need to speed up certain processes that are currently going at a slow pace.

Dream about a broken or damaged watch

If you dream of a watch, of whatever type, that is broken or damaged, it means that you feel that time is running out to resolve to finish or carry out something. This dream is the reflection of your own impotence in the face of the course of events, probably things are not going as you wish or expect, you have missed a good opportunity, which will not come again or you feel that you have wasted time on something unsuccessful and not you have invested it in something really profitable.

Dream about a clock going very fast

If you dream of a clock that ticks the hours very fast or whose hands or needles rotate very quickly, it represents a too fast pace of life, it is possible that you are experiencing a specific situation that leads you to assume a great load of obligations for which you need more. time you have, which could be causing you anguish, restlessness or anxiety.

Dream about a clock that is going very slow

Dreaming of a clock that goes very slowly, that marks the time more slowly than normal, means that the course of events is taking place too slowly compared to how you would like it to be or how you need it to be.

This dream usually manifests itself when you are waiting for something important and for different reasons it does not finish being resolved or inconveniences arise that delay or paralyze it.

Dream about a clock that stops

If you dream of a clock that suddenly stops, it is important that you pay attention to the time it is showing, since in many cases it can be a warning or sign of an event that has happened or what is going to happen at that specific time.

In general, this dream represents the end of a stage, the completion of something, but this dream may also represent the paralysis that you feel in your own life or in a part of it.

Dream of many clocks

Dreaming of many clocks around you means that you live too aware of time, perhaps you worry a lot about the future, the past saddens you or the present anguishes you.

This dream reflects that you are giving too much importance to the time in which the events of your life take place, it is time for you to start taking life and everything that surrounds it in a more calm way.

dream of a specific time

If you dream of a clock that marks a specific time, it can be a sign or warning that something important will happen, which will have a direct relationship with that marked time. In many cases, you can dream repeatedly of a certain time without finding a meaning at that time, however, it may be an event that occurred in the past that marked your life or transformed it and that in one way or another will have to do with your future. .

Dream that you move the hands of the clock

If you dream that you move the hands of the clock or change the time, it means that you need to make up for lost time or that you would like to move faster.

If you dream that delaying the time means that you feel nostalgic for something you have experienced in the past, that you would like to go back in time to revive, rectify or improve something you have already experienced.

If, on the other hand, you dream that you advance the clock time , it means that you want time to pass quickly, possibly because you do not feel well at the moment, because you have to face some complicated situation or because you want a specific moment to come, which you know you will live in a certain time.

Dream that you wind a clock

Dreaming that you wind a watch means that you try to get the most out of it, performance while living intensely every moment, a moment or on many occasions is what you would like it to be, since in real life you do not feel that way and the dream in this case is exactly what you don’t feel but would like to feel.

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