What does it mean to dream about clothes

What does it mean to dream of clothes

Clothing has become an essential accessory for human beings. Clothes reveal our emotions, personality , or a state of mind. That is why this dream invites us to think of clothes not as a “wrap” that covers our body. Clothes reveal a lot about us, depending on the context of the dream. 

Our way of dressing speaks of how we think, clothing allows us to “fit” into social groups in a certain way. For this reason, in general, clothing is given importance on a daily basis, and appearance is taken great care of. 

In some cases this is conceived as banality, but although we deny it, clothing is an essential element in a person’s daily life. Below you will read various interpretations related to this dream.

dream of underwear

If the dreamer is a woman, this dream is very beautiful, because you accept your body as it is , this is really important, that you love yourself despite the details of your body, in case some “line, which according to the canons of beauty (completely out of phase with reality), is not in “her place”. If you are a man, it is surely associated with stored and not externalized sexual desires.  

Without underwear

Surely you are hiding something and do not want it to be revealed. Surely you shared information and now you fear for having done so, you doubt that this person will keep this information safe for you.

embroidered underwear

You are a very delicate person with a taste for details and you express this in your actions and behaviors. 

lace underwear

You are a very neat person with an extreme sense of order and attention to detail. Your personal appearance is very impeccable. Your treatment is courteous and kind. You like respect for everything around you.

old underwear

It does not mean that the old is bad. Therefore, having an old piece as a garment can be a demonstration that you feel affection for the past , so it is no longer current and fashionable. You like the traditional, the customs of people from other times in history and sometimes you tend to behave as if you were out of time. You are conservative and careful. 

white underwear

It means that you are a very sincere and clear person in your affairs. You hide nothing and therefore from within, you feel very satisfied with everything you do. You are an excellent friend and partner. Very faithful in your relationships.

black underwear

Something is unclear in your affairs currently. There are doubts and thoughts about things that worry you a lot . You are not entirely calm. Maybe you don’t rest lately. There is a very deep sorrow that you are facing and you are having a hard time resolving it. 

ripped underwear

There is much to weigh in your life . Matters that are unresolved have you very dismayed. Disappointments that make you cry inside. Something has happened that makes you feel devastated and you should seek to resolve it as soon as possible. This hopelessness stagnates you.

new underwear

You are partying, celebrating changes and new expectations in your life, this dream is excellent . Your most intimate state is happiness. You radiate good vibes to those around you. You are a person with beautiful projects, so everything is going very well for you.

dream of dirty clothes

You must be in these moments trying to transform and clean things that have been tarnished in the past. There is a desire for immediate change. You no longer want to be tied to issues that do not let you move forward. It is a desire to turn your life towards clearer and more productive matters. It is an alert that you should do it as soon as possible.

dirty underwear

Your life presents obvious disorder , there are many pending issues in your environment, your house is not up to date, you have a conflict between what should be and what you do. You let everything go and the accumulation of earrings overwhelms you.

dirty socks

It represents unwise steps towards the projects you have in mind. You make many mistakes and this has you very upset. You need to start restructuring your ways of proceeding.

dirty wedding dress

You are reflecting on your relationship. You have certain shortcomings in the couple and it is time to talk about it and find an adequate solution.

Dirty diaper

In your life there are issues that involve entanglements and conflicts . If you have children, check how you are leading their education, you may be making mistakes that will bring you consequences later.         

Dirty shirt, pants, skirt, dress

If a piece of your clothes whatever it is means that some plan of your life is not complete . Something is not very well oriented, there are shady issues that cloud your progress in a high percentage. It is very important that you analyze where that critical point is so that you can solve it once and for all, because there is not much that needs to be done. Half of the work is finished, the rest needs to be started.

Dream that you hang clothes

This dream is associated with a saying that is used to say that matters are being aired in the public eye. It is said: “put the clothes in the sun” .

own clothes

This dream means th you are bringing hidden aspects of yourself to light . You no longer fear opinions and you decide to be honest with the world. You don’t want to have hiding places.

other people’s clothes

You are very talkative and you are exposing issues that do not belong to you and can affect others. They gave you to keep a secret and you are airing it without measuring the consequences. Not a good deed obviously. You are not making yourself trustworthy before others. You have generated doubts about your capacity for discretion

Dream of taking off your clothes 

You will find new situations related to plans or projects. You must review where to direct your actions .

dream that you take off your shoes 

This dream means sorrow and burden . You are exhausted from many activities carried out. You need an immediate break to continue, if you don’t this will affect your good performance.

Dream that you take off your dress or pants

This dream symbolizes, security in yourself , you are not afraid of what they think and you show yourself naked

Dream that you take off your underwear

You are authentic and daring . You do not fear anything because you know what your purposes are. You feel very good as you are, therefore you are free in your actions.

Dream of picking up clothes 

Pick up own clothes

You are deciding to keep some issues to yourself and not air them . You don’t feel very sure that they see who you really are.

pick up a friend’s clothes

You keep secrets very well with a lot of responsibility . She has entrusted you with personal matters and has asked you for discretion and you know how to have it.

Pick up clothes from a neighbor

You know something about the neighbor that worries you, you would like to tell it but you are shy , because you are embarrassed to talk about something that you barely know by hearsay. It’s a good attitude you show. You are discreet and this makes you very noble. 

Pick up clothes from a stranger

You are making up stories to look good in some social group. You have generated a series of events, they are not really lies, but inventions, which is almost the same. 

dream of stealing clothes 

steal clothes from a friend

You feel contempt for some people around you. This is a bad symptom, it is one of the lowest actions of human beings. Amend this negative attitude, especially if you are envious of a friend’s affairs. Your attitude is petty.

Steal clothes from a store

This means that you are ambitious and dissatisfied with what you have . You are capable of doing whatever it takes to get what you want, using negative tricks. This attitude is reprehensible.

Steal clothes from a neighborhood clothesline

You are a risky person but you do not use this quality for positive matters. Unacceptable things happen to you. In your neighborhood you are not supportive, you turn a blind eye to the problems of the community. It is a reluctance in the face of collective problems.

dream of torn clothes

You wear a torn suit and you’re embarrassed

You care what others say about you . You feel a little disadvantaged compared to others and it makes you sad. You do not want to lack material things, this terrifies you. You want to be impeccable in everything, but you can’t and you’re ashamed even of yourself.

You wear a torn suit and you don’t care

You’re a bit cheeky , you don’t care at all about the impression you give. It seems like a pose you strike to appear very free and casual. But this does not leave you very well in front of the public around you. You look messy and sometimes you even tend to be unpleasant in your ways of behaving.

Another person has a broken suit and you tell them

Excellent attitude, it is possible that this person does not know his mistakes and is very calm around there, giving a bad image. You are the one who can tell her to alert her to change. It is an excellent action.

Another person has a torn suit and you notice it but you don’t tell him

You can do something good and for comfort you don’t do it . You prefer to stay in inaction this is not a good sign of behavior. You cannot be indifferent to people’s problems even if you don’t know them.

Another person has a torn suit and you make fun

You are a person with little sensitivity towards the affairs of others. Mocking is downplaying the suffering of another. It is not a good dream, because it expresses that you should review your irresponsible behavior. 

Dream of an abundance of clothes 

Nothing else fits in your closet

You are a person without limits , you do not observe what you really need and you exceed your limits. It is an excessive ambition to have and have. You accumulate many things that you surely do not use or will use. You are a capricious person. 

Mountains of clothes in a store

You want to own material things and you don’t have the resources to do so. This dream reflects the desire to be on a par with others with more economic advantages than you.

Lots of clothes to throw away

You are thinking of getting out of matters that are already in disuse . You feel tired of seeing the same things repeated in your environment, not only clothes but in various areas. 

dream of colorful clothes

White clothes

This dream refers to the fact that you are becoming aware that you should take things more calmly . It is a need for tranquility and inner peace. 

black clothes

You have a sadness for some loss. Perhaps a death or separation from a loved one. 

Red clothes

The passion is on the surface . It is a dream that is interpreted as sexuality and sensuality in you. You are a very good lover. 

Green clothes

You are a person with a positive mind, always with new ideas and solutions for all situations. You know how to find a way out of conflicts, misunderstandings and tensions. your life is really happy

Other dreams with clothes

dream of new clothes

You will have the need to incorporate drastic changes in your way of being and proceeding. For example, you will adopt a more detailed way of expressing yourself, this change comes as a result of a deep reflection on matters that you were doing wrong and now you want to eradicate it.

dream of lack of clothes 

There is a lot of sadness in your life. Lack of affections that make you sad . You are realizing that you have given a lot and are currently receiving very little. You don’t think you can continue like this, that’s why you are planning a project that will lead you towards important achievements that motivate you and make you feel pleased, free from shortcomings.

Dream of men’s or women’s clothing

If you are a woman and you dream of men’s clothing, it is because you have a certain need for male company. If you are a man and you dream of men’s clothing, it refers to your exacerbated personal ego. 

If you are a woman and you dream of women’s clothing, it refers to your desire to be pretty and elegant, to please others, you want to draw attention to your external appearance and take care of details. If you are a man and you dream of women’s clothing, it is related to sexual desires.

Dream of children’s clothes

The maternal or paternal instinct emerges in the dream. You like children and if you don’t have them, you are in an interesting time to procreate.

Dream about clothing store 

You are looking for ways to renew your image . Something tells you that you are very stagnant and it is important to dare to take actions that are in favor of a more up-to-date way of being, adjusted to the times that are lived today. You want people close to you to see you differently and let you know, it is a way of feeling a ratification. 

Dream about dyeing clothes

You need to convey a new identity . You are a little tired of routines. It is a change within the same thing that you have been doing. It is not a radical change, just a “refreshment” in the ways in which you have been doing things. 

dream washing clothes

It is a positive message. It means that you try to amend past mistakes , some bad decisions you have made, motivate you to seek other directions. It’s like starting from scratch.

dream of used clothes

You are constantly being compared to someone else who is “better” than you. Your actions are not taken into consideration, as they are relegated to someone else’s shadow. 

Dream that your clothes are tight 

You are very limited in many ways, you need to expand and you can’t . Something imprisons you in your work or in the family and you have no way to let go of it yet. Soon you will discover the way to get rid of the ties, it will surely be by moving a couple of pieces in your life.

Dream that you fold clothes

This dream means that you are meditating things very carefully , you are meticulous and therefore everything will turn out well for you. 

Dream About Army Clothes

This means a bit of aggression in the face of something you don’t like or agree with. You need to defend yourself with strength.

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