Clothes are our second skin, therefore dreams with clothes are directly related to the image you want or want to project to the world, to the people around you.

But at the same time, dreaming about clothes reflects how you show yourself to others, it also reflects your image and your real personality, not just the one you want or want to project.

You will have to pay close attention to the type of clothing, the appearance it presents as well as the rest of the nuances that manifest in the dream.

dream of new clothes

When you dream of new clothes it is clear that you want or need to change something about yourself or your life, it can be a trait of your personality, it can be a physical change, a change of image or even sometimes it can be an internal change and much more. deeper.

Dreams with new clothes are also the harbinger of the arrival of those changes in your life through new people, the decisions you make or the events that occur soon.

dream of old clothes

If you dream of old, used clothes, it means that you are projecting a wrong image of yourself to others, you may not dare to show yourself as you are because you are afraid of suffering some damage or because you have created a character so as not to show your true self. .

dream of clean clothes

Dreaming of clean clothes means that you feel good about yourself, that you are projecting the correct image to others, that you do not hide anything, that you show yourself naturally as you are.

dream of dirty clothes

If you dream of dirty clothes, it means that you are trying to hide some aspect of your personality or of yourself, that you do not like, of which you do not feel proud or proud.

You may do it to have greater acceptance in front of others or as a strategy to achieve some goal.

Dream of hanging clothes

Dreaming of hanging clothes predicts necessary changes in you, in your way of being, of behaving, of dressing or even in your attitude, changes that will come through an experience that you are going to live and that will make you rethink everything or something in particular.

Dream about baby clothes

When you dream of baby clothes, it reflects your sensitivity, your sweetness, your tenderness and even the fragility that sometimes or in certain circumstances you may feel. This dream indicates that on many occasions you hide that sensitivity and show a completely different facet, you do it to defend yourself or to protect yourself.

Dream about women’s clothing

If you dream of women’s clothing, it means that you are an observant, intelligent, fighter and very strong person, although you may feel that this is not the case. This dream reflects the most positive aspects of yourself or of yourself, which on many occasions you are not able to use fully, to get the most out of them, possibly due to lack of confidence in yourself or in yourself.

If you dream of women’s underwear, it means that you are an ardent person in intimacy, very passionate and that you always give yourself 100%.

Dream about men’s clothing

If you dream of men’s clothing, it means that you try to take maximum care of your image in front of others, either to maintain your status, your security, to achieve a certain goal, but you probably do not feel comfortable or comfortable with that image at all times, with that way of being, acting or behaving.

If you dream of men’s underwear, it means that you are a person who likes to enjoy good times, that you try to make the most of every moment and make the most of everything.

Dream about washing clothes

Dreaming of clothes being washed or recently washed is related to the process of transformation or change that you are experiencing or that you are going to experience in a short time. This dream usually occurs when you are about to make decisions that will influence the image you project to others, your way of being, your way of facing life and living it.

Dream of stacked clothes

Dreaming of piled up clothes is associated with the emotional, mental or personal chaos of which you are a victim, probably caused by how you are living your life, by how you are showing yourself to others or by the internal conflict that situation causes you.

dream of black clothes

If you dream of black clothes, this is associated with internal duels that you live in silence. When you have this dream it means that you are experiencing a personal, emotional or any other kind of mourning but you are doing it in silence, without expressing it, even repressing certain feelings.

Dream of white clothes

Dreaming of white clothes symbolizes liberation through courage, happiness, through forgiveness, abundance, through correct decisions. This dream bodes well in general.

Dream that you buy clothes

If you dream that you buy clothes, it means that you are going to make an effort to give the best image of yourself or of yourself, that you are going to improve in what you think you should do, that you are going to perfect your qualities to the maximum and make the most of them. .

Dream that they give you clothes

If you dream that you are given clothes, it means that someone in your environment is going to positively influence you in a way that allows you to get out of a complicated situation, that helps you achieve a goal or that helps you to be better and feel better.

dream of colorful clothes

The color of the clothes The color of the clothes will determine the area of ​​your life in which the meaning of the dream is focused.

Dreaming of red or pink clothes is related to the sentimental, romantic, emotional field.

Dreaming of yellow or orange clothes is related to the scope of your inner world, your strength, bravery and courage.

Dreaming of blue clothes is related to the field of energies, spirituality, the esoteric.

Dreaming of green clothes is associated with the field of work, the economy or legal or bureaucratic matters.

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