What does it mean to dream about clowns

Dreams often show some aspects of our personality . According to the opinion of experts, it is through dreams that the unconscious manifests Ideas or thoughts that we do not usually identify consciously. Therefore, it can be affirmed that the information shown in dreams can be much more important than many might suppose. 

As is known, the study of dreams has been one of the topics that has generated the most interest for humanity. Since the beginning of the history of the human being, special attention has always been given to the messages that we believe are contained in dreams. At first it was believed that the gods communicated with the immortals when they slept. Over the years, different theories have been developed that try to explain why we dream

We have different types of dreams on a daily basis, some can be described as more positive and others have more negative connotations, being classified as nightmares. In the latter case, they are dreams that awaken the deepest and most torrid feelings of sadness, hopelessness, fear and mistrust in people. Therefore, it is also considered that these are dreams that are also symptoms of some mental problems such as post-traumatic stress. 

Usually people do not pay attention to the different details that appear in the years. However, some people manage to remember perfectly that they have dreamed. They begin to worry about the characteristics that they can identify in dreams, which is why some people consider that these are premonitions or warnings to which they should pay attention. 

One of the most common dreams is related to the participation of clowns. For some it may not be so much fun to watch these characters, although for others it will not be as relevant. Clowns often help people have fun and are part of popular culture, they are capable of interpreting any type of action that helps generate laughter in those who observe them. 

However, there is the part of the world population that manifests feeling rejection before these characters . Starting from this idea, we can affirm that the appearance of a clown in a dream will not always generate a positive reaction. 

What does it mean to dream of clowns from the perspective of psychology?

Psychologists consider that the symbol of a clown will not always have positive connotations for all people. Some children have expressed feeling a total rejection of these characters because it generates a feeling of fear in them and they even feel that they can be attacked. 

According to different theories, the relationship that clowns have with children‘s or entertainment events has been radically changed over the years. Eventually they began to be related to negative events due to the fact that some criminal and violent acts have had the participation of people who have decided to dress up as clowns. 

Likewise, in popular culture, the publication of books and the making of some films, all of them have shown a more negative side of these characters. Therefore, it is normal that some people react to clowns from a position of rejection and defense. In this way, there began to be an increase in cases of people suffering from clown phobia , an absolute and irrational rejection of clowns. 

Clowns were originally characters created with the intention of entertaining society . The origin of these characters goes back many centuries in the history of mankind, it is common to find stories of their participation in the courts of kings and in public events. 

The radical changes that have occurred in the reception of these characters is what has caused them to be receptors of negative emotions and thoughts . Therefore, psychologists explain that the unconscious transmits its ideas through these characters. 

In some cases, people who constantly dream of clowns intrinsically feel as if they themselves are these characters in real life. Depending on the perspective that the person has, you can have a more precise interpretation of why you are dreaming of a clown. Depending on your personal criteria, with the help of a psychologist you could determine if you feel alluded to by a clown because you consider it to be something positive or instead something negative. 

Is dreaming of clowns positive or negative?

It is generally recommended to pay attention to the general context in which certain elements are presented in a dream. It is not possible to accurately determine whether a dream is positive or negative based on the appearance of certain objects or people. Depending on how the events unfold and also on the sensation that it has generated in the person, an interpretation for said dream can be established in a slightly more accurate way. 

Therefore, dreaming of clowns can mean celebration and joy , but also in an extreme case it could also mean irresponsibility, bad news or bitterness. Currently these characters are related to different aspects of the human personality, so they can be interpreted as the announcement of something negative but could also symbolize a celebration.

What does it mean to dream of clowns that scare, chase or cause harm? 

It is possible that in the dream we have a negative experience with the participation of one or more clowns. Whether these characters begin to cause some kind of damage or attack in some way could have two different meanings. In the first case, it could be related to a hypothetical reality in which we are feeling to be the center of attack by people we trusted. In the second case, it could be interpreted as an unconscious feeling of helplessness in the face of someone‘s attitude. 

In these cases, these dreams can be interpreted as a manifestation of stress in the face of some type of repetitive and extreme abuse . It is possible that in real life the person who is experiencing this type of dream is going through a period of emotional deprivation or physical and emotional violence. Another variant of this same dream is to observe oneself dressed as a clown and being attacked by other people. 

What does it mean to dream of being a clown?

Clowns are characters that are usually recipients of different types of attitudes that are not always positive. When a person dreams that they themselves are this character, it could denote that they feel mocked or that they are not taken seriously by their circle of friends and family. In reality, it is possible that he is living with people who do not show him respect towards her person. 

The feeling of contempt and rejection can manifest through these dreams. The circumstances shown there may be directly related to recent events. It is possible that some type of trauma has been created in the person, for which the repetition of this event is carried out through this type of dream. When it is accessed repetitively, it is recommended to go to psychological help to counteract the negative effects of this trauma that can even cause long-term problems sleeping

If in the dream you see that you are dressed as a clown, it could be a warning. Perhaps unconsciously we have realized that we are having a degenerate and irresponsible behavior . It is possible that we are trying to evade our own responsibilities, therefore we will have to start taking relevant issues of our current life seriously.

The imbalance in our behavior is not always controlled by our conscience, therefore the unconscious manifests itself through dreams to indicate to us what we are failing. It could also be a manifestation of regret for having abandoned or acted foolishly in some important situation that has recently occurred. 

What does it mean to dream of evil clowns?

Sometimes we can be influenced by what we see in movies and television series. These characters are sometimes shown performing negative actions such as robbery and murder. For several decades, the fashion of dressing up as clowns has been imposed on the antagonists of different stories such as Batman and in the book “it” by Stephen King. 

Even in real life there have been historical events that have had negative consequences in which people who have personified clowns have participated . One of these examples is found in the serial killer named John Wayne Gacy, active during the 1970s. Disguised as a clown, he committed several murders and rapes of underage children

Taking into account these previous references, it is normal that today we also have a more negative conception of clowns. Transferring this concept to dreams in particular could be a sign that we ourselves feel fear. In addition , depending on the physical characteristics that this character has in the dream, we can reach more existing conclusions. 

When these dreams become a nightmare, it could indicate that the person is going through a period of low self-esteem and that it is also not easy for him to recognize this reality. Therefore he is looking for ways to disguise his lack of enthusiasm and self-worth. This meaning is also related to when you dream that you are an evil clown. 

Depending on the physical characteristics of the clown we can draw other conclusions. It is generally considered that grotesque features such as physical defects, cuts in the skin, horns, red eyes and other features that defy reality could be related to negative aspects of one’s personality. 

However, some experts in the dream world believe that these dreams symbolize the book. According to the facts shown in the dream, it could be interpreted as a premonitory dream, therefore the facts shown there could materialize in reality. Therefore, it is recommended to be cautious and try to avoid conflictive relationships or situations . 

What does it mean to dream of a good clown?

According to what has been explained above, dreams should not always be considered as something totally negative, but not always as something totally positive. It is possible that the interaction we have in a dream with a clown does not generate more than positive sensations . 

It is possible that we observe that a clown is in our house or at a party. Therefore, the atmosphere that is created is one of joy, his intervention generates laughter and a general atmosphere of celebration. This could indicate that we are currently taking all the most relevant aspects of our personal life with total responsibility and seriousness .

Observing how a clown, or clown users, together with other people are laughing and could indicate that good news will be received soon . When these characters manifest themselves as comedians and perform different types of fun activities, they are related to the possibility that soon there will be a period in which there will be successes and positive changes in family life

What does it mean to dream of sad clowns?

When we dream of sad clowns it could be a clear indicator that there are feelings that we keep repressed. It is also related to the feeling of being rejected or also of being constantly judged by society . These characters reflect our own insecurity to show ourselves how we really are before others. 

Sad clowns symbolize our participation in the social circle to which we belong, it could be among family, friends or co-workers. We may feel dissatisfied or deny this reality. Therefore, it is time to start implementing measures that help others start to have a better treatment or it is simply a signal for us to avoid having contact with people who harm us. 

Clowns symbolize disinterest and also the mistrust we feel towards other people. Therefore dreams with clowns can be interpreted in different ways. Depending on how we interact with this character, it could be a signal to start implementing measures that help us change the treatment and opinion that people have. Clowns could be a symbol of the desire to improve our social position. 

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