What does it mean to dream about coffins and dead

What does it mean to dream of coffins and dead

The dream of a coffin and a dead person inside indicates a characteristic of yours that is much better to solve as soon as possible. Because this will keep you stuck and will not let you achieve the things you really want.

When we talk about dreaming of coffins and the dead , we are facing a warning from your subconscious to leave the fear you have. The bad thing about this fear is that it is generated by what they will say about others. That is to say, you are a person who has a phobia of criticism and the possible embarrassments that you will experience when doing something.

Also, this is due to your fear of being left alone. For example, you can be surrounded by toxic friends but you do not detach yourself from them because you are terrified of being alone. Which you hide with some silly excuse to not make your goals come true.

This way of being may be affecting your love relationship. If you currently have a partner, you should analyze if you really want to continue with that person or not. The dream with a dead man in a coffin does not show you that you should separate, however many of those who dreamed of this, have a partner for the simple fact of not being alone, so do not be fooled if that is the case with you.

On the other hand, this connects to the fact that many may have a certain depression. But don’t be scared, if it comes to this it will be something slight and you should only have someone you trust who you can tell all your things.

Remember, you shouldn’t do something for others by showing that you can be part of the small society around you. You are made for much greater things and you yourself know that. You may be interested in dreaming of a white coffin .

Dream of a dead child in a coffin

It is a sign that the relationship with someone is not good, and it is likely that they will continue like this because you are ashamed to talk to that person about what they have.

You are aware that there is still time to fix things but you have not done anything so far to fix the situation. I understand that it is difficult to take the initiative, but let’s forget about pride and think about the well-being that we can obtain after solving that.

Dreaming of coffin and dead relative

If you dream of a dead relative in a coffin, it is because things have not gone as you wanted, but you have no one to share that pain with.

In fact, you actually do have someone you could share it with, but you don’t because you’re embarrassed. You are one of those who has lived what they will say about others and you are not capable of sharing your setbacks.

In this case, you must understand that no matter what others say, you must begin to act for your benefit and not to show what you are not.

Dream of a coffin and a dead friend

This is a clear sign that there is no one who can guide you in life, or it is what you feel.

But beware that many feel this only because they do not give the advice they expect. So they feel they are not understood.

That means that you should not wait for that advice you need, you should only act believing in yourself because you will be the one to achieve important things with your own hands.

Dream about a coffin and a dead animal

If you see animals that are alive or dead but in a coffin, it means that you are gradually accumulating stress that you may not even realize.

It is likely that you are one of those who does not express your discomfort so as not to spoil the environment. But that is hurting you little by little.

It’s better to let off steam by telling someone you trust so you don’t end up blowing everything up and doing something you might later regret.

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