What does it mean to dream about colored lice

What does it mean to dream of colored lice

Dreaming of colored lice shows that you are aware of the good things that await you if you fight today, but you cannot give it your all. Despite the problems, you know what you have to do to solve them, but you cannot transform that idea into action. This attitude will harm you a lot in your life, but we tell you what you should do. Do not forget to check the variants because this dream will have very varied meanings regarding the colors of the preppy.

This dream is had by people who almost never finish their projects. That is to say, they try and many times they manage to obtain certain results, but very rarely they can go beyond that. If this is your case, surely you have experience of leaving many projects halfway. This dream is a clear sign that you yourself are fed up with being that way.

Keep in mind that dreaming of lice is very similar to this dream, but it even has more negative points. There he tells us about the negative things that happen to us, such as the low self-esteem we have.

But when we talk about dreaming about posh of many colors, this means that you are very optimistic and you know that your life can improve. However, a precise excuse to stop acting always comes to your mind.

You should know that many times things are achieved by how we think. Since depending on whether you see an opportunity or you see an excuse, things will happen that way. You yourself are tired of your negative attitude, because when they are crucial moments to achieve something really important you leave it behind.

You should only look at your goal that you set at the beginning, so you will not be interested in some stones along the way. Maintain some motivation to make giving up a little more difficult.

You may be interested in dreaming of many posh people , which is a similar dream. If you saw this you should consider interpreting it along with this dream. Now we will leave you the most important variants of this dream that will depend on the colors of the preppy.

Dream about black lice

Seeing black lice shows that above all you are terrified of uncertainty. This means that you are a person who is terrified of change.

You are terrified of changes in general, this happens for bad things as well as good ones. That is, you even feel a fear of positive change. This way of being prevents you from achieving greater success and getting stuck in life.

Dream about red lice

Red lice in dreams symbolize that you are living with certain grudges. If you don’t like someone or have caused you discomfort, you automatically create resentment or a certain envy. Be very careful that this will make you a person who celebrates the failures of others more than your own successes. In addition, be very careful in dragging the grudges of the past that will not let you move forward.

Dream about yellow lice

Dreaming of yellow colored lice shows that you are surrounded by people who do not contribute much to your life. They are taking away your valuable time that you could use for something much more productive. You have this dream because you have goals or objectives, but you are not in a good environment.

Dream about green lice

It is not a negative dream, however, dreaming of green lice is a warning not to neglect true happiness. Since you are a person who focuses a lot on goals or dreams and often leaves aside the most important things. Be careful when the time comes to have certain responsibilities, because despite that you should never forget family or true friends

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