What does it mean to dream about colored water

What does it mean to dream of colored water

Dreaming of colored water represents your various moods, perhaps you are going through a stage of remorse for what you dreamed of red water. Remember that the subconscious reflects your desires or concerns in your dreams.

The water symbolizes the psychic aspect, while the colors represent energy, emotions and vibrations. So the color of the water that you see in your dream will mean your own association, that is, the personal relationship with that color.

If the color red means joy to you and it is your favorite color, seeing a red water fountain will mean positive things that will give you joy. If red is a color that you do not like, the meaning will be that what can happen causes you discomfort.

Water of different colors has a characteristic meaning, due to the symbology that each color represents. But it is necessary to adapt each meaning to what it really represents for you, your emotional state directs your vitality.

You must not forget that water also refers to purification, to the spiritual growth that you are experiencing. The color in the water will be the exact projection of that change, and of the emotional situation that it is generating in you.

You must understand what is happening in your life, the colors in the water can help you understand your conflicts or unresolved feelings. Positively mentalize its signs and you will experience true renewal.

Sometimes seeing many colors in the water tells you that you are not sure which way is yours. That you are doubting what you have decided for yourself, you must work to be able to change it.

Unlike dreaming of green water or dreaming of blue water , this dream gives you the opportunity to start over.

Dream of red water

Having a dream where you see red water means family confrontations, some disappointments that can hurt you deeply. Perhaps a family inheritance will be the reason for the fights, do not forget that material things are recovered.

But sometimes this dream is an announcement of strong emotions to live, moments of passion hand in hand with love. Resisting will be useless so enjoy the present, sometimes it’s good to just let go.

Dream of running red water

Seeing red water running in a dream means that you are ending a conflict, that moments of calm will come. You will give more importance to your tranquility and that is very good, it will be reflected in your state of mind.

It also represents that you are freeing yourself from feelings of anger or passion, repressed feelings that cause you a lot of pain and suffering. You are in a renewal process, seeking to be a more reserved person in your sexual life.

Dream about yellow water

This dream of seeing yellow water predicts a possible illness, or concern about the illness of a relative. It is better to get a checkup to avoid surprises, as well as take care of your diet and exercise.

It also means annoyance and envy of other people for your achievements, which being positive means that you are a very skilled person. Envy will always be present, what you should take care of is surrounding yourself with positive people.

dream in yellow water

Seeing in your dream that you are inside yellow water, predicts that you are in a moment of fulfillment. Yellow water symbolizes energy like the sun, which will be a very lucky period for you.

It also means that you are surrounded by slightly extravagant people, that there is a lot of movement around you. You are a very generous and intelligent person, and you know how to move very well in any circle.

dream of white water

This dream tells you about finding your indicated course, but the path that you really want, not the one that others expect. Show your personal emotions, it is a call to review what you really want to do with your life.

It also warns you of unnecessary problems in your life, that is, you must be careful not to make mistakes that harm your work or personal life. It may be a lack of communication with your relatives, or not integrating with your environment.

Dream about brown water

The dream where there is brown water represents a danger, a possible threat that you can face. You must be alert and cautious in your work matters, be careful not to sign anything without reading it first.

Sometimes it can warn you of the health of a loved relative, moments of tension and anguish may come. You can also feel down in the mood, you must make an effort to keep your spirits up.

Dream about gray water

Having a dream where you see gray water represents that you feel overwhelmed, that someone around you limits you. Your feelings are in a stage of emotional lack of control, because worry is affecting you very strongly.

It shows you that you should ask for help if you feel that you cannot change things, do not let this warning go by. Your destiny depends on what you want for yourself, but sometimes we need someone’s support to reach the goal.

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