Dreaming of certain colors in your dreams can have great meaning when it comes to unlocking what a dream means. Since we are affected by color in waking life (we often associate color with emotions and moods), it only makes sense that our dreams also use color to help guide us and better understand ourselves.

Before going over what different colors often mean, it’s important to remember that colors in dreams can have many different meanings, and they will vary from person to person. Someone who likes the color yellow will think very differently from someone who hates the color yellow.

Here are some of the common color symbols and their meanings:

Meaning of the color black

Example of black objects that can appear in dreams. Black is the darkest of all colors and dreams of black can have a number of different meanings. It is often a color associated with loneliness, sadness, emptiness, mourning, and depression. The color black can often signify the unknown or the mysterious. Black can also mean hate, fear, anger, and darkness.

On a more positive note, black is often found in business suits and in fashion. If you dream of wearing black clothes , it can symbolize that you are ready to take your career and goals in life more seriously.

Meaning of the color blue

Blue is a cool color, often calm and peaceful. We often see blue associated with water and the sky. It can mean a flow of ideas, thoughts, creativity, calm, loyalty, honesty, calming feelings, and relaxation. Blue can sometimes also mean sadness and depression (feeling blue).

Meaning of the color brown

Brown is an earthy color that we often associate with earth, stone, and wood. Dreaming of the color brown often means that you have to be “punished” or that you have to go back to the source of a problem. Brown can mean friendship, trust, and health (think whole wheat bread). Since brown is a darker shade of orange, it can also signify a muted sense of hope and adventure. Light brown or beige can signify neutrality or predictability.

Meaning of the color gray

Grey, a mix of black and white, is a neutral color. It can mean indecision, uncertainty or confusion, isolation or detachment. It can also mean feeling lifeless or bored. Dreaming of the color gray can mean that you are disinterested or not emotionally attached to current events or an aspect of your life.

Meaning of the color green

Green, like blue, is another cool color that appears naturally in our environment. For this reason, it can often mean harmony with nature, peace and tranquility. Green, the color of the heart chakra, is often associated as a color of healing and hope. Green can often mean “go,” like the power button or a traffic light. Green can symbolize newness and freshness. It can also symbolize money, wealth, riches and prosperity.

Meaning of the color orange

Orange is a fun, bright and bold color and often symbolizes hope, freshness, enthusiasm, vigor and optimism. Orange is a stimulating color that can be a symbol of hunger, desire, creativity or sociability. Orange makes you feel alive and well and on top of the world.Meaning of the color pink

Pink is a lighter shade of red, and can be symbolic of romance, love, sharing, generosity, kindness, affection, protection, and innocence. It can also be a symbolism of notice, especially if you are familiar with the term “pink ballot” to receive notice of being fired or fired from your job.

Meaning of purple and violet color

Purple, the combination of blue and red, is considered a very spiritual and majestic color. It is sometimes associated with royalty and good judgment. Purple is a very creative and inspiring color and possesses a mix of passion with calm. Violet, a lighter shade of purple, can mean delicate, precious, or highly prized. Shades of deep, dark purple can represent moodiness.

Meaning of the color red

Red can mean many different things to different people, so when interpreting a dream with the color red, it is important that you think about the context of the color in the dream and in connection with your waking life. For some it can mean love, romance, passion, lust, desire, and intimacy. For others it may mean anger or violence or control and power.

Dreaming of red can also be a warning (have you ever heard the expression, raising a red flag?) or a signal to stop (think traffic lights and stop signs). Red is also a color of power, and it can mean that you are not afraid to make decisions or live a bold and adventurous life.

Meaning of the color white

White is often thought of as the opposite of black. It signifies love, acceptance, purity, peace, knowledge, and brilliance. Although white usually has positive connotations, it can sometimes have a negative meaning, as white is a color of mourning in various Eastern cultures.

Meaning of the color yellow

Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra. Yellow is a color with various meanings, usually positive or negative depending on the context in which it is used in the dream. On the positive side it can mean innocence, hope, happiness, and lightness – having a “sunny disposition”. On the negative side it can mean indecision, cowardice or illness. Pay attention to how the dream made you feel in order to understand the meaning of the color yellow in your dreams .

Some useful tips to decode the symbolism of colors in dreams

Understanding the different meanings of colors in dreams can definitely help you with dream interpretation. While the above meanings are common, they are certainly not the only meanings for a certain color in your dream. Here are some more tips to help you get an accurate interpretation of what the different colors in your dream mean.

If you remember a color, it’s probably important:

If you remember that something is a certain color in one of your dreams, it is probably important. After all, we don’t go through our daily lives and identify the color of every object we come into contact with. If you dream of an object of a certain color, do not rule it out. That color could very well be linked to the larger message of the dream.

Look for color combinations:

We will often see different color combinations in our dreams. For example, maybe you dream of a yellow and blue bird. This can mean that you feel peaceful and happy, or it can mean that you feel cowardly and depressed. When you think about how the two different colors relate to each other, it can help you better understand the meaning of the dream.

Consider your personal relationship with color:

If your favorite color is hot pink, and you dream about it, that means something different to you than if you dream about yellow, your least favorite color. Think carefully about your relationship with that color. You like? How does it make you feel? What experiences in life have you had with that color? Do you see it often in your daily life or has it seemed more prominent than usual lately?

Remember the context of the dream:

The other dream symbols will surely play a role in what the colors mean to you and help you find the meaning of the dream. If you are dreaming of that blue and yellow bird locked in a cage trying to escape, it is different than dreaming of a blue and yellow bird singing on a tree branch.

Remember to write your dreams:

Writing down your dreams as a daily habit will help you remember your dreams better, as well as interpret them more easily. When writing your dreams, try to include as many details as possible about the colors of each dream object. You can also try some of these alternative dream journaling methods or even get really colorful using our colored pencil dream interpretation technique to better understand what your dreams mean.

Think about the names of the colors and the different shades of them:

There are thousands of colors and even more names for basic colors like turquoise, aqua, fuchsia, burgundy, olive, maroon, crimson, ivory… the list goes on and on. If you have a color like that in your dream, consider if the name has any meaning, then think about the qualities of that color, is it light or dark?

For example, colors like teal and turquoise are a shade of teal. As you can guess, it has qualities of both blue and green. Burgundy is a deep, muted red color, which could signify a muted passion or love interest for example.

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