Dream About Concrete Stairs

Some concrete stairs in the dream represent the path we travel in life. Dreaming of cement stairs informs us about problems that we will have to face, joys, disappointments and victories that we will achieve in life.

If we want to know the meaning of dreams that include cement stairs, you should know that this will depend on the state in which we see the stairs in the dream. If it looks strong and new, it portends prosperity, happiness and success. On the other hand, if it is broken or dirty, it portends economic problems, losses and confrontations with loved ones.

Dream About Concrete Stairs

Climbing a cement staircase shows that we have taken on great obligations, which did not allow us to continue with the life we ​​were leading until now. These obligations were such a great and heavy load to carry that they did not allow us to move forward.

If it is difficult for us to climb the concrete stairs, it means that we have a very high goal in our work. Perhaps we are wanting to achieve a great position, or improve our business, and grow it on a large scale. If the cement staircase is broken, it portends failure in many areas of our lives. If we see that it is short, it indicates that business will not go as planned.

See we run down cement stairs

If we are running up, it indicates that we will begin to share more with family and friends. This will help us see that we are not alone as we think, and these links will help strengthen our self-esteem. But if in the dream we run down the concrete stairs, it warns about a very sad event that we will have to live. This may be that we will be betrayed by someone we trust a lot, and after this, it will take away all our self-esteem. Another possible meaning of this dream shows that we have to start being more attentive and affectionate with our loved ones.

Dream in which the steps are slippery

We must pay close attention to this dream, as it alerts us to problems that are approaching. If we fall because the concrete stairs are too slippery, then we will have no option to avoid problems and we will have to face them. But if despite the slippery steps we managed to get where we wanted, it means that the obstacles that stand in our way will not prevent us from achieving our goals.

Meaning of dreaming of concrete stairs that we go down

He points out that we will have to go through something bad in the workplace, this will surprise us and will make us abandon the professional plans that we had planned. If we run down the concrete stairs, they predict problems in the couple. Our partner will behave in a way in which we will end up abandoning her, since she does not meet our expectations.

Fall down a concrete staircase in the dream

It predicts despair and wasted efforts in business. Everything we try to do at work will go wrong. If we fall down the concrete stairs and hit ourselves a lot, it indicates that we will be left with many debts as a result of a bad deal. This will create a lot of anxiety and stress.

Sweep or clean concrete stairs

It is a very positive dream, since it indicates that we have a very good attitude to face problems and that will make us achieve our goals. Keep fighting and striving, and you will see how in the end all your efforts will be rewarded.

Dream About Spiral Cement Stairs

It indicates that we will achieve our dreams in an unexpected way. It may be that we receive help from the least expected person. You will have to be attentive to take advantage of the opportunity that will be presented to you.

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