What does it mean to dream about condom?

What does it mean to dream of a condom?

If you dream of a condom and want to interpret the meaning, you have to consider three aspects that will lead you to anxious states, mainly: being attentive to protecting yourself from risky situations with undesirable or hypocritical people, repressed desires or internal feelings by containing emotion and possession of infrequent sexual intercourse.

You must be very aware of who surrounds you and what their true interests are because a person is stalking you to cause you some harm. As a preventive measure, stay away from everything that represents a risk. In general, these situations have to do with affections of a sentimental or sexual nature that will bring you psychological implications.

you and the condom

Dream that you have sex using a condom in good condition

You are a highly responsible person in what it means to have a risk-free sexual act and without the possibility of contracting any contagious infectious disease. You also like to lead an orderly and socially oriented life with the duty to be and to have a mature, calm behavior that does not imply any imbalance of any kind.

Dream that you have sex with a new condom

If you have a partner, the safest thing is that you are bored and tired of the usual monotony . Perhaps introducing some variant in your sexual relationship is a stimulus to improve and give life to that act. I also recommend visiting a professional for advice in this regard. You have thought about having a novelty as a lover, we do not know to what extent this is ideal because you would be harming the stability of your home.

Another meaning could be the absolute certainty that you think about the well-being of your sexual partner . You think a lot about his health and you are terrified by the idea of ​​being able to transmit some kind of disease to him. You mainly consider neatness before taking any action that results in something disastrous. 

Dream that you have sex with a borrowed condom

You don’t give a damn about the safety and protection of the person you’re going to share your sex life with. You let yourself be carried away by the madness of passion to the extent that you assume any type of consequence that derives from it. Your instinctive and emotional activity without brakes, of course they give you a lot of pleasure. 

So you must be mature enough to face charges of your slightly disorderly sexual conduct. And if it is about the gestation of a baby, that is what has worried you the least in this life and that specific moment arrives, you will already know what actions to take in that regard. 

Dream that you saw a condom in its wrapper

Your sexual possibilities are diminishing due to how unbearable you have become due to that stubborn and recalcitrant character that you have shown so often. If this is a situation that really worries you, start making an effort to establish deep changes in your personality, since it is the cause of your isolation because nobody wants you by their side .

Dream that you saw an unwrapped condom

You have a strong paranoia caused by your desire to be aware of what happens from sexual practice. There are many examples of the contagion of communicable diseases that circulate on the Internet. Likewise, a lot of information is presented on pregnancies, especially early. All this wealth of knowledge has caused you such a trauma that you have felt frustrated for not calmly assuming your sexual desires.

Dreaming that your partner demands the use of a condom

You feel very insecure because you had a sexual relationship outside the home and without the proper protection of condom use. You feel great fear because you consider that you are contaminated with some disease, which you can transmit to your partner. You have a psychological torture that does not let you enjoy the post-orgasm because the worst ideas invade your thoughts.

Dream that you were teaching how to use a condom

You feel very sure of your sexual practices, since you do it with all the security that this implies. Even so, you should pay special attention because your single status has led you to have sexual practices with multiple partners, including any practice of sexual diversity . You can not forget that there is a risk of accident in the use of the condom, it can break during use and can result in something unpleasant.

Dream that you did not have sexual practice because you did not wear a condom

To face that project that you have in mind, it is required that you have greater security. Only then can you savor the achievement and expected successes. Insecurity is an evil that stops you and does not let you be. Being able to lead you down the path of frustration if you don’t take corrective action on time. You need to practice motivational strategies that balance your spirit for life and especially to motivate yourself towards achievement.

Dream that a condom was stolen

This dream is a clear indication that you should immediately evaluate who your supposed friends are. You can’t trust any of them because the envy they feel for you eats away at them with rage and forces them to do things to you that hurt you and harm your social and work environment. Make a filter and stay with those people who really love you and who you feel do not wish you harm.

Dream that you stole a condom

You feel unprotected by everyone. Victimized because everyone wants to hurt you and because no one notices that you exist. You have made a great effort to attract attention, since it bothers you strongly to be the object of the ignorance of the people around you. This pain does not make you feel comfortable because you are a faithful believer that society works through social interaction

To dream that after sex a woman keeps the used condom

There is a dissatisfaction on the part of your partner in relation to your behavior in intimacy with her. She feels insecure, possibly due to jealousy, and is absolutely convinced that through black magic she is going to achieve the purpose she has with you. The fear of losing you terrifies her so she is capable of using any means to keep you by her side. Be careful with this because even if you don’t believe there is a saying that they fly, they fly.

Dream about a lemon-scented codon

It is announced to you with this dream that bad character is affecting your partner’s relationship. Although you have made an effort to introduce variants and diversity in sexual practice with the intention of improving in this aspect. Condition that is not enough until you become aware that your main enemy that conspires against you is your personality.

Dream about a banana-flavored condom

In this case, you have in your favor having a splendid character that has favored your interpersonal relationships. This is the greatest protection that accompanies you and what makes you the ideal companion, and it is also the reason why offers rain down on you to have passionate encounters. It is prudent that you consider being proactive with this situation so that everything goes in perfect harmony.

Dream of seeing condoms

Dream of seeing many condoms

You must have a special concern and occupation to take care of people who are lying in wait with the intention of sexually possessing you. They are highly toxic and very negative people who come to contaminate with their nefarious influences and harm your interests from every point of view. You must also be attentive to the environment and especially to the danger posed by the things around you.

Carefully review who you consider your friends and do not allow anyone to take advantage of your good character and want to destabilize your peace of mind. You are still in time to establish a new order and place all things as they are according to your mental, physical and social health interests.

Dream that you saw your partner with a condom

From the outset, it might be thought that you are on the verge of your partner betraying you . This is not a crazy idea, but you could also think that they have a special consideration for you and that there are also people who are aware of your well-being. So put the opinions on a scale and according to the one that has more weight for your favoritism, make the most convenient decisions with your purpose.

Dream of seeing a dark colored condom

The infrahuman that lives in you is asking for a way out, it is possible that it is due to the action of a narcotic and some psychotropic. You must be especially careful because with those walks through the underworld, it is most likely that you will find evil in all its splendor. The consequences of this nefarious act may lead you down the path of disenchantment and misfortune. Caution is advised in this regard.

dream of buying condoms

dream of buying condoms

You have to quickly find a solution to the tensions and discomfort caused by sexual abstinence to which you have been subjected lately. In dreams you are being told that enough of repressed desires and that you give free rein to your passion. You must immediately look for a partner large enough to allow you to overflow in the debauchery of the pleasures of the body.

If you currently have a partner, have an evaluation of the way in which they have conducted sexuality, it is possible that they have assumed the least appropriate and therefore they have not allowed themselves to enjoy this type of pleasure. It is recommended that they free themselves in this sense and give the opportunity to play, fantasy and imagination within their sexual relationships. 

Dream that you bought a big condom

You feel low self-esteem because you consider that the size of your penis is not large enough to satisfy the sexual needs that a woman demands under normal conditions. Several failures that you have had in this sense you attribute to your diminished apparatus in relation to that of other men.

The first thing you should do is stop evaluating yourself based on the shape or length of your penis, and much less with the false belief that to generate and feel pleasure you must have an exaggerated one. In second grade you must go to a specialist to explain things to you as they are. So do not let yourself be influenced by comments that what they do is lead you to self-censorship.

If you are a woman and you dreamed of buying a condom, this means that you are dissatisfied during your sexual relations. It is not enough for you only with the sexual act itself, but you associate the pleasure linked to other benefits such as obtaining material goods .

Dream that you bought a small condom

You feel dissatisfied with your body because you would like your virile member to be smaller. The mistreatment that you produce during sexual intercourse makes it traumatic and painful because what you really want, which is to provide pleasure, you are not achieving. On the contrary, women tend to leave your bed and with the intention of not returning. There are sexual techniques that improve the behavior of the relationship in these cases, you should go to a specialist to guide you in the satisfactory management of your sexuality.

Dream of buying condoms to satisfy a group

You have a repressed desire that you wanted to unleash and make it a sexual act. It is about the participation of a proposal for a sexual encounter in a group . Despite the fact that it is a problematic sexual proposal and that it is found and developed from the secrecy, you feel very safe because you have taken care of the conditions so that everything happens satisfactorily, hygienic and free of any health risk.

Dream that you buy a condom to have high-risk sex

You feel an overflowing passion for a person who excites you too much but given his dubious reputation you have never dared to seek his services. You have been wanting his caresses for a long time and wanting to wrap yourself with your low instincts in that intensity. But since you can no longer stand the repressed desire, you have decided to unleash your passion with that person. 

Even so, the execution of this sexual plan will favor you because you are a meticulous, cautious, hygienic and very careful person. With that clear criterion and putting it into practice you should not be afraid of your claims. So assume with full responsibility what you want to do so that you can calm that nervous tension that imprisons you.

find condoms

Dream that you found condoms on the street

You perceive that lately things are not progressing as they should be, that for every action you propose you are presented with an obstacle or a situation that hinders the effective evolution of proposals, projects or plans. The problem that presents itself to you is your association with people with strong negative energies who dirty and contaminate your aura. Apart from getting away from these beings, it is recommended to seek spiritual cleaning that cleanses your paths of evolution.  

Dream that you found a condom in a church

Something inside you is demanding a bit of recollection . That it is time for you to think about peace and inner tranquility. That you look for a refuge or a similar space where you can fast and do at least one spiritual retreat. The frequency of sexual activity is too high and the body and mind urgently ask you to rest because otherwise you can get sick.

This dream invites you to do a self-examination and think about yourself and the actions you do that are harming you. Value human beings beyond the sexual pleasure they can provide you and encourage a calm and spiritual approach. Associate with people who can easily guide you in this direction.

Dream that you found a condom that smells like a dead animal

It is announced to you with absolute clarity and certainty that you must take all the actions that certify and confirm the state of your health. It is possible that in the next few days you will feel affected by having sexual relations that are disordered and without any type of control, and ignoring what prevention recommends. Don’t wait for later and take sanitary measures as soon as possible.

condom states

Dream about used condoms

Do not worry about dreaming this that although it seems to portend bad and unpleasant things, it is not at all . Evil has its lifespan and where its effectiveness comes to an end. Of course you have spent time where you think that your life has been a disaster, full of pure setbacks and obstacles that do not allow you to evolve according to the achievements. 

But if you dream of used condoms, this is a clear announcement that you will soon get out of the quagmire . The curtain of positive possibilities opens to enter a period of good luck, in which you will have good luck on your side and you will be able to rebuild your life protected by prosperity and good fortune.

dream of broken condoms

Serious and delicate conflicts are announced to you in all the spheres that occupy your existence. You are advised to act with great caution, carefully evaluate all things that mean high-risk situations. Do not forget that from where you least expect it, the hare jumps but this time with the firm intention of hurting you.

It is not convenient to assume things that do not represent benefits, at no time can you give yourself the benefit of the doubt, you must act with the absolute certainty that what will come is the best. No uncertainties when facing a problem to the possibility of it, every negotiation must be presented with obvious clarity. Do not give room for ambiguity because what awaits you in the end is misinterpretation. 

Dream of codons full of blood

You should immediately think about how to stop this situation that keeps you with this desperate tension . You cannot walk all the time with the feeling of fear on your back, like a kind of lurking persecution that forces you to fulfill your responsibilities even if they have some criminal implication. 

The fear of justice anguishes you in such a way that it does not let you have a day without worry. Although the problems are difficult to solve, this does not mean that they do not have a solution . For now, not as a cure but as a palliative that will calm you down a bit, stay away from negative people and endowed with bad influences towards you.

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