Dream about cougar

As we already know, the puma is a serene and calm animal, it behaves in a measured and elegant manner. This is why dreaming of a cougar shows fluidity in life, persistence and new opportunities that will present themselves.

We must keep in mind the feelings that arose in the dream, when the feline appears, this will be key to a good interpretation. Cougars in dreams symbolize awareness, desires, agility, sexuality, leadership, wisdom, and courage.

dream of cougar

Seeing a cougar shows that we need a balance in our life. We are doing things very haphazardly and that is why they do not turn out as we wish. If we feel good about having the puma near us, it foretells that our wisdom will lead us straight to leadership.

Being afraid of a cougar, and then overcoming that fear, augurs that we will overcome all our problems without any inconvenience. If the cougar crosses our path, it indicates that we are feeling pressured and distrust our intuition to make the best decision.

When in the dream the cougar is tame

If the puma that is close to us is tame, it means that we should have more confidence in ourselves. We must work to have more power and have enough courage to achieve the leadership we want.

See the cougar in our house

Having a cougar in our house predicts that we will be successful in everything we do. Make the most of this streak of good luck. If the cougar is asleep inside our house, it indicates that it is time to take a break before continuing to work on our goals.

Dream about a cougar attacking

The meaning of dreams in which cougars attack, indicates that due to our hostility, we can put ourselves in danger. Also this dream can indicate that our finances could be in danger, if we continue wasting money on unnecessary things.

If the cougar that attacks us is a female, it predicts problems in the sentimental relationship or in the family. When the cougar attacks another animal, it represents our internal struggle between good and evil. If it attacks us and we start to cry, or we feel very afraid, it reflects the fear that everything in our life will get out of control.

Puppies in the dream

Observing how cougar cubs play shows that we are spending most of our time doing nothing productive. It is because of our attitude that we fail to achieve our goals. It is time to stop blaming others for our failures. Feeling afraid because the cougar cub is approaching us, portends that many problems are coming and we will have to make a change of plans. But if seeing the cougar cubs we feel that they are adorable, then times full of success are approaching.

Dream about a cougar hunting

Seeing how this feline hunts its prey is a negative dream, since it alerts us to a stage of struggles and problems that is approaching. It is not the best time to start new businesses, jobs or projects. It is better to wait for this bad stage to pass, and then go out and chase our dreams. But if it is a woman who dreams that she sees a cougar hunting, it represents her bad attitude.

See what colors they are

When the cougar of the dream is of many colors and we love it, ingenuity will make us solve all the problems quickly. If we see a red cougar, it promises success and unbridled desires. A black cougar indicates that we will live many family adventures, and these will fill us with joy.

Dream of a cougar that we kill

The fact of killing a cougar in the dream shows that our bad character will create a fight with a great friendship. Then it will be up to us to apologize, if we want the friendship to continue.

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