We often associate cows and herds of cattle with farming and ranching. These animals have a number of different uses and meanings in different cultures around the world. Whether you dream of cows, or wonder what the symbolism of a cow might be, there are many possible meanings.

What do cows and cattle symbolize?

Cows are often seen as a source that provides us with food to eat and milk to drink. For this reason, cows are very closely connected to how we feel in order to meet our needs in the physical world.

abundance and prosperity

Many times we associate cows with abundance and prosperity. In fact, during the times of the Great Depression, a family was considered wealthy if they owned a cow, because it could provide their family with a constant supply of milk. We also often hear the common phrase “cash cow” in business, which means that something is a constant and reliable source of income or profit. This saying comes because once the initial investment is made, the business owner will always have a constant supply of milk.

Fertility and maternity

A cow will often appear as a power animal or spirit animal to women who are struggling with fertility or need support in their lives by fulfilling the roles of a mother. Cow mothers and calves have a special bond, so dreaming of a cow or having a cow as a symbol or spirit animal in your life could mean embracing the mothering and nurturing aspects of yourself.

Spiritual connection with creation

Mother cows and their calves remind us that we are all connected to the divine energy source of creation. Cows are a reminder to practice kindness and care for all living things. Although we may not immediately think of creativity and creation with cows, these animals are often here to remind us that we are all great creators in our lives. A cow may seem to give you some wisdom and support in creating the physical life you wish to live.

What does it mean to dream of a cow

There are many common dreams about cows, and if you are wondering what a dream of a cow can mean, these different scenarios and topics may be helpful for you to better understand your dream.

What is the general mood and tone of sleep?

If you dream of happy cows , this certainly means something very different than dreaming of sickly or sad looking cows.

Dreaming of healthy and fat cattle grazing on a green pasture often means that you feel happy and calm about a situation in your life. You can feel that your finances are well managed and that things in your life are going well.

If the cow or cattle seem underfed, neglected, or unhealthy, you may feel like you’re not seeing the results of your hard work and effort. You may not feel satisfied or satisfied with your current situation. You may feel that your finances are suffering or neglected.

Dreaming of a cattle stampede could mean that you feel out of control . You may feel unable to control your finances if this stampede in the dream is somehow related to benefits or food. You may feel unable to be able to support yourself or your family. In some cases, a stampede in a dream could also mean that a goal you are working on will require a lot of effort and energy to see the results you want to achieve.

Dreaming of dairy cows

Dreaming of milking a cow  can mean that you hope to see the success of your investments or your work. This means that you can feel confident that the decisions you have made will deliver the results you want to achieve.

Dreaming of a cow with young calves can often mean a desire to connect with your feminine and maternal side. You may feel that you need care and affection, or that there is something or someone in your life that needs to be taken care of.

Dream About Cows and Baby Calves

If you dream of happy calves with their mothers , this could mean that you are looking for ways to increase your abundance in life, or it could mean that you are trying to conceive or thinking about having children in your own life.

If you dream of cows separated from their calves , it can mean that you feel disconnected from someone you care about or someone who has cared for you in the past. Baby cows often cry when separated from their mothers. This could also denote that you feel abandoned or neglected by someone who is not faithful to you.

Dreaming of scared cows, bulls or dark cattle

If you dream of a dark or vicious looking cow or bull , this may mean that you are afraid of a person you deal with in business, or that you may have a negative person in your life who is threatening your peace and happiness.

An angry cow is quite a powerful force, so if you dream of an angry cow or bull attacking you, this could mean that you feel like you are being attacked by something or someone in your waking life. You may also have some pent-up feelings about your current financial situation. It seems impossible? Does your current financial situation threaten your happiness or your health? Often these dreams stem from not feeling that you are capable of solving your problems.

Dream symbols related to cows, bulls and cattle

If you have dreamed of a cow, you may want to look up the meaning of the other objects in the dream. Here are some related symbols that can give you some additional insight into what the dream may mean.

Events and common places in dreams about cows

Cows often ride the storms gracefully and calmly.

Did the cow appear in the garden in a dream?

Doors can often have interesting meanings in dreams, and could have some meaning about opportunities and protection in your life .

Meaning of the dream of the arena – If you dream of a bullfight or of seeing a cow or a bull in an arena, the meaning of an arena as a symbol of a dream can provide you with much more information.

If you dreamed of eating meat or milk from a cow, you may want to investigate the meaning of food in dreams.

other farm animals

Sometimes cows can appear in our dreams on a farm, along with other farm animals. Here are some common animals that can appear along with cows.

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