What does it mean to dream about crabs? 16 dream interpretations

Crabs are very peculiar beings, if you have ever seen a crab you may have noticed that it walks sideways, making a movement that makes it look as if it were walking backwards, which is why most people say that it walks sideways. upside down, and that the fact of dreaming of crabs indicates that your life is going the way it shouldn’t. This is true up to a point, though not entirely, as there is a reason why this animal walks the way it does.

The shell of crabs is generally wide and short, they have a small and bent abdomen that makes their legs move laterally, it is more comfortable for them to walk like this since their defenses will be little exposed and ready to act, in the In the case of those who are on the shores of the sea, they serve as a grip for the waves. So could we take the interpretation of dreams with crabs totally to the fact of their displacement contrary to the usual?The answer is no!, since not all the time he walks like this; When this animal feels threatened, it moves in the direction of the threat, raising and moving its claws as a warning . If we are dreaming of a common crab , it generally indicates that we are leading our lives in an illogical way, contrary to how all the other people around us do it.

What does it mean to dream of crabs? 16 dream interpretations


If there is a crab in your dream that is walking forward or turning on its axis, it means that you are feeling threatened by some circumstance, but you will be endowed with all the inner strength and tools to face any problem that is presented to you. You will be very attentive, so nothing and no one can surprise you.

As in the case of dreams with cats or most cases where animals appear; dreams with crabs usually have different meanings, according to the dreamer’s environment. Each and every one of the elements that were interacting in the dream play an important role, as well as their order and the details that characterized them.

For this reason we have prepared for you a series of more specific interpretations about what it is to dream of crabs , to help you find what your dream means in a more exact way. Remember that you must handle in detail the environment in which the dream events were unfolding, in order to carry out an exhaustive analysis based on a general meaning.

1-Dream of crabs that bite

Dreaming of stinging crabs warns you that you are making fun of a person with a very perceptive behavior! you are taking advantage of someone who apparently does not seem to be realizing things, but the reality is different. At first he had good intentions but you have hurt his feelings and he is waiting for the best moment to make you pay for all the damage you have done to him.

Seeing that you are a stinging crab in a dream also means that you are a very capable person in all aspects, and there will be no way to make you falter, you have incredible energy power within you, which will allow you to see beyond your nose and defeat any obstacle that comes your way.

2-Dreaming of dead crabs

Dreaming of dead crabs means that someone has known how to hit you where it hurts the most, you have neglected a person you thought was loyal to you, and has betrayed you in the lowest way. You must learn not to let go of all your defenses with anyone, since we cannot fully know the way of thinking that those around us have, nor the real reason why they approach us.

Seeing dead crabs in a dream also indicates that you are currently in an emotional imbalance that does not allow you to face your problems. You are in a stage of your life where you feel without strength or reason to fight, where you think that all your possibilities have vanished. But it’s time to get up and move on.

3-Dream with blue crabs

Dreaming of blue crabs announces that there is a love affair! Or an anguish regarding your current partner. It could be trying that that person you love so much is diverting his gaze towards other horizons, love may be cooling down, for which this person will be changing the way he is with you; this will give you the advantage of turning things around if you don’t want to lose the relationship altogether.

Seeing blue crabs in a dream could also mean that there will soon be lawsuits in your relationship, due to simple contradictions that exist between the two of you. Remember that the most important thing will be to stay calm and know how to listen to the other person. Learning to be in the shoes of others will help you not end up destroying the things you love most.

4-Dream of small crabs

Dreaming of small crabs indicates that sometimes you will feel that your life is not taking the turn you wanted, but you will know the exact moment and the correct way to change everything in your favor. Do not let yourself be guided by the comments of other people; your inner voice will be your best ally in everything you want to undertake since its power will grow over time.

5-Dream of colored crabs

Dreaming of colored crabs tells you that your feelings are not completely clear. You feel very confused in all or almost all aspects of your life, and this prevents you from knowing what you really want. You must analyze each of the factors that are part of your existence, and think about what are the things that really should continue to be part of your daily life, of your goals, and which ones you should discard to move forward in a more fruitful way.

6-Dream of large live crabs

Dreaming of large live crabs reveals that you are finally breaking the shell in which you were hiding, and you are showing the things that you are capable of doing. You have reflected on your problems and decided to face them. The confidence and security that you have developed will help you show what you are really made of.

If you see large live crabs in a dream and they are walking forward, it means that you are going to make an important decision, which will benefit both your financial and personal aspects. You are in an instant where you feel that all the energies are in your favor, and indeed it is so; the world is spinning around you and you learn more and more from your experiences.

7-Dreaming of crayfish

Dreaming of crayfish   means that you currently feel in your comfort zone, but despite this you are cautious in everything you do, you do not want anyone to take you by surprise and you do everything in your power to create a barrier. Around you. That is very good, since it will help you not to be exposed to those people who want to harm you, which unfortunately are many.

8-Dreaming of a white crab

Dreaming of a white crab means that the purity of your feelings will be your best barrier against problems, since you inspire confidence in anyone who deals with you. You project honesty and strength, so it will take a lot for people to be able to come up with indecent propositions and dirty deals. Your ability level is limitless and makes you invulnerable to almost anything.

9-Dreaming of crabs attacking

Dreaming of crabs attacking means that you are currently feeling drowned by problems. It could be dealing with a jealousy situation that you don’t know how to handle. Remember that trust is one of the most important things in a relationship; the fact of mistrusting the other person greatly fractures feelings, and has come to break up many courtships and marriages. Do not rush! What has to happen will happen, without you even realizing it.

Seeing crabs attacking in a dream could also mean the reappearance of a person from the past that was very important to you, and that you thought you had forgotten, but it is not totally the case and that makes you feel disturbed since the circumstances are not the same. . It is necessary that you analyze your feelings and those of that person well, so that you do not make a mistake that you will regret for the rest of your life.

10-Dreaming of crabs being born

Dreaming of crabs being born announces a spiritual awakening! You have left behind that weak person whom everyone hurt and handled at will. We are in the presence of a new “you” both inside and out, which will not let anyone get past your defenses, since you are tired of being mocked by everyone and are ready to assume your true role.

11-Dream of crabs swimming

Dreaming of crabs swimming usually means good fortune; if these crabs are swimming in clear, clear water. Many pleasant surprises will come into your life to show you that the universe has not forgotten about your existence. You will be presented with one or another minor problem, but you will always find the best way to deal with it.

Now if crabs are swimming in dirty water in your dream get ready! Soon a great misfortune is going to happen in your family! Something that will leave you cold! and it will be affecting one of the most appreciated beings in your family nexus. It could be dealing with an unexpected death or the discovery of the terminal stage of a serious illness.

12-Dream with purple crabs

Dreaming of purple crabs means that you feel in a stage of peace and tranquility in your life. You feel an impressive security of yourself and act with patience and serenity. Perhaps you are very criticized for the calm way you take things, but you should not pay attention to comments, since that characteristic of yours is the one that will help you always stay away from problems and worries.

13-Dream of brown crabs

Dreaming of brown crabs means that you are presenting yourself with a lot of vulnerability in the face of circumstances; remember that not all the time we should show ourselves as we are in front of people, since we do not know their intentions, and we are fully exposing our defenses against them. You have the ability to counter all the enemy’s attacks but you can get very hurt if you give him the advantage of knowing your weaknesses.

14-Dream with red crabs

Dreaming of red crabs means that you are currently in a negative phase of your life as far as love is concerned. You feel that your relationship is not going as you would like despite the things you do for it. Perhaps the reason is that you are not really heading it in the right direction; you must learn to listen to your partner, and to know the things that he likes and dislikes; since it is probably presenting a clash of priorities and that is what is generating the problem.

If you have dreamed of a red crab, perhaps you are a very arrogant person, who thinks that their actions are good all the time, you are one of those who think that they are right all the time, despite the fact that their construction is falling apart. You must learn to be realistic and accept the advice of people who have more experience, if you really want to achieve your goals.

15-Dream of crabs in a fish tank

Dreaming of crabs in a fish tank means that in your relationship there is harmony and immense inner peace that will last a long time; since you will know how to direct that beautiful romance to where you want. However, you should never stop being careful, because circumstances like these generate the envy of many people, who will not hesitate for a moment to destroy everything you have built.

16-Dreaming of catching crabs

Dreaming of catching crabs indicates that you will be able to overcome any adversity that comes your way, and in addition to this you will be able to support the people around you, since the universe has endowed you with unattainable power. You have enough confidence in yourself to break any barrier. However, you are advised to act cautiously so that no one can take you by surprise, because that would mean your destruction.


As we could see , dreaming of crabs has very diverse meanings, so to know its real symbology we must be attentive to all the details that appear in the dream. Don’t worry if the interpretation of your environment turns to the negative side; since in the same way with this oneiric demonstration the universe is giving you the opportunity to be like the crab, that is; have your pincers well ready for defense at the moment you need them.

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