Dream about crazy

Dreaming of crazy people, or people who have mental disorders, can have a very varied meaning, and its interpretation will depend on the details that we see in the dream.

The dreams in which they appear crazy, are showing us feelings that we have hidden deep inside us, such as: fury, rage, rage, anger, frustration, annoyance and aggressiveness.

dream of crazy

A dream with crazy people shows that we are trying to be more spontaneous and do the things we like, without always thinking about what others will say or think about us. If we are the crazy ones, it shows that we are willing to be reckless without analyzing things as much. Dreaming of madmen in a mental hospital alerts us to the bad actions of a family member, who could end up having problems with the law.

Meaning of dreaming of a crazy woman

When we see a crazy woman in our dream, it shows that we are so in love with our partner, that it doesn’t matter if he gives us what we need. But we have to understand that our relationship is no longer healthy.

Omen of dreaming that someone goes crazy

Seeing someone go crazy indicates that we are about to make a very important decision in our lives. These have us very concerned because we do not know how far it can affect us. This dream also indicates that we feel that we can no longer depend on someone like before, and we feel sad and ignored.

dream of a crazy person 

Seeing a crazy person shows that we have a lot of anger inside and we think that nobody understands us. Actually it is we who are getting wrong ideas about things. If a person goes crazy out of love for someone, it shows that a person will cause us a lot of trouble.

What does it mean to dream of crazy people chasing you?

When a madman persecutes us, he points out that we have many annoyances and uncertainties, which do not allow us to be in peace. Sometimes talking to someone you trust is the best way to clear up doubts and find peace.

Omen of dreaming of crazy people

Crazy people in our dream represents our critical mind. We have the gift to achieve what we set out to do. It’s time for you to have more confidence in yourself.

Dream that you go crazy 

If we go crazy, it means that we fantasize about doing something forbidden, but we don’t have the courage to do it. Perhaps we plan to take revenge on someone who has wronged us. This dream also means that we have done something wrong and we are afraid of being judged for our actions. Seeing that we are going crazy, indicates that we are physically and mentally exhausted, and we need to take a break.

Feeling that we are going crazy, indicates that we have lost the direction of our life and our goals, because we think that we never made the right decisions. If we go crazy and get locked up in a madhouse with other crazy people, it shows that our bad deeds will bring us into trouble with the law. This dream also means that we want to get away from everything and everyone for a while, to be able to reflect.

What does it indicate to dream that a family member goes crazy?

Seeing that a family member goes crazy indicates that we are doing a business where it will unexpectedly start to make great profits. This dream also indicates that it is good to let go, as long as we are not hurting other people.

Dream about crazy people attacking you

If a madman suddenly attacks us, and we see that he is foaming at the mouth, it indicates that we do not know how to handle our emotions. We should ask for help to learn how to handle them without affecting us. Another interpretation of this dream is that we are very anxious for something to happen, and it has us very excited. We must control our emotions, since it is most likely that what happens will not be up to what we expected. We will end up disappointed and very irritated.

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