What does it mean to dream about crossing yourself

What does it mean to dream of crossing yourself

It is a known and customary act for many people, who frequently use it as a sign of blessing or request for protection. It is common to cross yourself before starting a new task or leaving home. It is a way of entrusting yourself to God if you are a Christian or Protestant believer.

The fact of crossing oneself in dreams is, from this point of view, a way of moving internal energies, channeling them into a single force. It is a way to request protection or bless what we want to do, for our benefit. 

When an individual crosses himself or crosses himself, it can be interpreted in various ways. It could be a demonstration of faith, of good wishes and protection or of fear and bewilderment at what is about to happen. If it is done personally, it is a request for blessing and trust in beliefs.

you cross yourself

Dreaming that you cross yourself when leaving your home

If when you dream you see that you leave your home and cross yourself, it is a dream that predicts your confidence in achieving your goals. Your strength and security in your abilities are reinforced with your faith, surely you will be able to achieve your plans outside your family environment very soon.

If when you left your home and you crossed yourself with joy, it is a sign of trust and good omens in the future. You feel prepared to face challenges to come, you trust your potentialities, if on the contrary when you leave your home shelter and when you cross yourself you perceive doubts or fear , it refers to your weaknesses and mistakes. You should better study the steps to follow in your life.

Dream that you cross yourself when entering a building

When you dream that you enter a building and cross yourself, it is a clear sign that you feel insecure in the face of some pressing situation . It is possible that you are not prepared to face new challenges within an institution and your inner strength seeks support to achieve it.

Dream experts suggest that a building represents the security and protection of individuals. If when entering it you see yourself crossing yourself, it is that you seek to reinforce that protection that it can offer you and you want to feel faithfully protected. 

Dreaming that you cross yourself when you meet a familiar person

If in your dreams you notice that you suddenly meet someone you know and your reaction is to cross yourself, it is a warning sign. Possibly there is an unresolved circumstance that deserves your prompt attention, so the surprise should not intimidate you, arm yourself with courage and go ahead.

This dream may be warning you that you should beware of gossip or bad comments that may come from the character you have dreamed of. You should not worry about bad intentions, do not give it space, the people around you will not give it strength either, your personality predominates.

Dream that you cross yourself before an unknown person

If in your dreams you see yourself making the sign of the cross before a stranger, it is a clear sign of fear of challenges. If when dreaming you don’t know how to react to an individual you have never seen and cross yourself, it is a symbol of spontaneous rejection. 

Your unconscious is protecting you from possible bad encounters or future pressing situations. You could trust your instincts and walk away if it doesn’t inspire confidence. A distance in time is preferable than later regrets. 

Dream of crossing yourself in a field

It is a dream of good omens where you are referring to the strength in your beliefs and hopes in the future . It is an image that reinforces the breadth of thought and the desire to project oneself into a productive life.

If in the dream you perceive yourself crossing yourself before a sown field, it is a reference to working to achieve your goals for the benefit of your loved ones. But if you see a wide area without planting, it is a prediction of the work you must undertake to achieve it, your confidence and ability will allow you to achieve it. 

Others cross you

Dream that you are crossed by a woman 

According to scholars in the dream field, dreaming of a woman indicates the most sensitive side of the dreamer. It symbolizes the desire to be protected in some way, that allows us to feel sheltered and in harmony. It is as if your subconscious cried out for the love of a mother to feel calm.

If you are crossed by your mother

This dream symbolizes the total protection that she wishes for you. You must love your mother above all things and be grateful for her love. Maybe you have it a little forgotten. Always look for her contact and her company because there is no one better than her to wish you well. It is your best amulet.

If the woman who appears in your dreams crossing you is successful

It makes a clear reference that the support you require will come to your life. Someone from your environment will give you their support so that you can achieve a goal that you have set for yourself, they have confidence in your project.

If the woman who appears in your dreams to cross you is humble and with a sad face

It is telling you, you should protect yourself from bad deeds. Possibly in your work environment you should protect yourself from comments or bad judgments that can harm the evolution around you.

You sign someone else

Dream that you cross someone else

If in your dream you see that you are persigning another individual, it is a clear sign that you are worrying about their future. If the character is not from your family environment, it is your subconscious that feels dissatisfied with something and demands protection. 

When you cross others, you may be doing things that are not usual, but that seek to help or protect people around you . By protecting them you are also protecting yourself, it is the reflection of your inner desire to grow and share. 

It is the way to demonstrate that man is not an isolated being, he requires other beings and thus consolidate himself in life.

Dream that you cross a child

If in your dream you see a child and cross him, it is a clear sign of good fortune and happiness to come. It is possible that a new member will soon arrive in your environment, which will fill you with joy and new emotions and you will want to protect him very much. It is an image full of love, tenderness and faith in the future.

If in the dream this child smiles at you when you cross him, it is a sign of prosperity and health that will soon arrive. He may not be a member of your family, perhaps he is not even known, it symbolizes your love for others and nobility of spirit. It is a clear sign of the harmony in which you find yourself and your subconscious manifests it.

Others cross themselves

Dream that you see people crossing themselves in church

This dream indicates that there is perfect protection in your environment. The people around you are on paths of spirituality and that gives you a lot of security in every matter you undertake. 

Dream that you see a priest crossing himself

The priest is a maximum authority of the church and if he is crossing himself it is because he is connected with God and through his image in your dream he leads you to redeem yourself from some bad deed. You need to be absolved of something you have done and this dream reveals it. 

Dreaming of people on their knees who cross themselves

This dream symbolizes the humility and hope of many people around you and of yourself, towards a supreme being who offers you peace. It is important that you check if you are leaving everything to be given to you from the outside and how much you are doing to achieve what you want.

Dream that your mother crosses herself 

It is a symbol of protection. Your mother is a being who always sends you good wishes and she wishes you the best. She is a spiritual person that you should always lean on. She can also be related to a female figure in your life of great significance. An older sister, an aunt or wife.

Dream of children crossing themselves

Children in dreams symbolize the purest part of you that manifests. If you see them crossing themselves, it is because in your inner self there is a lot of innocence that wants to be protected. You know that you are fragile and that you need strength, so you request it from your mystical entities that you believe in. 

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