What does it mean to dream about crucifixion

What does it mean to dream of crucifixion

In the Western world, crucifixion is known as an ancient method of torture and execution . Which is applied to people who have been tried for a cause that should be punished according to the laws. At present, it is still used in various regions of the planet to serve as a lesson to others not to incur a fault.

It is a cruel method of execution where the condemned is tied or in the worst case nailed to a wooden cross. In Roman antiquity it was the most frequent procedure for executing lawbreakers, who had been judged innocent or not .

This method was taken with a double purpose by the authorities. Executing the condemned was one of them and performing a psychological indoctrination to the population when appreciating the consequences of the infractions, the other. 

Symbolism related to punishment

So dreaming of crucifixion is loaded with a symbolism full of a background of feelings, remorse and probably guilt that they believe deserve punishment.

In whatever its variants, dreaming of a crucifixion is an experience full of symbolism, whether of honesty, religiosity or spirituality . Generally, whoever has the dream could be subconsciously expressing a guilt that does not allow him to advance in various aspects of his life.

It can also be a sign that the dreamer is internally afraid of being judged for their actions. It is a warning of not having spiritual harmony or that personal emotions not overcome are an obstacle to moving forward or feeling accepted.

see you crucified

To dream that ware crucified in a known place

When in dreams we perceive that we are crucified in a known place, it is a sign that we have missed some opportunities that had been given to us. This dream represents that in those circumstances we did not pay attention to the offer and we regret it at the present time.

It is a dream full of symbolism that leads us to review our attitude towards life, so as not to miss out on opportunities that lead us to personal growth. The dreamlike images of us on the cross refer to decisions that have tied us down and hindered us from reaching our goals. 

Dream that we are crucified in an unknown place

When we see ourselves in dreams crucified or near a cross, it creates a reference to our limited thinking or fear of changes. What does not allow us to show greater decision in our life to adequately achieve the proposed purposes and makes us feel lost or disoriented.

Generally, this dream can occur when people do not dare to perceive beyond their environment and do not risk experiencing changes. 

Possibly they feel deep inside that by performing some variation of their routine they could be judged by others. These images can appear if we give more credit to the opinion of others than to our own feelings.

To dream that they crucify us in the street

When in dreams we see that they are crucifying us in the street, it is an unequivocal sign of our subconscious feeling that we are being judged by people around us . We may not be doing things inappropriately and our actions may intentionally or unintentionally hurt others.

If in dreams we appreciate that someone crucifies us on the street, it is referring to feeling guilty for our attitude towards those who are always by our side. Possibly we are going through circumstances that make us feel hostile to others and consciousness manifests it that way in the dream

It is time to reflect on what afflicts us and not let it drag us to hurt those who accompany us in every circumstance of life. It is a dream of reconciliation with our inner world and being able to correct our faults that hurt or offend those who have always supported us.  

To dream that they crucify us on top of a hill

If in the dream we perceive that they are crucifying us on top of a hill, it is a sign of care and alertness . Our subconscious is indicating that it feels like it is being exposed to public ridicule for some personal circumstance or that problems or intimate secrets may be exposed.

It is a dream that tells us that we must be aware of our actions and what we talk to other people. Possibly if we are not careful in our daily lives, some situations could hurt us and leave deep marks on our path.

Dream about the crucifixion of others

Dream that we lowered someone from a cross

If in our dream we appreciate that we are lowering someone from a cross, it is a good sign that we are acting appropriately , in harmony with those close to us. The actions we carry out help those who accompany us, create a more harmonious and sociable environment by alleviating any unnecessary pressure in the daily environment. 

Seeing in dreams that we come down from the cross to someone we know, it is a sign that we are aware and considerate of those around us. We value that they are part of our personal growth. But if we do not know who we are helping to come down from the ordeal, it is an indication that we are valuing everyone and we appreciate each one equally.

Dream about the crucifixion of a woman

If in dreams we perceive that a woman is crucified, it is a sign of loss of opportunities due to a risky situation. These are circumstances that are rarely offered in life and cannot be taken advantage of by external eventualities. Sometimes opportunities come our way on a single occasion and we lose it hopelessly.

The crucified woman represents a great opportunity perhaps for travel, personal growth or expansion of knowledge. The crucifixion symbolizes the circumstance of being subject and not being able to enjoy the offers that are being offered to us right at the moment. 

We just look lost and desolate , but we really have to accept reality, move on and strengthen ourselves in every event of life.

Dream that a man crucifies another

If in dreams a man appears who is crucifying another, even if he is not known, it is a dream message loaded with symbolism. We must review our actions and thoughts , probably the subconscious indicates its annoyance at how we are behaving, hurting nearby beings in some way.

It is a dream that refers us to the reflection of the actions or decisions we make, which many times without thinking, cause discomfort to those around us. We could try to be less individualistic and work in order to live in harmony with those who accompany us in life.

Dream about the crucifixion of Christ

This is a dream of warning or alert, when in our dream world the crucifixion of Christ is reflected, it is a sign of burdens and foreign debts . Without encouraging disrespectful or banal comparisons, it is the reference that we are assuming greater responsibilities than we can handle, while others are calm.

Our subconscious tells us that it does not feel in harmony with the environment, it refers to a lot of weight and unappreciated effort. It is a way of revealing yourself to the disregard of others and of announcing that you must analyze whether it is worth so much sacrifice for others.

Dreaming of freeing us from a crucifixion

If in dreams we perceive that several people advocate to free us from an irremediable crucifixion, we should be grateful and generous with others. Also, it is a sign that new life opportunities are approaching. We must overcome the failures we have made, being aware of the actions we carry out and face the mistakes.

It is a dream where we are predicted that we will free ourselves from some circumstance that was pressing us and did not allow us to advance in our life project. Possibly it is the announcement of good news that will allow us to achieve improvements in our economy and with this we could help those around us.

Dream of violent action and crucifixion 

Dream that a family member is crucified

This dream reveals the fear of something related to a family member who is surely in trouble. His health could be very broken and therefore you see it this way. Take care of this person who will surely thank you. Fear paralyzes and the important thing is action. 

Dream that a dog is crucified

It is a dream that shows that you are sensitive to what happens to animals, especially on the street. You worry and you would like to do something for them but you don’t, you let it go. It is time that you set out to observe how sensitive you are and react according to your impulse when it comes to doing good. 

Dream that a bird is crucified

This dream shows that you are afraid for your freedom . It is possible that you have felt watched or pressured and you are not as free as you wish. You must make clear points to those around you so that they respect certain decisions. Explain to everyone how free you want to be so that you can be the leader of your own life. 

Dream that a thief is crucified

You feel that justice must be imposed. You do not accept impunity and you openly censor it. You do not let pass any outrage committed by criminals. You act and denounce illegal acts. This is a sign that you are a very focused person with solid principles. 

Dream that an innocent person is crucified

Like the previous dream, in this case you defend whoever is innocent , you do not accept the mistreatment of any noble being. It is possible that you have witnessed some unfair and disproportionate action towards someone innocent and therefore you feel stunned. It is important that you analyze the situation and if you can do something, do it now. 

Dream that a priest is crucified

You are fighting with the religious beliefs of the church. You have criteria about priests that don’t favor them. You have expected from the church some action that you have not seen materialize and therefore you judge it. It is legitimate that if you have reasons to be in conflict with the church , you recognize it.

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