Dream about cut down trees

Dreaming of cut trees represents our life, since they symbolize our past, present and future.

There are many meanings about dreams that involve cut trees, that is why we will detail the most common ones that we usually have, since seeing them cut calls more attention and can be key to their interpretation.

Dream about cut down trees

Seeing trees cut down shows that a person will start to act weird and their actions will confuse us. If the trees that we see cut are from our own garden, it means that we will be undecided when making a big decision. A tree cut and burned, augurs that we will lose a great friendship. It can also mean big economic losses.

Meaning of dreaming of cutting trees

When we cut down the tree ourselves, it indicates that we are wasting our time and money on things that are not important. It is because of this that we fail to achieve our dreams. We must get more serious and prioritize our responsibilities. Cutting down an old tree in the dream shows that we no longer feel with as much strength and vitality as before.

Dream About Cut Tree Trunks

This dream is alerting us to being too optimistic and creating false hopes that will lead us to get into a lot of trouble. Also this dream indicates that we have false friends who will gossip about us, with the aim of hurting us. If in the dream the trunks of the cut trees attract our attention, it indicates that we are feeling alone, and that the people around us do not pay attention to us.

See we cut down willow trees

This particular dream calls our attention, as we are too inflexible people. We must be more open-minded and accept the opinion of others.

Dreaming of trees cut from oak

To be cutting down an oak tree and toppling it completely, indicates that someone’s action will leave us disappointed and without strength.

If the tree that is cut is a pine

It shows that we are going through a moment in our life where we are not seeing things clearly. We are going to need spiritual help to achieve greater clarity and tranquility in our life.

Cut fruit trees in the dream

This dream means that we are going to have some very bad times in the workplace. It may be that we lose our job, our income goes down, or we have a lot of debts and we don’t know how to pay them. If the cut fruit tree has flowers, it indicates that our success and our joy will be left behind. Cutting down fruit trees that are full of fruit predicts that our finances will be hit hard and it will take a long time for us to recover financially.

Dream of cutting tree branches

It shows that we have decided to leave many things behind, to start a new life, since we have had some opportunities that we believe we should not miss. Cutting the branches of a tree to prune it indicates that we have isolated ourselves from the world and in these moments we prefer to be alone.

See cut trees that are dry

If we ourselves are cutting down a tree that is dry, it indicates that someone we hold dear will disrespect us. After that we will not accept your apology.

Dreaming of cut trees in a forest

It refers to the fact that we have tired of people and we have decided to get away from everyone, to reflect, be calm and relax. If we get lost in the forest among the felled trees, it means that we do not know who to trust. Also this dream indicates that we cannot find the solution to a problem that we need to solve.

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