What does it mean to dream about darkness

What does it mean to dream of darkness

Darkness in any case has been associated with the unknown and not pleasant. It is difficult or rare to hear that someone likes total darkness. A dimly lit environment may seem a bit romantic, but total darkness is hardly desired or enjoyed.

In general, dreaming of darkness is associated with fears and fears , things that are sensed and put us in expectation. They are unrevealed mysteries , it is the hidden.

Children are almost always afraid of the dark and if we had any experience in childhood with a dark environment, it will be very likely that as adults we will suffer the aftermath of this event. Sometimes an adult is shocked when remembering lived events and before it, her dream world reacts and recreates dark situations.

Uncertainty is one of the issues related to darkness, because when nothing is known, a state of anxious expectation is generated in us.

The darkness generates insecurity because not knowing where we are or what is where we are, we fill ourselves with doubts and in no way feel safe.

Darkness is also associated with loneliness , a graphic way of representing oneself is only thinking of a dark environment. This thought connects us with the idea of ​​threat because being alone sometimes means that we are vulnerable and defenseless and can be threatened by some adversity.

Let’s see what it can mean to dream of darkness according to the situations that manifest through your subconscious. 

you and the dark

Dream that you are locked in a dark room

You are waiting to be able to solve a situation that has you worried. It seems that the solution does not depend directly on you. This could be related to your work environment. Someone superior to you is the one who must give an answer to this matter and you depend on it.

We are usually in places where things do not work as they should and we perceive them. It is your case, you have been seeing in some places how the procedure for certain things is incorrect and you know how it could be resolved in a better way. But this does not depend on you and therefore you have anguish. 

You will have to let things take the course they should take without getting upset about it. If what a boss does, a bank teller, a bus driver, a document receiver, etc., does not depend on you, you will have to adapt so as not to suffer or intervene without waiting for them to pay attention to you, that is, do not Generate expectations of change.

Dream that you dance in the dark

It is a dream where it is shown that you are in a moment of spiritual recollection, it is a sign of how good you feel about yourself.

Dream that you walk alone in the dark

You are currently on an unknown path . You decided to take this course, perhaps without preparing yourself well for it. You don’t know exactly where it leads you and you are a bit blind. You do not feel safe in what you are doing, due to ignorance of an activity.

Perhaps you resigned from a job and you are starting another in something that you do not dominate. You are very worried about not visualizing the key elements that you must know to be able to undertake your tasks. You should seek support from a superior or someone with experience to guide you.

The important thing here is not to stay with the doubts so that you can undertake your work with total ease and success. It is very common that you do not know something at first glance. Have a lot of patience, perseverance and you will achieve it 

Dream that you are in a car and you do not see anything outside

You have made wrong decisions and therefore you do not see good results. It makes you very sad not to see your projects on track because of your bad judgment to decide the wrong thing. You feel that you are not moving towards what you want. 

The feeling of stagnation is totally unpleasant for any human being. If you dreamed of driving in the car and not seeing anything outside , it is a sign that you are walking a bit blind, that is, everything is flowing but randomly without much precision. You are relying more on your luck than on your work.

If you are in a stopped or parked car and you do not see anything outside , it is a double jam of plans and projects. You do not see that you move forward and revolve around the same thoughts. You plan what you will do things but you do not act accordingly.

Dream that you are lost in the dark

You are sunk in sorrow for something that has happened and that you could not avoid. You feel chills every time you think about it, while you are awake, you think you should quickly solve it with great caution but you do not find the way to do it. 

Ideas come to you on how to solve it and you repeat various formulas in your memory, but none of them fit what is happening with real effectiveness. Your situation is complex and despite your efforts to solve it, you can’t and you constantly get frustrated.

It depends on your capacity for logical reasoning, that you adapt to this situation. If what happened was inevitable, you can’t do anything now. If it was inevitable but you couldn’t control it, it’s over anyway. What remains now is to act wisely based on your next steps being the ones that turn the wheel. 

Do not stop trying the right actions from now on, but do not think that the past will be erased. Work based on what is from here on out.

Dream that you feel safe in the middle of the dark

You are avoiding finding out about some things, you prefer to avoid truths and stay without knowing. It’s a way of not getting involved with things that you know are complex. It is as the saying goes “out of sight, out of mind”. It’s not that you’re irresponsible, but that you really don’t want to mess up your life.

It can also mean that you are a person who is not afraid of obstacles , you manage well despite the difficult situations you experience. You don’t get very complicated by the unknown, you risk entering even if you don’t know what it is like and what it is about, you are very risky.

Darkness, almost traditionally, annoys everyone, not knowing where one is standing is uncomfortable, but if you feel confident, on the other hand, it is an excellent sign and signal. You really are a brave person and you are not intimidated by anything. 

If you are one of those who do not fear the dark but rather enjoy it, it is because you are very sure of yourself, you have no doubts about who you are and what you are capable of achieving. Strengthen this quality that favors you in all scenarios of life.

Dream that you are looking for something in the dark

You don’t know exactly what you want right now. You are a bit confused and you run the risk of finding what you do not want. You must be attentive and not lose focus even if everything seems confusing to you. You must know that what you are looking for is there, you just have to be a little more perceptive and not despair. You will be able to achieve everything if you keep calm.

Dream that you make love in the dark

This dream has many connotations. On the one hand, it can be interpreted as evidence that you are a person of high eroticism. In sexual relations, darkness becomes the perfect environment to do what you would not do in the light. 

It could be that you are shy and insecure and prefer to do things only in the dark where no one can see you. That is, you don’t like to show yourself because you lose your strength. This not only applies in the context of sex, but in any other.

Perhaps you are one of those people who like to act in the shadows where no one can see them because they do not want to be discovered. For example, it could be that a person who likes to do misdeeds is very likely to have this type of dream.

Fortuitous situation with light generates darkness

To dream that there is a power failure and it is dark 

You have fears and a lot of anguish for the unknown . It scares you not knowing exactly what is going on. You dislike mysteries and you have the bad luck to be almost always surrounded by them. Ignorance is not something you know how to handle very well. 

You must exercise patience because life is full of issues that are out of our hands, so do not be distressed and move forward even without knowing some things, perhaps it is convenient for you not to know and thus not have to deal with what does not correspond to you. 

Dreaming of darkness at home because there is no light and it is night 

There is something unknown in your family environment . Some secret that has you very curious. You still don’t know what it is and this has you very pending. You are trying to know a truth that you sense with your family or your partner. 

Mysteries generally unsettle us. Not knowing something and sensing it is very unpleasant and generates a lot of expectation. If what you assume is real and if indeed there is a mystery in which you have not been involved, you have the option of disregarding it and thus wait for the right moment without forcing the situation. 

Dream that you are in a dark place and the light comes suddenly 

You are about to find calm, it is always like that, never doubt it. After the storm comes a time of balance and peace. In this sense, enjoy this dream that brings you good news. Your problem will soon be solved and you will feel victorious.

It is an ideal time for you to consider a project because your path is clear of obstacles. You will be able to win and free yourself from everything that had you very stuck.

Dreaming of sudden darkness that surprises everyone

It is a bad omen, something in your work environment is not clear and you are very negatively involved with it. A bad comment from others will affect you and weaken you. You must take the necessary precautions so that this does not paralyze you in your plans. 

You must advance even if the situation becomes unfavourable. Discard the comments and continue and overcome this situation external to you. 

Dream that the power goes out and you light up with candles 

This dream means that you have ways to solve the uncertainties that problems bring you. You will always have an alternative at hand to “illuminate” your path. You will not be in total darkness. 

Candles in the dark relieve us of not knowing where to go and they in this dream symbolize that you can be very confident because your ideas will always be clear despite the fact that the situation is cloudy.

Dream of people in the dark

Dream that you see someone in the middle of the dark 

You are very restless looking for a concrete and definitive solution to a personal matter. You assume that another person will clear your doubts and give you the guidelines to move towards what you are projecting.

Dream that you can’t find someone in the dark

Your tendency to lose control in difficult situations does not favor you. You need to be tolerant but you must forge this by dint of much perseverance. It will be a fight against yourself.

Situations often occur to you that put you in check and your response is violent, your expressions do not favor the situation to improve. You plunge into total darkness for not wanting to give in to others who are part of the scene you are experiencing. 

Dream that you lose someone in the dark 

You frequently go through moments of anger and rage . You must learn to control yourself in any unforeseen situation. If you feel surprised by a difficult matter, you must learn to control your emotions and reactions. 

If another person is the one who causes you these states, you must know how to understand and tolerate it and if you do not succeed, you must move away, although it is not recommended, because that would be running away from the problem.

Being aggressive will never be a good behavior, learn to control yourself and have other alternatives to resolve your issues that are not bad words or yelling. 

Situations experienced in the dark

Dream that you lose a child in the middle of the dark 

You must have a feeling of guilt . You have hurt a loved one who at this time you know is suffering because of your action. You need to correct the error as soon as possible because you could not sleep peacefully while you solve it. Do not be ashamed and talk to this person, it is the right thing to do.

Dream that the sun appears in the middle of the darkness

This is a very good dream because it means that you are going to overcome any obstacle that comes your way. You will not have significant problems as long as your attitude is always very willing to face everything. 

There will be no issue in your environment that you cannot face and resolve, you have all the tools to do it successfully. Good ideas flow easily and you are not one of those who are afraid of obstacles. 

Dream of a dark and rainy night 

You are on the verge of a feeling of abyss . You feel that you can fall into the void due to a conflict situation that you are experiencing. There is a lot of sadness and nostalgia in your environment and you are seeing it closely. This situation weakens you a lot, you need to move to other spaces where you can breathe peace to heal yourself spiritually.

Dream that in the dark you see shadows 

This dream indicates that there are many thoughts that surround you and do not let you be calm. There is also something in your daily life that is not resolved and every moment appears in your mind as something that haunts you . It is not a pleasant thought.

A person close to you often tells you things you should do and you don’t like this. You may see this person as a shadow that follows you. Try to analyze why this person insists so much, could it be that his recommendations are really necessary? Check your affairs, it is possible that something is wrong and you do not perceive it. 

Dream that it gets dark little by little

This dream reveals a possible job failure , it is very possible that you have not been aware of some details and you let this situation come to pass. Perhaps you can return to the regular course in your work, but you must take certain actions to find the credibility you need. 

Dream that you touch things in the dark

If you touch things in the dark and you don’t know what it is, it’s because you’re a risk taker and you’re not afraid of uncertainty . Perhaps you even enjoy being in the presence of totally unknown things and this does not bother you or destabilize you, on the contrary, the uncertain gives you pleasure. 

This attitude is unusual, it is generally not pleasant to enter anything that we do not know what it is about or what it contains. On the contrary, you are like detectives, they are not afraid of the unexpected, which is a very positive attitude. 

Dream that it gets dark during the day

It will not go as you would like in the work you do. If you want to change jobs, this moment is not the most opportune. It will be very complex to overcome difficult situations, you have no tools for it. 

Give yourself some time to start new projects, you can outline them but do not try to start them, wait a bit for the situation to become clearer, have a little patience. 

Dream that you find something of value in the middle of the dark

You have learned important lessons to grow and learn from a very difficult situation you faced. Do not miss this great moment full of opportunities to overcome what you want. This dream tells you that you will always find solutions but that you will have to work hard for it.

Dream of a dark and rainy night

You are almost at the edge of an abyss . Rain and darkness together symbolize a lot of sadness and depression. This feeling does not allow you to advance in anything you set out to do. You are paralyzed in grief over something that has happened to you and you have cried a lot.

Dream of a dark tunnel where you see a light in the distance

It is a hopeful dream, everything that currently happens to you will be resolved soon, you will not suffer from this situation for a long time. You will be relieved of worries in no time. You can be calm and confident.

Dream of a dark hallway 

You must analyze yourself because you have no clarity of what you want . Your targets are scattered and you think you’re fine that way and it turns out what you get are failed attempts one after another. You must focus better and put each issue on paper so that you can ponder which one to start with in order and discard things that are irrelevant.

You give the impression of an unstable person who jumps from one project to another with no particular direction. This makes you waste time and energy and you also end up very poorly evaluated by those around you because they see you as a very messy person.

animals in the dark

Dream of a cat in the dark 

You must think like they did in ancient Egypt when cats were guardians, so they worshiped them when the cats’ eyes glowed in the dark. For this reason, you must understand that the cat for you in the dream is a symbol of protection that takes care of you and gives you light.

It is a dream of good omen for your projects and plans. The cat is stealthy and cautious, that is exactly what this dream tells you, that you be careful and be careful.

Dream of wolves howling in the dark 

It is associated with the fact that you are going to face a serious danger, you must prepare yourself for it, do not let the situation surprise you, prepare yourself, this dream is an announcement that you must attend to immediately. Wolves are warning of imminent danger . 

Dream that you hear crickets in the dark 

Someone will come to you to tell you where you should go , if you have doubts about what you are doing, don’t worry because an expert will come and tell you how to solve it. You are lucky because you have a friend who offers you precise and timely guidance. 

Value this action of someone who wants to give you support, do not feel that he is a reckless person but rather show yourself grateful for what he offers you. Not everyone has an external voice to the interior.

Dream that you see fireflies in the dark 

You will not lack hope , something will always come or someone who will offer you a hand in a certain difficult situation. You are not alone or lost, the options will come one by one and you will feel much more confident as you go.

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