What does it mean to dream about dead baby

Dreaming of a dead baby can often be an indication that there is something wrong in our lives, something that is taking away our joy, our happiness, our calm or our tranquility.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to worry since most of the time death in dreams only indicates the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, what we call evolution.

Meaning of Dreaming of a Dead Baby

As some may know, the subconscious tries to talk to us and sends us useful messages to improve certain aspects of our lives.

Although it is not easy for sure to decipher these dreams since they are quite personal, there are universal symbols with which we can interpret and find similarities in many of them.

Unless we have a desire to have one, when we dream of babies these dreams symbolize a part of us, our innocent side, our fun side and our curious side.

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But why do we dream of dead babies ?

These dreams often turn into nightmares because, perhaps, if you are expecting a child and you dream of a dead baby, it can mean the death of what you carry in your womb.

But mostly dreaming of death is indicative of some change, the end of a cycle, the end of some situation.

Babies dying in a dream can also indicate that certain childish aspects of our personality are going to disappear and that we must face life‘s problems in a more adult way.

Some meanings of dreams with deceased babies can be:

  • If the child is dead it may indicate that we are going through some difficult or traumatic time in our lives.
  • If in the dream we try to revive a dead baby , this indicates that it is difficult for us or we are not accepting reality and we are clinging to the past.
  • If we dream that we give birth to a stillborn baby, it means the beginning of many disappointments that we are going to go through and we must learn to cope with them.
  • If you dream of a baby that you are taking care of and it dies due to carelessness of ourselves, it means that we must pay more attention to ourselves and not put others ahead of us. This dream can also indicate that we should pay much more attention to our children.
  • If a newborn baby dies in the dream, it indicates that we are very afraid of our future.
  • If we dream of a dead fetus it can mean the end of our current problems and the beginning of a life full of joy and opportunities.
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Really dreaming of a dead baby is not one of the most beautiful dreams we can have and it is possibly one of the dreams that will impact you the most as well as make you a little sad, something that is quite normal when you have a dream of this type.

Although you have to keep in mind that these dreams can indicate that there is something dead in you and that you could never recover.

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